17 Cool Tech Gadgets That Will Impress You Straight Away!

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Cool Tech Gadgets are slowly becoming a significant part of our lives. Although we are using many gadgets every day still we don’t know that many others exist. There are many coolest technical gadgets available on Amazon, you can’t imagine. These Amazon gadgets have changed the way we live in the past few years and will continue to improve with time.

So, we are here to share genuine information about the 17 best cool tech gadgets on Amazon to purchase right now.

And, Guess What? You can purchase these coolest tech gadgets on Amazon availing up to an 80% discount!!

Before going to the list of Cool Tech Gadgets on Amazon, Enchantrixto wants to tell you about the benefits of using these coolest tech gadgets.

So, here are some benefits of the cool tech gadgets.

Benefits of Using Cool Tech Gadgets

  • Cool Tech Gadgets helps to simplify your daily works.
  • Increases Communication.
  • New Technology can make higher profits.
  • Also, some cool tech gadgets help in studies and other student activities.
  • Getting bored? These Amazon tech gadgets can entertain you.
  • The coolest technical gadgets help to enhance your speaking, listening, and creative skills.
  • These cool tech gadgets will increase working efficiency, right from household chores to office work.
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17 Cool Tech Gadgets Available on Amazon

You will come across some of the Coolest Tech Gadgets on Amazon in India. Here is the list of 17 Cool Tech Gadgets on Amazon in 2022.

cool tech gadgets

Also, these gadgets come with their set of pros and cons at discounts of up to 80%.

So, be mindful of the features before deciding to purchase any one of them!

Check out the list of some cool amazon gadgets given below.

1) The amiciVision LED Lighted Drawing Board

The amiciVision LED Lighted Drawing Board is a cool tech gadget for all struggling artists to draw the perfect sketch of anything. It’s a simple cool gadget that allows placing a reference image on a back-lit board to trace the outline of it.

The board is just 4 mm thick, so you can carry it anywhere without any problem. It features 3-level brightness for selecting the optimum brightness of your surroundings.

The amiciVision LED Lighted Drawing Board

The amiciVision LED board is among the top cool tech gadgets that take care of your eyes with its in-built eye protection technology. All these features make it one of the coolest tech gadgets on amazon India.


  • Allows doing 2D Animation, Calligraphy, Sketching & Drawing, Embossing, Scrapbooking, Stained Glass, Tattoo Transferring, Sewing projects, and Quilting.
  • Offers a 3-level adjustable brightness with one simple touch.
  • Provides flicker-free super bright eco-friendly lead for soft and comfortable work.
  • It has 4.7 ratings.


βœ… Portable and Ultra Slim with Glass designed.
βœ… Uses Eyesight-protected Technology.
βœ… Protects from harmful stimulus light.


❌ According to many buyers, the quality isn’t too good.


It costs 1,099 INR on Amazon (subject to changes)

2) Shifu Orboot Planet Mars 

Shifu Orboot Planet Mars is an attractive AR Globe for children. It is one of the app-based cool tech gadgets which enables children to learn about the red planet through Augmented Reality.

Children can scan the AR globe to explore Mars, and know about various missions, space crafts including their launch dates. They can know about various equipment, discoveries made, and also play space games meant for kids!

cool tech gadget

With Shifu Orboot Planet Mars AR Globe, kids can interact, visualize, and learn the secrets about the red planet. Through this STEM-based educational toy, kids can inculcate physics fundamentals, space science, scientific thinking, and analytical skills.

Shifu Orboot Planet Mars is one of those cool tech gadgets which are compatible with iPads and Android devices.


  • Helps kids to interact, visualize, and learn about the secrets of the red planet.
  • The STEM-based educational toy offers to inculcate physics fundamentals, scientific thinking, space science, and analytical skills.
  • Take a tour and visit prominent Martian plains, craters, valleys, and mountains.
  • It’s rated 4.5


βœ… Supports all Android and iOS devices with 3GB RAM.
βœ… Experience a fictional space adventure.
βœ… Provides 6 months warranty.


❌ It doesn’t support Amazon Fire devices.


It costs 1,849 INR on Amazon (subject to changes)

3) Cool Tech Gadgets: 4charge Universal Adaptor 

If you are a wild traveler who is not sure where you will end up every month, then this is for you. This is a lifesaver when it comes to making sure all your gadgets can connect to power out wherever you are on Earth.

This adaptor is among the best cool tech gadgets that come with a switch that enables you to choose the appropriate pin for the port you have. So, you do not have to carry an extra set of socket adaptors to various parts of the world.

