11 Best Live Sports Apps for Android to Live Stream Sports for Free

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Nowadays, the use of the internet and smartphones have increased a lot. So, very few people are watching live sports on TV. Most people, especially the young generation, watch live streaming in live sports apps on their Android devices. One of the striking features of Android is installing a third-party app by granting the persimmons for ‘Unknown Sources’ on an open-source operating system.

In such a case, iOS has restricted access to install a third-party App. Live streaming apps are one of the most demanding Apps. Streaming Live Sports Apps are highly popular and important. Cricket, Football, Baseball, Tennis, Wrestling, Badminton, Golf, etc., are popular in the various corners of the planet.

Many Live streaming apps are not safe and try to inject viruses/malware into the device. So, it would help if you were careful. These third-party apps ask for permissions of contacts, call log that is not generally required for streaming online.
In today’s topic, we on behalf of Enchantrixto Tech will describe some of the best Live Sports Apps for Android to enjoy Live Sports.

There are many Sports Live Apps that may inject harmful malware into your device. So, I tried to collect those apps which are more or less dangerous and safe. Without taking much time, let’s move forward to the topic of the best free Live Sports Apps for Android.

Please Note: Some of these live sports apps are not available on Android, so you can download the APK file from their websites.

Need of Free Best Android Live Sports Apps

In the era of technology, there are very few people who are watching sports on their TV. Also, it’s impossible to watch TV living far from home for education and work. So, Sports Lives Apps are getting very popular and mostly used. 

That’s why the best android Sports Live Apps are needed. Including that, the Live Sports Apps should be free, so the user can easily access the apps. Besides recharging a plan for calls and internet service, paying extra rupees for live streaming might be costlier, so the Sports Live Apps should be freely accessible with only net service.

Free Live Sports Streaming Apps

Watching Sports is one of the best ways to pass the leisure time. To enjoy Sports anytime, anywhere, Sports Live Apps are essential. The best Live Sports Apps are described below as more or less safe for your device and work quite well.

1) Thop TV Sports – Live Sports Apps

You won’t miss your favorite TV programs, especially Sports Live, with an app like Thop TV. The Thop TV provides thousands of channels (including various sports channels), both free and premium. Also, you can stream online for free without creating an account or any subscription. Here you will get movies, entertainment, Sports Live, and many more.

The Thop TV hosts live TV channels from many countries like the UK, US, India, Canada, Germany, France, Middle East, and other European Countries. All the entertainment programs and live sports across the world are available here. Some of the channels are unavailable due to copyrights. In that case, use a VPN application to access the Live Sports Apps with a different IP address.

Live Sports Apps Features

✅ Thop TV provides all the entertainment free of cost. The user needs no subscription for live sports.

✅ It provides several TV channels from the US, UK, India, Canada, France, Germany, and other Middle Eastern and European countries.

✅ Some copyrights channels can be accessed using a VPN application.

Live Sports available on Thop TV

It’s the best platform to get live and on-demand TV shows for free. It provides a large sports section for cricket. With a simple interface, it helps you to watch your favorite show. But at times, you will find certain channels not showing up. But after few days they again start featuring on this live sports app. color

You can also explore paid online entertainment platforms likeIPTV Norge

2) Mobdro – Live Sports Apps

Mobdro is one of the most famous Live Sports App for Android. As a one-stop destination, Mobdro is divided into categories such as Movies, Entertainment, Sports, Gaming, Anime, Spiritual, and genres, namely, Music, Tech, etc. You can also download popular TV shows through this live sports app.

More than 10 different languages and people from 30 different countries can access it to provide a wide array of content. The Mobdro app is easy to use with a user-friendly interface and doesn’t require any account for logging in. As the App is not available on Google Play Store, you can download its latest version from their site.

Live Sports Apps Features

✅ Mobdro provides all the channels on a category basis. It will help the user to get their interests quickly.

✅ It delivers more than 10 language channels and is available in 30 different countries.

✅ The app doesn’t require any logging in, so the user doesn’t have to purchase any subscription.

