What Are Windows 11 Features, Price, Compatibility, and Release Date?

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The new operating system launched by Microsoft is heading our way sooner than we think. Windows 11 is the key to upgrading to a better future. In What’s Next for Windows, held on 24th June, an early build for Windows 11 was leaked. The beta testers are also allowed access the early build version. 

Windows 11 is primarily a better upgrade of Windows 10 with a series of changes in the UI, Xbox, AutoHDR, DirectStorage, and a new Microsoft store! Some of the Microsoft users have also claimed it to be created ‘just for the gamers’.

Windows 11 is created with unique features and surprising tools that will drive the heart of millions of users; crazy! Let’s take a look. 

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Windows 11 and its Release

According to Microsoft, Windows 11 is likely to be launched during the holiday season from November to December. It has also got a yearly update for the new Operating System, which is somewhat similar to Apple macOS

Microsoft also launched an application known as PC health check that confirms if your PC or laptop will run Windows 11 without disruption. It also has an Insider Preview Build for members of the Windows Insider Program.

These users have full access to update their PCs to Windows 11. Microsoft is doing its best to impress its users. However, people might have to wait to enjoy these services. Let’s look at the release details of Windows 11 at a glance.

Windows 11 Release Date, Price & New Features
(Source: Tech Advisor)
Name of the Producer CompanyMicrosoft Corporation
Time of LaunchInsider Preview build was launched on 24th June
Downloading LinkWill be available soon
VersionHas two versions: Windows 11 Pro, Windows 11 Home
Product key for activationIs yet to launch
Original release dateTo be released within November to December 2021
Time for launching event8:30 PM according to Indian Standard Time, 11 AM according to Eastern Time Zone
Web LinkWill be available on Microsoft.com

What are Windows 11 Features?

These bunch of new features enlisted under Windows 11 will change the outlook of the users towards Windows. However, people should know that these updates are for users who have the latest machines. If you find you can update on an older system, it means your system has a TMP of 2.0 version that is compatible with your device.

Windows 11 launch: When to expect the next version of Windows? | Windows  Central
(Source: Windows Central)

There is a long list regarding the features of Windows 11. Also, it has made itself compatible with a variety of applications. The OS is completely compatible with Laptops or PCs with the 2-core processor and the 64-GB storage. Given below are the features of Windows 11.

1) Bitlocker to go: Windows 11 has a USB flash Drive. It uses these flash drives for other Windows 11 like Windows 11 Pro and Windows 11 Home. It also has a 5G capable modem. 

2) Client Hyper-V: Windows 11 owns a processor with Second Level Address translation capabilities (SLAT). Versions like Windows 11 Pro and Windows 11 Home can also use this feature. 

3) Presence: A person who is trying to interact with the Windows 11 system can be detected using this feature known as Presence. 

4) Snap: To ensure that Windows 11 is working correctly on your device, you need to have a three-column layout screen. This new OS clicks a snap of 1920 pixels. Therefore, the screen has to be wider so that the image fits perfectly onto the screen.

5) Multi-Voice Assistant: Windows 11 is capable of capturing more than one voice at a time. But for this, you will need a microphone and a speaker. It also has a mute and unmute feature that acts globally. All you need is to insert the video camera, the speaker, and the microphone onto the taskbar.

6) Spatial Sound: This feature supports all your hardware and software. 

7) Touch: Windows all provides its users with a multi-touch feature. The size of the app boxes has also changed. New subtle animation is included to make the touch experience more fluid.

Even the emoji panel has a new gesture called gifts. Those who are pen users can update the UI where they will have the option to quickly access the required apps.  

8) Two-Factor Authentication: The security of Windows 11 is more robust than you think. To access your files, you need to verify yourself to Windows 11 through a PIN, a Biometric (fingerprint) scanner, or a Phone Bluetooth/Wi-Fi facility. 

9) Wake on voice: For this feature to work, Windows 11 requires a Modern Standby Power Model and a set of microphones.  

10) Windows Hello: This feature also adds to the security protocols of Windows 11. It requires a configured camera that can catch the infrared image or fingerprint. This feature is also helpful while scanning biometrics. If your device lacks a biometric scanner, you can still use this feature through a PIN or Portable Security Key. 

11) Windows projection: Among other cables, Windows 11 also supports Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) 2.0. 