4charge universal adaptor - cool tech gadgets

For the output, it has 2 inbuilt USB ports of 2amp along with a standard socket output. These cool amazon gadgets allow you to use up to 3 devices at the same time with just one adaptor. It also has an inbuilt fuse to protect your devices in case there is an overflow of current. All these make it one of the cool tech gadgets for a traveler.

4charge Universal Adaptor Features

  • Allows charging 3 different devices at a time.
  • Compatible with almost all USB Devices like Android and iOS phones, laptops, Cameras, Tablets, Sony, HTC, Lenovo, LG, ZTE, Huawei, Bluetooth Speakers, Headset, etc.
  • It works with low-power products like smartphones, Laptop chargers; not high-power products like hair dryers, irons.
  • It has 4.3 ratings.


βœ… All-in-one Power Adapter.
βœ… Provides an in-build fuse to protect devices.
βœ… Offers in-Built Safety Shutters with a LED Power Indicator.


❌ It does Not Convert Electrical Output Current and Voltage.


It costs 648 INR on Amazon (subject to changes)

4) Cool Tech Gadgets: Peobrics GPS Tracker 

We take so many measures to make sure our bike is in its best possible condition. To most of us, a bike is part of our family and losing it will be a nightmare. But with this gadget, you never have to worry about losing your bike ever again.

It is one of the smallest yet most convenient cool tech gadgets for bike trackers in the market. All you have to do is connect it to your bike’s battery and stick it inside it where no one can see it.

Amazon gadgets

Then you can connect these cool amazon gadgets through your smartphone and track your bike with ease. Be it on a parking lot or from the other end of the world when your bike is on the GPS gets activated, and you can track its movement on your mobile phones.

These amazing Amazon Gadgets are also water-resistant, so you do not have to worry about them malfunctioning due to water or dirt. 

Peobrics GPS Tracker Features

  • Reliable and accurate GPS tracking for people and vehicles.
  • Delivers compact and camouflage design.
  • Able to track on real-time, current location, updates about the taken route, connects without any hassle.
  • It is 4.4 rated.


βœ… Easy installation.

βœ… Offers a user-friendly interface.

βœ… Water resistance and web-based tracker.

βœ… High-Frequency real-time tracking and completely reliable.


❌ Too much expensive.

Cool Tech Gadgets Price

It costs 4,651 INR on Amazon (subject to changes)

5) PAGARIA Bike MP3 Player 

We all love to have music as we go on a trip. And the one that we love even more is the long bike rides that rejuvenate us from every other feeling.

But the sad part is bikes don’t have a music system, and we tend to use our earphones, which is not always the right thing to do. So, it leads you to this amazing gadget and among cool tech gadgets that let you listen to music on your bike.

new electronic technology

It is an MP3 player with an inbuilt FM capability, which comes along with two speakers. You can also connect your smartphone via Bluetooth, so you never have to take another ride without the music.

Cool Tech Gadgets Features

  • Offers TF Card mp3 Playback, FM Radio, Bluetooth Feature, 2 Waterproof Speakers of 7W.
  • Bluetooth function for playing music wirelessly.
  • Class D Amplifier for powerful performance and clear sound.
  • The bright-colored display has 4.5 ratings.


βœ… Easy to install and control.
βœ… Waterproof Bike music system.
βœ… Fit in any 2 wheeler with 12V Power Supply.


❌ Build quality is average.

Cool Tech Gadgets Price

It costs 1,890 INR on Amazon (subject to changes)

6) Cool Tech Gadgets: Aerizo SG0L Wireless Bluetooth Sunglass Headphone with Mic (Assorted Colour)

We all love to have some music as we go for our daily jogging or walking. And it’s a pain to have the wire from our headsets get struck between our hands as we run. This pair of sunglasses put an end to all that misery with ease. This is one of the cool tech gadgets, which looks like regular sunglasses, but it also has a Bluetooth headset.

You can simply connect your smartphone with these sunglasses and listen to your favorite music as you do your workouts. This is one of the new gadgets in India for walking, jogging, cycling, or even playing some low-key games. The design of this glass helps it stay on without any problem.


You don’t have to worry about it running low on battery as it runs for 6 hours straight with one full charge. This is one of the must-have cool gadgets on Amazon India if you are an adventure and music-loving person.


  • Bluetooth sunglasses with the perfect combination of durable and fashion polarized lenses.
  • Enjoy the freedom of wireless listening and hands-free talk.
  • Earphones deliver stereo sounds, and in-build chargeable battery, answer calls automatically, and Flip-up Glasses.
  • Allows listening to music while walking, jogging, cycling, and playing some low-key games.