You can watch live sports without any subscription on this Live Sports App.

Live Sports available on Mobdro

This free live sports app allows you to watch live streams and TV channels. It offers UEFA Champions League, Premier League, Rugby, and so on. It gives an opportunity to the users to choose the channels by any language from any country over the world. Besides live sports and news, it also offers Discovery, Formula One, TLC, and more.

3) 365 Scores – Live Sports Apps

From the name, it’s clear that 365 Scores is a free Live Sports App. It delivers a complete package of live scores, highlights of different sports like Cricket, Football, Tennis, Basketball, and Soccer. It also provides live sports notifications of videos, matches, rankings, and tournaments.

As one of the best Live Sports Apps, it offers separate highlights of particular sporting events to save time. The user can customize the settings and tabulate their favorite sports. It covers global sports and provides updates on live sports, desired live forms. In addition, it delivers the below-given features.

Features of this Live Sports App

✅ It offers a guide to live TV coverage.

✅ It offers full-fledged information on the most famous sports across the world.

✅ It provides quick highlights viewing option.

Live Sports available on 365 Scores

This cross-media platform has delivered over 40 million sports across the world. The user can get 24/7 real-time coverage of 10 different sports like Football, Rugby, Basketball, Cricket, Tennis, Ice Hockey, American Football, Volleyball, Baseball, and Handball. Also, it offers more than 2000 competitions like FIFA World Cup, English Premier League, FA Cup, French League, Bundesliga, Davis Cup, US Open, and so on.

4) Genius Stream – Live Sports Apps

Another best Android Live Sports App is Genius Stream for watching Live Sports, movies, and more from various countries. The user will get many channels in HD. It is one of the finest entertainment apps used widely. It also supports multiple players. It provides a number of channels in more than ten countries. With a user-friendly interface, it can work quite impressive in Wi-Fi/3G/4G. Most important, it doesn’t need any subscription to access. It’s easy to navigate the app.


✅ Without any subscription, the user can enjoy live sports.

✅ It supports multiple players to access at the same time.

✅ It delivers a number of channels in more than 10 countries.

Live Sports available on Genius Stream

Above the KitKat Android System, Genius Stream can be accessed. Thousands of TV channels from the UK, USA, and France can be seen. You can stream on HD without any registration. Besides offering the best sports channels, it also provides a local version of Bein Sports.

5) Sports Angel – Live Sports Apps

Sports Angel is another free Live Sports App where you can enjoy your desired sports like Cricket, Football, Soccer, Basketball, Racing, and so on. Moreover, some North American and European sports channels like Fox Sports and Sky Sports are also available.

This app can also be installed on Android TV and/or Fire TV to show on a big screen. With a user-friendly interface, it is easy and simple to use. It doesn’t require any sign-up. It’s a free and HD quality supported Live Sports App. The only problem is showing ads in a small duration.


✅ It’s a free live sports app for enjoying live sports like cricket, football, basketball, and so on.

✅ Some North American and European sports channels are also available here.

✅ The user need not sign up for watching live sports.

✅ The display quality is quite good but showing ads for a small duration that’s annoying.

Live Sports available on Sports Angel

Sports Angel is a type of IPTV application that offers entertainment stuff. It delivers live sports, highlights, videos, and other stuff. It contains sports channels of the UK, USA, India, Pakistan region, so that the user can enjoy the live streaming of BT Sports, Star Sports, Geo Super, Sky Sports, and many others.

For a die-hard sports fan, it’s a great live sports app to deliver high-quality streaming, fast processing, and 100+ different sports channels.

6) Show Sports TV – Free Live Sports Apps

Show Sports TV is another Live sports App to enjoy live sports on any device. Some tailored channels are there across the world. A website version is also available but contains too many annoying Ads. Instead of the site, the App is surprisingly well equipped and runs smoothly. It offers Star Sports, Sony Ten, beIN Sports, Sky Sports, Fox Sports, BT Sports, Sports Net, AD Sports, WWE Network, Sports Klub, and many more.

