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What are Windows 11 Features, Price, Compatibility, and Release Date?

The new operating system launched by Microsoft is heading our way sooner than we think. Windows 11 is the key to upgrading to a better future. In "What's Next for Windows", held on 24th June, an early build for Windows

Common Windows 11 Issues – What are Windows 11 issues and How to Resolve?

Windows users are well aware of the Windows 11 launch by now. This update is going to change the upcoming decade drastically. However, nothing is perfect. Even the latest Windows 11 (Preview Build 22000.51 to be exact) comes with various

Should I buy a New Laptop for Windows 11 or wait for its release on my Laptop?

Presently, Windows 11 is the latest operating system in the market. It has grabbed the attention of thousands of users from all over the globe. However, buying a laptop right after the release of Windows 11 may not be the

Windows 11: Minimum Requirements for upgrading to Windows 11.

Windows users have always looked for much advanced versions of the OS. Windows 11 has launched an update a few days back. With more new updates and features, Windows has been the constant companion of millions of users. The updated

Best Google Fonts for Website Design – 24 fonts for Designer’s Choice in 2021

Best Google Fonts is the trendiest topic where the world can now see how the designers work. With more than 900 fonts, you can freely access them on your website. People prefer to use Google fonts because there are some

11 Best Live Sports Apps for Android to Live Stream Sports for Free

Nowadays, the use of the internet and smartphones are increases a lot. So, very few people are watching live sports on TV. Most people, especially the young generation, watch live streaming in live sports apps on their Android devices. One

#Enchantrixto Opinions: How to Detect Fake Profiles in Social Media?

In our day-to-day life, social media is indispensable. Most of the time, we enjoy social media platforms. From teenagers to old age people, everyone feels good to stay on social media for hours. But not everyone is genuine in social

How to download Windows 11 ISO File [100% Working] and New Features.

Finally, Windows 11, the next and most awaited version of Windows 10, has leaked all over the internet. A few rumours were doing the rounds regarding Windows 11 that Windows 10 is the last version from Microsoft. Finally, on Jun

Gamer? Check Top 10 Best Gaming Headphones Under 2500!

Why best gaming headphones? And why not the regular headphones? If you are a game lover, then you know the answer! Nowadays, games are not only played to entertain yourself but also to entertain others. Many people are choosing gaming

Simple Ways to Secure Social Media Accounts and Avoid Getting Hacked!

Social media history dates back to the late 1990s and early 2000s. During that time, social media was a newly emerging concept gaining much interest from its users. Making a profile on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter has since then become relatively

Top 10 Best Wired Earphones Under 2500 INR

A few days back, my father (an ex-serviceman) asked me if I could suggest the best wired earphones under 2500 INR for him. Then I realized that now earphones are not bounded in a particular age group. From 10 years

Top 5 Fonts that all web designers should know

There are several ways to present one thing. Exactly the same work is going in the domain of web designing. If you are a website designer then you’ll surely need to choose the best way to present your website by

Proven Tips to Increase Internet Speed for Laptop in 2021

While using the internet on a laptop, the speed matters. Because of the slow internet, the computer can't work like smartphones, so max to max speed is necessary. Today I will share information on how to increase the Internet speed

Hotstar Premium for Free: How to Get Disney+ Hotstar Premium for Free?

Hotstar is a popular video streaming application available on the internet. Hotstar offers more than 100,000 hours of shows and movies in more than 8 languages. This article will help you out to get a Disney+ Hotstar Premium subscription for

Top 10 Best VPN Services on the Internet in 2021

Working from home without using VPN is a pretty risky task. Everything that can be accessible from the web can be tracked or monitored. The best VPN services can prevent such kinds of tracking or spying on your device. Virtual

List of Online Video Streaming Application to Watch Movies, Videos Online in 2021

Watching movies on television or in the theatre has always been a craze among people of various ages. But, how to spend time usefully at home during lockdown? Subscription-based OTT platforms have taken over DTH-based television or theatres in this

OneOdio Pro 50 vs Pro 30 vs Pro 10: Compare to Decide Better!

The OneOdio Pro 50 and OneOdio Pro 30 wired stereo headphones are the upgraded version of the OneOdio Pro 10 stereo headphones. Well, both Studio Pro 50 Headphone and Pro 30 are much more premium than their predecessor and also

Top 11 Best Shows to Watch on Hotstar – Best Movie Show and TV show on Disney plus Hotstar

With the COVID-19 second wave has forced all of us to stay indoors, what is the best way to spend our time at home? With the advancement in technology, swipe across the best shows to watch on Hotstar online during

How to Save Hotstar Videos to Gallery – Step By Step Guide to Save Hotstar Videos to Device

Do you want to know how to save Hotstar videos to Gallery in a simple way? Then, read our blog till the end. Hotstar is a popular online streaming platform. Hotstar is popularly known as Disney + Hotstar. All kinds

COVID 19 Tracker – Top 4 Popular Smartphone Application to Track COVID 19

COVID 19 becomes a human’s fear nowadays. Starting from 2020, today, while we are drafting this article, many cases have been recorded. We all are trying to recover from this monster disease.  Doctors, nurses, and public officers are providing tremendous