βœ… Assorted Color.
βœ… Wireless Bluetooth Sunglasses.
βœ… Compatible with All Android, iOS, and Windows devices.


❌ Build quality is average – Pale Plastic frame.


It costs 469 INR on Amazon (subject to changes)

7) The Velway V8s Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner 

We have all seen or heard of this vacuum cleaner at least once in recent times. It is one of the cool amazon gadgets that make your life easy and your house clean.

It is not just an automated vacuum as it has a lot going on within it. It is capable of identifying obstacles, drops even carpet, and avoiding them. So, it is rated as a cool tech gadget in the current year.

new electronic technology

This way, you do not have to worry about looking over it as it works. You can also set a perimeter and restrict its access if needed. And you can do all this through your mobile phones. Such convenience makes it one of the cool gadgets on amazon India.


β€’ Comes with an infrared sensor for evading obstacles, and drop-sensing tech to avoid falls.
β€’ Recharge automatically 3200mAh battery that works 180 minutes.
β€’ Record real-time walking coordinates for turning.
β€’ Delivers a 0.5L Dust box, 0.3L Water tank, an anti-scratch & metal covered wire, and 1800 suction for sweeping.
β€’ Support Alexa and you can command over Alexa.


βœ… Offers wet and dry mapping besides sweeping.

βœ… Wi-Fi-connected, Alexa-powered navigation.

βœ… Provides 1-year technical warranty with contact number 8419919900 and Email address [email protected]


❌ Very expensive.


It costs 30,001 INR on Amazon (subject to changes)

8) Cool Technical Gadgets – Prestige PAF 4.0 Air Fryer

Leading a healthy life is all we talk about in recent times, and we take immense measures to make sure of it. One of the best ways to stay healthy is by avoiding deep-fried foods. But the temptation to eat that is never less.

Air fryers help you eat the food of your cravings without much of its risk factor. It uses air in place of oil, mailing it crispy as you like it but with zero oil. It is a great gadget for all fitness freaks. 

Air Fryer for cooking


  • Perform operations like fry, roast, grill, bake, and more by circulating hot air.
  • Offers 30 minutes timer, carrying handle for portability and accessories.
  • Designed a non-sticky frying basket.
  • It’s 4.4 rated.


βœ… Make crispy food with zero oil.
βœ… Provides a smoke vent for absorbing unwanted odor and smoke.
βœ… Easy to use, control, and clean.


❌ Expensive.
❌ Consume much power.


It costs 4,605 INR on Amazon (subject to changes)

9) Cool Tech Gadgets: Nescafe Γ‰ Smart Coffee Maker 

A cup of coffee is something most of us can’t live without. To some of us, it is next to breathing for our survival. That is how much coffee has a role in our life.

With that said, no one can make the perfect cup of coffee for you but yourself. Which is a pain as we may not always have the liberty to do that, right?

But, with the new Nescafe Γ‰ smart, it is no more a dream!

It is among the cool tech gadgets that are a force multiplier. You can carry this anywhere with you as it’s very portable and your best option for a coffee of your choice. Hot or cold, no matter your preference, it can do both within 2 minutes, which is a lifesaver all by itself.

Smart Coffee maker

You can even try various new coffee with their recipe and enjoy a new flavor whenever you like. The best part is you can do all this with your smartphone, so you do not have to be a Batista by any means.


  • It’s a trendy, 100% leak & spill-proof mug.
  • A smart, app-enabled coffee maker.
  • Offers to make a wide variety of indulgent coffee recipes.
  • According to the buyers, it is 4.4 rated.


βœ… Γ‰ prepares great-tasting coffee silently in just 60 to 90secs.
βœ… Portable and easy to operate.
βœ… Also, get 100gm of coffee jar.


❌ Too much expensive for making coffee.


It costs 6,658 INR on Amazon (subject to changes)

10) Watamate Innowater, ABS Plastic Automatic Touchless Water Faucet 

Conserving nature is all we think of in 2022, and with the world going at this phase, we have no other choice but to preserve our mother Earth.

One of the most crucial things to do is save water, and the best way to do it is in our homes. With this touchless faucet, you are sure to save water to a large extent and have the most hygienic handwash experience.

You have to attach this sensor using the adaptors they provide and begin your touchless faucet life. The best part of these Amazon Gadgets is one full charge on this device, lasts for six months, so you are not wasting too much electricity. Thus it is among the cool tech gadgets in 2022.  

Amazon gadgets


  • Provides a dual infrared sensor on the side and the bottom of the tap.
  • Side sensor is for continuous flow of water and bottom sensor activated when any object comes in the range of 10cm and cut-off after 20sec of water flow.
  • Powerful IMX Microchip sensor offers to sense the faster and seamless flow of water.
  • The touchless feature prevents cross-infection.
  • Comes with all types of thread fittings to fix with any taps of the kitchen sink, washbasin, and bathroom.


