Boult Audio Probass: 15 Points to Buy this Amazing Earphone

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Are you looking for wireless earphones under 2,000 INR (30 USD)? Check this Boult Audio Probass review which will end your search. I purchased this product 6 months ago and after intense usage decided to write a review on this best Bluetooth headset. I purchased the Boult Audio Probass (Red Color) at 1,300 INR, but now it is available at 999 INR on Amazon.

Some unique features of this best Bluetooth headset in India are – It is light and flexible, has amazing bass, and is also sweatproof. Rest I will elaborate here below, so scroll down to read my review on the Boult Audio Probass – wireless headphones.

Please Note: Prices are variable. Please check the official website for the latest information.

Boult Audio Probass Wireless Headset: 15 points to buy it

I was looking for a budget wireless earphone that will offer me deep bass and an immersive sound experience. And guess what, all my wishes are fulfilled after I laid my hands on the Boult Audio Probass Curve Neckband. I got this product on Amazon some 6 months back at 1,300 INR. Without wasting much time, I will quickly run you down to the unique features of the Boult Audio Probass headphones.

Boult Audio Probass

1) Good Build Quality: The Boult Audio Probass curve headphones come with a light structure and flexible build. Hence it is not breakable and will not get damaged easily. You can twist and stretch these boult earphones as much as you can and carry them even in your shirt or trouser pockets.

Boult Earphones

2) Comfortable Ear Tips: The silicon ear tips of the Boult Audio Probass wireless headphone will offer you good comfort and good noise isolation from the surrounding noise. The earbuds are also light and hence will not offer any pressure on your ears.

Boult Audio Probass Bluetooth Headphones with mic

3) Magnetic Earbuds: You will find a magnet on the outer side of the earbuds. Thus you can tie up or attach both the earbuds on these boult headphones together.

4) Neodymium Magnets: You will find neodymium magnets in the drivers of these boult Bluetooth headphones.

Boult Audio Probass Wireless Headset

5) Aerospace Grade AL Drivers: The drivers are 50 mm which offers a powerful audio experience. You can listen to anything from heavy metallic songs to hymns like Hanuman Chalisa or trance music. You can also take online classes or attend meetings and play games using these boult earphones.

Neodymium Drivers

6) Micro Woofers: This wireless earphone comes equipped with micro woofers that offer superior sound and also offer good noise isolation.

Boult Audio Probass Curve Neckband

7) Battery Life: Battery life is one of the most critical features of a wireless headset. Hence, you must always check the battery life of a wireless earphone before buying it. The Boult Audio Probass Curve Neckband offers a good battery life (with lithium-ion batteries) of up to 12 hours on a full charge. On average it will offer you 8-10 hours of battery life after intense usage.

Boult Wireless Headset

8) Bluetooth 5.0 Technology: I was amazed to find the reviews before buying this product. But nothing is proven until you use it. And well, along with so many features, the product comes with 5.0 bluetooth technology. This helps you to connect your boult headphone with your device from one room to the other.

Bluetooth 5.0

9) Built-in mic: The Boult Audio Probass Curve Neckband is equipped with an inline mic that helps in taking and making calls without any hassle.

10) IPX5 water-resistant: These Bluetooth headphones with a mic is also sweatproof and hence can be used during workouts. The headphone is also waterproof for up to 30 minutes.

Boult Audio Probass Neck Band

11) Extra Bass: This wireless headset offers extra bass which will definitely satisfy your thirst for bass in your headphone.

Extra & Deep Bass

12) Compatible with everything: These boult Bluetooth headphones are compatible with PC, laptops, Mobile Phones, and even TV.

Boult Earphones Compatible

13) Prominent Multi-purpose Controls: The Boult Audio Probass Curve Neckband has clear-cut controls to switch on & off, increase or reduce volume, forward or rewind music, accept or disconnect calls. The buttons can be used for voice commands as well.

14) Adjustable Clip: This bluetooth headset in India comes with an adjustable clip for better fit and comfort.

15) Kevlar Cable: The headset comes with a Kevlar cable as well.

How to connect Boult Audio Probass with Laptop or PC?

You can easily connect this wireless headset to any PC or Laptop or any other device. So, how to connect Bluetooth headphones to pc? Simply press the power button of your earphone, your device will be paired with the earphone.

One good thing about this wireless earphone is that the Bluetooth in it offers seamless and smooth connectivity. Connectivity and battery backup is the most important features in a wireless headset and this headphone has both.

My Final Opinion on Boult Audio Probass Curve Neckband

If you are looking for a budget earphone offering great audio and deep bass, this headphone is for you. The Boult Audio Probass Curve Neckband is a complete package at just 1,000 INR. These best wireless earphones in India are available in black, blue, green, and grey. The price may vary based on color. But even if you find it’s the price between 1,200 – 1,400 INR on Amazon, you can really consider the Boult Audio Probass!

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Boult Audio Probass Frequently Used Questions (FUQ)-

1) I want to buy the Boult Audio Probass Curve Neckband, but want to use it during workouts. Is that possible?

Yes, these boult bluetooth headphones can be used during workouts. It is also sweatproof and has IPX-5 ratings.

2) Is the Boult Audio Probass is one of the best Bluetooth headset in India?

Yes, it one of the best bluetooth headset in India at or less than 1,500 INR. It is a complete worth for money

3) Is the Boult Audio Probass waterproof?

Yes, these Bluetooth headphones with a mic are waterproof up to 30 meters. I have used this during rains. But we must not throw caution to the wind though!

4) Is the price the same for all the colors of this Boult wireless headset?

No, the price varies from one color to the other on Amazon. But the scarlet red color will cost you roughly 1,000 INR

5) Does the Boult Audio Probass Curve Neckband comes with a warranty?

Yes, the Boult Audio Probass Curve Neckband comes with a 1-year warranty.

6) If I buy these Boult Earphones, what shall I receive as accessories?

You will receive the following after purchasing these Boult earphones:
Earphone, Micro USB cable for charging, 2 extra pairs of earbuds, and User Manual

7) What is the weight of Boult Audio Probass?

These best wireless earphones in India weigh about 89 grams each.

8) Can we take online classes or meetings through these Bluetooth headphones with mic?

Yes, by using these Bluetooth headphones with a mic, you can do other tasks as well like – Taking online classes, attend business meetings, and while playing games.

9) Is their replacement warranty for Boult Audio Probass?

Yes, a replacement warranty is available on Amazon for this wireless headset.

10) Is it good to hear chants and hymns like Hanuman Chalisa?

Yes, these wireless earphones can be used to listen songs, prayers and hymns like Hanuman Chalisa.

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