Much recommended App because of minimum buffering. The user will also get HD-quality support. You need no account to log in and also get a chat feature to share your thoughts. You will access more than 90 sports channels to watch Live Sports across the world.

It’s a completely free Live Sports App with ad support. With a simple interface, it’s easy to use and supports video resolution. It delivers push notifications before starting the matches as well as for upcoming matches.

Live Sports Apps Features

✅ It’s a free live sports app to watch live sports but contains too many annoying ads.

✅ It delivers more than 90 channels to watch live sports and provides chat features.

✅ The user doesn’t need to log in any account, so need no subscription pack.

Live Sports available on Show Sports TV

As one of the best Live Sports Apps, it permits the user to watch sporting events, live sports, rundown of games, and so on. It offers 500+ sports channels which can be filtered by sports and country.

The user is able to see the countdown of the match. International and Local both the sports can be available here. Besides that, it offers limited arrangement of channels and sports like cricket, football, tennis, volleyball.

7) Oreo TV – Live Sports Apps

Oreo TV is also a Live Sports App that is streaming live TV and Movies on Android devices. Compared to other Live Sports Apps, Oreo TV offers a very clean and mash-up free experience. With the proper navigation, the app is well polished and quickly content accessible without any login or subscription. 

Click on the Live TV option to filter the desired channels or directly search for live streaming sports. The app offers to stream in HD-quality. You will get several channels from beIN Sports to Fox for streaming live sports like Cricket, Football, Hockey, Tennis, and other events. 

Such a premium live sports app offers Live TV and Sports channels from across the world that you don’t want to miss having on your device.


✅ It’s also a free live sports app to watch live sports without any login and subscription.

✅ The app offers HD streaming and polished content to watch Live TV and Sports.

✅ It provides a clean and mash-up-free experience.

Live Sports available on Oreo TV

Oreo TV is one of the leading online streaming apps. You can watch your favorite TV shows, channels, movies, sports matches and many more. Live TV streaming is the key purpose of Oreo TV.

As one of the top Live Sports Apps, it also delivers new channels from other countries to enjoy the shows. It allows you to watch your missed TV shows later. Oreo TV supports external video players like MX Player, Lua Player, and XMTV Player. Different movies in different languages, genres are available here.

8) AOS TV – Live Sports Apps

AOS TV is a free live sports app that allows the user to watch TV channels for free on a supported device. With a simple interface, the app retains to host more than 1000 channels, among which you can choose your favorite channel and add to wish to watch. You need to try the given multiple links to see which one is working. 

You can watch live TV from UK, US, Australia, India, Europe, Canada, South America, and more. An easy-to-use quick app can stream live sports and TV from across the world.

Live sports like – Cricket, Football, NFL, NBA, WWE, Tennis, and more offered by this live sports app from the US, India, UK, Europe, Brazil, Argentina, and so on. It’s especially famous for Live Sports Channels for Live.

Features of this Live Sports App

✅ It’s another free live sports app to provide you with live sports from all over the world.

✅ It offers more than 1000 channels without any subscription pack.

✅ Besides offering live TV shows of the US, UK, Europe, India, Canada, and so on, it offers live sports of India, the US, Brazil, Argentina, UK, Europe, and more.

Live Sports available on AOS TV

It is one of the most popular entertainment apps containing several TV shows, sports, news, movies, science, and animal discovery. It allows the user to filter the shows, sports, movies, and more to provide reliable content to the user. It delivers a huge number of channels with different languages for all age groups of people. It will inform the user about the upcoming games, movies, and videos.

9) Live Net TV – Live Sports Apps

Live Net TV is one of the most downloaded Live Sports apps out there. It shows uncountable live sports in any part of the world which you can’t imagine. It offers more than 700 channels, and it’s not important to see live sports TV alone. You can get movies and TV shows on the Net TV app.

Several channels are available on it from various countries like the US to the UK, India, and a host. With a clean and easy navigation interface, the App support many external video players. Downloading any videos doesn’t require any cost. And it supports HD streaming. The app can be downloaded from their official Live Net TV website.