βœ… Easy to install.
βœ… Protects from bacterial contamination.
βœ… Provides a cleaner and safer environment.


❌ Build quality is not good as per its price.


It costs 2,099 INR on Amazon (subject to changes)

11) Cool Tech Gadgets: Amazon Fire TV Stick

With a silky-smooth UI, Amazon Fire TV Stick is popular 4K media streaming device in India. It supports video streaming and playback up to 4K at 60fps. In High Dynamic Range formats, it supports HDR10, HDR+, Dolby Vision, and HLG.

Besides controlling power and volume with a button, these cool tech gadgets have Alexa enabled for doing a search, play, pause, forward and rewind the content with ease using your voice.

TV streaming device - cool tech gadget

You can watch tens of thousands of movies and shows from your subscribed Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, SonyLIV, Zee5, Discovery Plus, and many more apps.

Cool Tech Gadgets Features

  • Alexa voice remote offers to search and launch shows over your voice with less clutter and more control.
  • Allows to control power and volume of your TV and soundbar with a single remote.
  • You will get YouTube, YouTube Kids, MXPlayer, TVFPlay, YuppTV and many more at free.
  • Able to optimise your data usage through video quality setting.


βœ… Silky-smooth UI, easy to set up and use.
βœ… Support HDR+, HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos for the immersive sound system.
βœ… Apart from power and volume control, it’s also Alexa enabled.


❌ According to the reviews, it doesn’t support Sony LED TVs.
❌ Costlier.


It costs 3,999 INR on Amazon (subject to changes)

12) Cool Tech Gadgets: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (11th Generation)

The latest Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon made e-reading far better. The new Paperwhite comes with a bigger 6.8-inch E-Ink much brighter display. It offers to adjust the color temperature for making an eye-comfort view of a reader. Hence, it is among the best cool tech gadgets.

It packs a longer battery life, a faster processor, and USB-C charging. The latter ensures you’ll get the fastest charging speeds, and you’ll have an easier-to-use reversible charging cable. And don’t worry: The Paperwhite still flaunts a waterproof exterior.

Smart Travel Gadgets

Buyers who can afford to spend a little extra should consider the Paperwhite Signature Edition that adds Qi wireless charging, four times more storage space, and an embedded light sensor that automatically adjusts brightness.

Cool Tech Gadgets Features

  • Battery lasts up to 10 weeks, and support fast charging.
  • IPX8 rated to protect from accidental immersion in water. It can withstand up to 2 meters of normal water for up to 60 minutes, and up to 0.25 meters of seawater for up to 3 minutes.
  • The latest software gives an experience of a new, intuitive, and easier Kindle reading feature.
  • Prime members can access thousands of titles including eBooks, magazines, and more. With Kindle Unlimited, access more than 2 million titles.
  • 4.6 rated.


βœ… Offers voice view screen reader over Bluetooth audio, text-to-speech function.
βœ… Takes 5 hours to fully charge and lasts for 10 weeks on this single charge.
βœ… Support Kindle Format 8 (AZW3), Kindle (AZW), unprotected MOBI, PRC, TXT, PDF, HTML DOC, DOCX, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and Audible audio format (AAX).
βœ… Delivers 300 PPI glare-free display for experiencing a real paper reading in bright sunlight.


❌Still lags.
❌The browser is still experimental.

Cool Tech Gadgets Price

It costs 13,999 INR on Amazon (subject to changes)

13) FINICKY-WORLD 360 Degree Wireless Panoramic Bulb 360Β° IP Camera with Night Vision, Hidden Camera, 2-Way Audio and Micro 128GB SD Card Support

Installing a spy camera could be a tricky job. But that is not the case with this one. This is more like a smart led bulb, and no one will even know that there is a camera inside it. It comes with an app that pairs with it.

So you can sync mobile with this smart led bulb, and you can access it from anywhere on the planet.

It also has a motion sensor and night vision, so you are safe even in the dark. All these make this smart bulb a fresh new electronics technology for home security. 

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Cool Tech Gadgets Features

  • 360 degree surveillance camera needs electricity instead of battery. It can rotate automatically to capture everything, and monitor live video on smartphone and tablet.
  • Through a mobile app you can enable the 3d view of camera and led lights. Also, turn on/off and change the visibility of led lights from the app.
  • Live video monitoring comes with a powerful motion detection function. If any motion detected in the camera, it send real time alerts on your smartphone to keep your family and business safe.
  • In-built speakers and microphones helps to conduct two-way communication. Even it can record video with sound by using micro SD card.
  • Provides technical support via contacting number given on the package from 11am to 7pm.


