Dropping iPhone on Floor: What Happens If I Drop My iPhone on the Floor?

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“Apple’s iPhone” is probably the most popular cell phone brand in the world. No doubt, the iPhone is one of the best-selling smartphones. This phone’s unique design, various web browsing features make it more exclusive among mobile internet devices. But happens after dropping iPhone on floor? What to do if your favorite smartphone hits something?

Your all eyes are on your phone when you slowly reach for the device, tensely grimacing as you brace for the worst. No crack! Or any visible damage! Crisis averted, right?

Well, maybe yes or maybe no. Today, we will discuss some basic things that can happen after dropping iPhone on floor. The iPhone is very flexible to being dropped, but it isn’t impervious to damage.

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Dropping iPhone on Floor – Safe without any damage

Thinking of its fragility, the iPhone can easily survive shortfalls on wood or carpeted floors. The iPhones are well built, so it is fine if dropped from a shorter height, say 3 feet. But there is always the possibility that it would land on something that would crack the screen, or it could land in such a way to cause some damage.

Even if there is no apparent damage, always inspect your iPhone thoroughly before using it again after a fall. Though the best-case scenario after dropping iPhone on floor is that it survives the fall without any damage.

Mentioned below are few situations and what you must do after dropping iPhone on floor.

Minimal damage

There is another possibility that your iPhone survives the fall with only some minimal damage. This could be anything from scratch on the face to a partial loss of functionality. For example, the power button could stop working, or cellular network service could become disturbed.

Nothing can ensure that the battery will survive, but a case with the shock-absorbing layer will better protect the battery from impacts. If your iPhone is damaged, you should contact Apple support to ask about possible repair options. 

Major damage

Apple’s iPhone may rarely stop functioning. If your device is working, then there is no need to be worried about it. But if you have caused any harm to your iPhone. It may be a broken screen or damage to the internal motherboard.

The physical profile of the iPhone design prevents such things from happening on the inner side. If it is the display, wipe it clean and avoid the liquid contents from seeping out. That may help some, but as soon as possible, you need to ask for support from the Apple store or Apple support line. 

Insurance support

Apple does have standard warranty support, but that may not help in accidental damage cases. Apple’s own Applecare plan usually covers accidental damage, but you need to pay an excess fee on any claim. 

Is there any chance to fix the Apple iPhone display if it is broken? 

A broken iPhone is a serious issue but there is no need to buy a new phone for just a damaged display after dropping iPhone on floor. Fixing the screen yourself can be satisfying and save you the most money, but it requires lots of patience and there’s the risk of possibly damaging your iPhone further.

Else, you can use a repair service shop that can take a lot of the stress out of getting your iPhone fixed. Finally, you can ask for the Apple support line directly to fix your broken iPhone screen.

Fixing by yourself: You can buy parts online at stores like Amazon/eBay/Flipkart and watch some tutorial videos that can help you to improve this.

Find a repair shop: That’s anxiety to find a good repair shop and hand over your iPhone to them. But you find one you can trust to fix your phone.

Let apple fix it: Not least but last, let apple fix your broken iPhone. If you have Applecare support that can help you or you have to spend damage repair costs. 

So, if you are clumsy, you have to be prepared for these things. But for an average accidental case, no need for too much worry. Just be careful of your phone and if something serious happens ask for support. In short, handle with care to avoid dropping iPhone on floor!

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