My COVID-19 Isolation Experience

Hope you all are doing good. How has lockdown been for you all? Do share all your lockdown diaries. Must be amazing, right! Here I am sharing my COVID-19 Isolation Experience during the lockdown which has changed me as a person and my outlook towards life😊

Oh, I forgot! Me Munish from Kolkata, Sandip’s friend, a close friend rather.

My COVID-19 Isolation Experience-The Begining

It all began in March, I lost my job, was working as an HR in a private firm. I fell I’ll, cough, sore throat and fever. Corona symptoms. Right? On 25th March I became more Ill, the first day of lockdown, with no one on the road. Got admitted in a government hospital, isolation ward. Was there for 4 days but those four days took everything out of me. Every organ was facing problems, was moving in depression, maybe my time was over.

Thoughts that crossed was all about my karma n the things I did n wanted to do, money was the last thought. Somehow survived, got discharged and then was in isolation for 14 days.

Stay Strong during Isolation

Stay Strong in Isolation

The isolation was equally tough mentally & physically. Faced moments of untouchability as well. It’s been 3 months since, almost all doctors, tests have been done. Me recovering from depression.

God saved me. Parents saved me. There is magic in this world and in some form it reaches you😊. There is nothing wrong with having Corona and be in isolation due to it. Do not be in depression or anxiety because of having corona. Come out, God is there. Believe in yourself!

Remember your close ones. Isolation is temporary, the money will come & go. Life is much more than that!!!


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