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How to download Windows 11 ISO File [100% Working] and New Features.

Finally, Windows 11, the next and most awaited version of Windows 10, has leaked all over the internet. A few rumours were doing the rounds regarding Windows 11 that Windows 10 is the last version from Microsoft. Finally, on Jun

Gamer? Check Top 10 Best Gaming Headphones Under 2500!

Why best gaming headphones? And why not the regular headphones? If you are a game lover, then you know the answer! Nowadays, games are not only played to entertain yourself but also to entertain others. Many people are choosing gaming

Simple Ways to Secure Social Media Accounts and Avoid Getting Hacked!

Social media history dates back to the late 1990s and early 2000s. During that time, social media was a newly emerging concept gaining much interest from its users. Making a profile on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter has since then become relatively

Top 10 Best Wired Earphones Under 2500 INR

A few days back, my father (an ex-serviceman) asked me if I could suggest the best wired earphones under 2500 INR for him. Then I realized that now earphones are not bounded in a particular age group. From 10 years

Top 5 Fonts that all web designers should know

There are several ways to present one thing. Exactly the same work is going in the domain of web designing. If you are a website designer then you’ll surely need to choose the best way to present your website by

Don’t Waste the Egg Yolks! Know Why!

90% of our population starts their day by having an egg in their breakfast. Both egg yolk and egg white help in developing and muscle building. In this article, we are specifically going to talk about the benefits of egg

Proven Tips to Increase Internet Speed for Laptop in 2021

While using the internet on a laptop, the speed matters. Because of the slow internet, the computer can't work like smartphones, so max to max speed is necessary. Today I will share information on how to increase the Internet speed

Hotstar Premium for Free: How to Get Disney+ Hotstar Premium for Free?

Hotstar is a popular video streaming application available on the internet. Hotstar offers more than 100,000 hours of shows and movies in more than 8 languages. This article will help you out to get a Disney+ Hotstar Premium subscription for

Top 10 Best VPN Services on the Internet in 2021

Working from home without using VPN is a pretty risky task. Everything that can be accessible from the web can be tracked or monitored. The best VPN services can prevent such kinds of tracking or spying on your device. Virtual

List of Online Video Streaming Application to Watch Movies, Videos Online in 2021

Watching movies on television or in the theatre has always been a craze among people of various ages. But, how to spend time usefully at home during lockdown? Subscription-based OTT platforms have taken over DTH-based television or theatres in this