What Is Edmodo and Is it Really Useful for You?

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Edmodo is a learning management system that integrates classroom learning with your social learning from kindergarten to 12th standard. Edmodo for Parents helps parents of students participate in this learning engagement to track their progress. Edmodo comes with a “Freemium” account, which means that students, teachers, and parents can create their own accounts for free! Here, I will share valuable information to answer the question – “What is Edmodo?” here in this blog.What is Edmodo?

What is Edmodo? Check Details

“What is Edmodo?” is a common question among new users. Edmodo is actually an EdTech company that offers a social media platform (Edmodo) to help students and teachers to communicate, collab, and coach from K-12th standard. The company came into existence in 2008 and boasts of 100 million users worldwide. Create edmodo account from their official website of Edmodo

The social media platform has social networking feeds, just like Facebook. Edmodo for parents is useful as parents can keep track of their children and communicate with them and their teachers through posts. Thus, it is a comprehensive learning platform for students who can engage with their tutors from the safety of their homes (during COVID-19) and outside their classrooms.

Users can post Edmodo quizzes, questions, tests, assignments, news updates, etc., in the Edmodo feed. So, in case you have a question – about “what is Edmodo?”, you have your answer here!

Edmodo Quizzes

The benefits of Edmodo are –

  1. Teachers can enjoy unlimited storage space without worrying about clearing space.
  2. The social media platform is integrated with MS Office and Google Apps for Education.
  3. So users will not need to remember any passwords for the sites individually.
  4. Edmodo for Teachers helps them to collaborate with students from various parts of the world.
  5. The platform can be accessed anywhere on any device.
  6. The educational portal is equipped with privacy settings that keep content safe!
  7. Edmodo for Parents gives parents access to their child’s homework, tests, grades, marks, and classroom announcements.
  8. There are also features to collaborate with the parents.

If you think about “what is Edmodo education network?” and it’s benefits, these are the ones mentioned above.

Edmodo Social Media Platform – The Tools

This social media platform is equipped with the Edmodo Snapshot and Edmodo Spotlight.

1) The Edmodo Snapshot – What is Edmodo used for? Well, this will help you to get an answer. The tool helps in providing plans for lessons, tests, Edmodo quizzes, and various other activities.

2) Edmodo Spotlight –  In this social media platform is used to download various educational apps. Students & Teachers can filter as per subject matter, grade, and price. Educators can create and upload their applications and recommend. Through the Edmodo Snapshot, most of the apps can be downloaded for free. Others are available at between – $1 to $6 per app.

So, by now, you all know, “What is Edmodo?” and its uses. Now, it’s time to discuss a couple of other features of this social media platform. 

1) Edmodo Quizzes: The quizzes are an essential part of this social media platform. Edmodo quizzes are a way to engage students with their teachers. To know more about quizzes on Edmodo, check here.

2) Edmodo Code: A code is actually your Class or Group code. An Edmodo code helps teachers and students to join any discussion fast!

What is Edmodo & Is it Worth? 

New users may still have questions like – “What is Edmodo?”, “Is it worth?”, “Is it Credible?”. Let’s share some achievements here – 

  1. Noodle’s Best Online Education Tool 2015
  2. GESS Education Award 2016
  3. EdTech Digest Cool Tool Award 2015 

Edmodo Pricing

Edmodo for Teachers -Zoom Event for Paid UsersPaid Users (Teachers) can conduct online classes via Zoom. The Edmodo pricing for the premium account is $2,500. The Edmodo premium account benefits will include all the features of the Freemium account, modification of the tools, advanced & analytical tools, live online classes via Zoom and pro-active customer service.

Professional Edmodo-certified trainers will also conduct training for the development of the users. The Edmodo pricing is quite worth it. But in case you are not ready to spend a few bucks, try the Free Trial or the “Fremium” service (either one). 

My opinion on “What is Edmodo?”

Well, this blog is specifically to answer – “What is Edmodo?”. I am sure the doubts are answered about this great social media platform. Particularly, I believe that in the wake of COVID-19, such educational portals can be really useful to learn from the safety of our homes. One disadvantage of Edmodo is that it focuses only on kindergarten to 12th class students and not beyond.

Other than this, the social media platform is engaging with full features like – Edmodo for Parents, Edmodo quizzes, Edmodo Snapshot, Edmodo code, and many more. So, I will suggest all of you (Students, Teachers & Parents) signup for free to get an experience first.

I am sure, “what is Edmodo?” and its uses will be clear to all of you. If you like the free trial, then you can subscribe to the premium version. Please like, share, and comment in case you liked this piece of information.

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Frequently Asked Questions-

1) What is Edmodo?

An Edmodo is an excellent online learning platform to learn effectively from your home.

2) Is Edmodo free?

The Edmodo pricing is free for basic use. For, advanced features one has to pay.

3) How to take Edmodo Quizzes?

It’s quite simple. Click on any class regarding any particular topic and take the Edmodo quiz. You can filter through the topics as well.

4) What is Edmodo code?

An Edmodo code is the Class or Group code. The code helps teachers and students to join the discussion fast!

5) What is Edmodo for Parents?

Edmodo for parents is a way to signup as parents and check their child’s progress on Edmodo. It is an effective way of communication between the child, their parents and teacher.

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