Features of this Live Sports App

✅ Live Net TV is a free live sports app. Similar to YouTube, it also doesn’t require any monthly or yearly subscription.

✅ It provides more than 800 channels from various countries and delivers movies, TV shows, and so on.

✅ Some reasonable ads are shown during the live show but it doesn’t spoil your enjoyment.

Live Sports available on Live Net TV

Live Net TV is one of the leading online streaming apps. You can watch your favorite TV shows, channels, movies, sports matches, and many more. It also delivers new channels from other countries to enjoy the shows. It allows you to watch your missed TV shows later. Oreo TV supports external video players like MX Player, Lua Player, and XMTV Player. Different movies in different languages, genres are available here.

10) Live Sports Apps – La Liga TV

La Liga TV is popular among football fans. The uniqueness of this app is that it offers all the notifications of women’s football matches. Mainly, it delivers all the news and updates about La Liga. It’s compatible with all Android and iOS devices.

It also has a web version. You can save the videos to watch later. The best part of La Liga TV is that it takes the basic and primary memory space for streaming live sports.

Live Sports Apps Features

✅ It’s a special free app for football and is available in Android, iOS, and web versions.

✅ The user can save the videos to watch later and get La Liga updates.

✅ It offers different Sacyr ASOBAL Handball League, LEB ORO Basketball League, LNFS National, Indoor Soccer League, Women’s Football League, and Rugby Content.

✅ It also provides other sports like Hockey, Tennis, Badminton, and live games.

Live Sports available on La Liga

La Liga TV app is best for football lovers, especially for La Liga updates. It offers LNFS National Football League, American Football and Primera Iberdrola women’s soccer matches, and so on. It also delivers Basketball, Pool, or Boxing matches and goals of La Liga Santander. It is free for providing all the live sports, highlights, and reports.

11) Flash Score – Free Live Sports Apps

The best live sports app FlashScore delivers a wide variety of sports to watch online for Android devices. It covers about 5,000 games in 30 different sports worldwide. By using this app, you can explore your favorite sports or team in detail.

It provides text reviews in real-time for all matches. With a network version, you can switch to live notification from watching a live video. It also provides reminders.

Live Sports App Features

✅ It delivers a wide variety of sports to watch live. The free live sports streaming app sends you reminders about live sports.

✅ It provides fast and accurate scores of more than 5000 games in 30 different sports.

✅ The Flash Score delivers all the EURO and Copa America sports in one place. It also covers cricket live score, football score, badminton, and more than 6000+ competitions across the world.

Live Sports available on Flash Score

Flash Score is a real-time-based live sports app. It covers all the European League events like UEFA Champions League, La Liga, EPL, and domestic sports like IPL T20, Ranji Trophy, and Indian Football League. Besides this, it also delivers all the EURO, Copa America sports, and football scores, badminton, and more than 6000+ competitions across the world.

Last Word on Best Android Apps to Stream Live Sports Apps

Watching live sports and live matches is a hobby for some sports lovers. We have listed down the best 11 Live Sports Apps for Android that work quite well on any Smartphone.

Based on their performance and functionality, you can choose the better one for you and download them either from Google Play Store or the Website (in the APK version). If you have a better choice, then share with us by making a comment in the comments section.

That’s all for now. Hope you like our content on the best Live Sports Apps for Android. If you find something interesting in it, then share this among your friends and family who are searching for the best Live Sports App for live streaming. If you have something to tell or want to give any suggestion then make a comment to help us make better our service.

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Live Sports Apps – FAQs

1) Can I watch Live Sports for Free?

Yes, you can watch live sports for free. Thop TV is one best live sports apps that you can try. We have also mentioned the other free apps as well here.

2) Which are the best free Live Sports Apps?

There are various free Live Sports Apps available. Thop TV, Mobdro, La Liga TV, Live Net TV, 365 Scores, Genius Stream, and many others free live streaming apps.

3) Where I can watch Soccer Live?

La Liga TV, Thop TV, 365 Scores, Sports Angel are some of the best Live Sports Apps to stream Soccer Live.

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