Top 14 Best Stripe Alternative for Your Website – Alternatives to Stripe Payment Gateway

We all know about Stripe but do we know about the Stripe Alternative? Here, we will share the alternatives to Stripe. When we talk about online payment systems, the first name that comes in our mind is ''Stripe''. Yes! Stripe

Voot Downloader – Easiest way to download Voot Downloader on your PC/Laptop in 2021

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." That's why we from Enchantrixto Tech presents you with all the information about Voot Downloader. Voot is a subscription-based streaming platform. Voot as an online

Brightcove Video Downloader – Top 10 Ways Download Brightcove Videos Online

Brightcove is a famous video hosting company. Brightcove allows the brands to host their videos using their platform. Like YouTube, Brightcove has offered live video broadcasting, video hosting, and embedded video player options. Brightcove claims that their video hosting platform

Top 12 Best Free Bootable Antivirus Tools – Secure Your Device Now

Computers are most likely to be affected by malware or viruses. In such situations, a Bootable Antivirus tool always comes to your rescue. These Antivirus tools are scanners that are used in the infected machine to scan the drive of

Explore Prepp.in to Get Govt. Exam Guidance from the Safety of Home!

Prepp.in is India's best site for government exam information with an user friendly interface. Most importantly, in times of this pandemic, this online education portal will ease the exam preparation from the safety of your homes.  Prepp.in also has a

ULLU Web series Downloader: How to Download ULLU Web-series?

ULLU web series downloader is a platform that allows you to download ULLU web series for free. Nowadays, web series are the best entertainment option for the young generation. Hence, this article is about downloading the ULLU web series on

Top 7 Best Smart Bulbs for Your Home

If you want to control the lights and bulbs of your home, smart bulbs are just your thing. Getting connected to your smartphones via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or Amazon Alexa, these smart bulbs make you worry less about searching for switches

Zee5 Video Downloader: How to Download Movies from Zee5 Apps?

Zee5 Video Downloader is a platform to download Zee5 Videos for Free. Nowadays everyone wants to watch television or tv shows online and for free. Hence, on behalf of Enchantrixto Tech, this article will guide you on how to download

Top 8 coolest things to buy on eBay [2021]

As per the report, eBay has secured 5th rank on the global e-commerce market with a 22% growth in 2020. Recently, eBay has gained 11M+ new customers in their eBay US e-commerce market. This article will guide you to choose

How to recover deleted photos from WhatsApp – Easiest way to recover deleted photos.

Do you want to recover deleted photos from WhatsApp? This article will guide you on how to recover deleted photos from WhatsApp easily. WhatsApp is used as digital communication and interaction medium nowadays. Every day, we do WhatsApp as our

Ultimate Hacks to hide android apps in your mobile phone in 2021

Here, on behalf of Enchantrixto Tech, we will guide you to hide android apps easily on your mobile phone. Hiding mobile apps become an especially important thing on now a day. There are different reasons like parental control and privacy

Best Smart LED Bulb Options in India to buy in 2021

The best smart led light bulbs in India are a reality now. Some 10 years back, did we imagine a Smart LED Bulb? Well, we have various options available in the market now. Here at Enchantrixto Gadgets section, I will

App to Change Hair Color: Best 10 Fun Mobile Apps in 2021

An app to change hair color is useful as hair color transformations offer plenty of daring options these days. Through these options of the Best Hair color app, there are endless possibilities for a typical blonde and brunette to change

SCUF Controllers and Best PS4 and Xbox gaming Controllers in 2021

SCUF controllers enhance the gaming experience on XBOX, PS4, and PS5. These days both children and adults are more attracted to these PS4 and Xbox games, hence the use of PS4 controllers and Xbox controllers. These games affect the child's

Koo App Review: Is the Koo App a Great Indian Twitter Alternative?

How long we will be depending on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others to make use of social media? Why not use our "Make in India" Twitter alternative rather? So, I thought of writing this Koo App Review which can be

Top 10 Hamachi Alternatives For Virtual LAN Gaming (2021)

Are you aware of the best Hamachi alternative if you are not completely satisfied with its service? If not, Enchantrixto Tech presents 10 Alternatives to Hamachi will surely be a help. Nowadays, Games are also getting advanced with upgrading technologies.

Best VPN for PUBG Lite & PUBG game in 2021 on Android and PC

A VPN for PUBG Lite has become an utmost necessity in 2021 for PUBG Lovers in India. The obvious question is why a best VPN server for PUBG Mobile Lite and PUBG game is needed? The simple answer is PUBG

Hotstar Video Downloader: How to Download Hotstar Videos for Free (2021)?

"To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity." With such sincerity, we have presented how to download Hotstar videos here. The Hotstar Video Downloader list and

Boult Audio Probass: 15 points to buy this amazing earphone

Are you looking for a wireless earphone under 2,000 INR? Check this Boult Audio Probass review which will end your search. I purchased this product 6 months ago and after intense usage decided to write a review on this best

The Best 13 Alternatives to Whatsapp for you in 2021

Alternatives to WhatsApp have been doing the rounds off late due to privacy concern and uncertainties centred on the WhatsApp Privacy Policy 2021. The former employees of Yahoo - Brian Acton and Jan Koum launched the application of Whatsapp in