Lately, Windows 11 has upgraded some of its features. These are:

1) Mac-Like Interface: Windows 11 has featured a glass-themed aesthetic, round corners, pastel shades, a taskbar, and a centered Menu Bar.

2) Integrated Android Apps: Even android devices can use Windows 11 and install apps from the new Microsoft Store and the Amazon Appstore

3) Widgets: Windows 11 allows you to personalise your devices on the taskbar as per your choice. This also makes it easier for you to access them. Such upgrades are also available for Windows 10.

4) Microsoft Teams Integration: Microsoft teams are only an option to get face-lift and integrate directly into Windows 11. For this, users will need a microphone, a camera, and a pair of speakers

5) Xbox tech: Windows 11 consists of an HDR monitor that makes gaming a lot easier. It also has a DirectStorage with an NVMe SSD. Direct Storage is one of the exclusive features of Windows 11 that works with PCIe 3.0 SSDs.

The NVM Express Controller driver, the DirectX12 GPU, and the Shader Model 6.0 support make it easier for gamers to access it. The Wi-Fi 6e is also helpful in such cases. The user needs to own an Xbox account for the app to work. 

7) Better desktop support: The virtual desktops are similar to the macOS and work within desktops for several uses. A proper camera and microphone will allow you to conduct virtual conferences. You can also avail of the Cortana feature if you own the requirements (Microphone, camera, and speakers). 

Windows 11 and its System Requirements

The requirements for Windows 10 and Windows 11 are much alike, especially the RAM, processor, and Graphics card. The conditions published by Microsoft are correct for now. But, there are chances of it changing. The PCs using Windows 11 are also both stable and secure.

System Requirements at a glance:

Processor1 gigahertz 2-core processor with 64-bit SoC
RAM4 gigabyte
Storage64 gigabytes
System FirmwareSecurity Boot Cable and UEFI
TMP (Trusted Platform Module)Version 2.0
Graphics cardDirectx X12 or WDDM 2.0 Driver
Display720p HDR9-inch monitor
Internet ConnectionProper Microsoft accountable connectivity

Windows 11: Cost and Compatibility

Windows 11 is available free of cost. Users who are members of the Insiders program can easily access Windows 11. The update is also free for all licensed Windows 10 users. Although only Windows 10 users can access Windows 11. However, those who are thinking of buying a new laptop need to buy a license for themselves before starting using the newly launched Operating System. 

Windows 11 Compatibility Check
(Source: MySmartPrice)

Now the question that arises is that, who will one know if his or her computer is compatible with Windows 11? Microsoft has already solved the problem. It has introduced a PC Health Check app.

Once installed on the PC, it will confirm if your device can work with Windows 11. However, Microsoft temporarily removed this app on 28th June and has addressed to its users that the app will be launched again at the time of the original release of Windows 11. It will also have a step-by-step process to help its users.

How to download Windows 11?

Users of Windows 10 will get a free upgrade for Windows 11. But still, there are a few steps to take.

  • Go to Settings
  • Look for Update and Security
  • You will then be provided with the option’ Check for Updates’.
  • You can finally take a look at the features and press Download>Install.

You can check for the pre-release OS hereHow to download Windows 11 ISO File [100% Working] and New Features.

Final Words on Windows 11

The new features introduced by Windows 11 like the Microsoft TeamsStart menu, and upgraded software make it even more appealing for all Microsoft users. The process is much cleaner and has a Mac-like design.

However, those who are using the Preview build have detected several issues. Microsoft is now on its way to clear the bugs and make the OS more efficient. 

A note for all Windows 11 users: Make sure you own all the basic requirements from the smooth running of your PC with Windows 11 as the operating system. 

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Windows 11 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Can I download Windows 11 now?

You can download Windows 11 now only if you are a member of the Windows Insider Program.

2) I have Windows 7, can I upgrade to Windows 11?

No, you cannot download Windows 11 unless you have Windows 10 as your operating system.

3) Can I download Tik-Tok on Windows 11?

Windows 11 can install android apps. Therefore it permits you to Download any app from the Amazon Appstore.

4) Will my accessories work with Windows 11?

If your accessories have worked on Windows 10, they are expected to work with Windows 11 too.

5) What is the difference between Windows 10 and Windows 11?

Windows 11 comes loaded with Windows 10 power and security, but, with a refreshed look. Windows 11 also offers new tools, sounds, and apps.

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