βœ… It’s a 360-degree wireless panorama bulb.
βœ… Support two-way audio and video recording.
βœ… Record full HD videos at 960p resolution.
βœ… Gives an intelligent alert over your smartphone.


❌ It does not look like a usual bulb, so anyone can find out the camera in it.
❌ Work with one device at a time and the previous login will be erased.


It costs 1,498 INR on Amazon (subject to changes)

14) Steelbird SBA-1 7 Wings HF Dashing Full Face Helmet

If you love music while you drive, then you will surely love this helmet. With this helmet, you can attach your mobile via cable to listen to music, take and cut the call and even move to the next song using the switch on the helmet. This is detachable, so you can remove it if you want to. 

Helmet - cool amazon gadget


  • Comes with a high impact ABS material shell that multi-layered by EPS (thermocol).
  • For more safety, it offers high density and low density Air channels.
  • Micro-Metric Buckle to meet European standards.
  • Allows to pick up a call, listen music with high fidelity sound.
  • Search any location on map.
  • Water Resistant.
  • 4.1 rated.


βœ… Delivers hygienic interior Italian design with multi-pore breathable padding.
βœ… Provides neck protectors for giving extra comfort.
βœ… Offers an anti-scratch coated visor.
βœ… Works without battery.


❌ The helmet face is immovable.


It costs 2,200 INR on Amazon (subject to changes)

15) Cool Tech Gadgets: Saudeep India Bluetooth Speakers with Different Varities Included Touch Sensor, Colour Changing, Flower Pot, Mini Speakers & Night Lamps (Musical Pot Touch Sensor)

If you like plants on your table, then this is for you. This pot also acts as a speaker so that you can enjoy some great music while you grow your plant. This is one of the cool tech gadgets for your office or even your home. 

Cool tech gadget


  • Allows to adjust lighting mode and beat with music rhythm.
  • Connect via Bluetooth with your mobile and equipment and use it as a wireless music speaker.
  • While touching the plant leaves and other parts, it will react and get piano sound.
  • Comes with 1200mah battery, 12 hours of playback, 10m range, and 90db signal to noise ratio.
  • 5V/500mA charging parameter with 3.7V working voltage.


βœ… All-in-one Interactive, Bluetooth, Night colorful lights, plant pot.
βœ… Allows adjusting lights and volume via your mobile connecting through Bluetooth.
βœ… Unique design as music, sound, and lightning.


❌ Poor build quality.
❌ Not so useful.


It costs 799 INR on Amazon (subject to changes)

16) Amazon Echo Dot (4th Generation)

Echo Dot is a smart speaker, Alexa enabled to be operated from distance by voice. Alexa is able to speak both English and Hindi. Also, new features are automatically added with the updates. With a new spherical design, Echo Dot (4th Gen) delivers an improved bass performance compared to the previous one.

Amazon cool tech gadgets

However, Alexa adapts to your vocabulary and speech patterns. It allows to stream millions of songs from Amazon Prime Music, JioSaavn, Spotify, Gaana, and Apple Music. You can use Echo Dot as a standalone speaker, connect it to other speakers or headphones, and a Bluetooth speaker through pairing with a phone.


  • Offers an in-build cloud storage option for getting smarter.
  • Delivers hands-free music control.
  • Versatile use like a standalone speaker, connect with another speaker or headphone.
  • With Alexa, pay your bills, get news, weather report, cricket scores, nursery rhymes, stories, and more via your voice.
  • Able to access smart home devices like lights, TVs, ACs using Alexa.


βœ… Comes with a refreshed and compact design.
βœ… Makes your daily life easier.
βœ… Completely hands-free whether turning on the Geyser every morning or turning mosquito repellent off at sunrise.


❌ Need a strong and fast internet connection.


It costs 4,499 INR on Amazon (subject to changes)

17) Amazon Fire TV Cube

Amazon delivers a lot of devices under the Fire TV brand. The Fire TV Cube is a media streaming device that supports 4K streaming with HDR10+ and Dolby Atmos.

It features an in-built Alexa, in0build microphone, and IR blaster for controlling soundbars, Blu-ray players, and cable boxes. Also, connect a wireless security camera and view the footage on your television.

Amazon tech gadgets

It can pick up your voice command from one room to another. With Alexa, you can play/pause, increase/decrease volume, and turn on/off the TV. Moreover, you can order pizza, change channels, and switch inputs with the help of Alexa. It offers to stream online all the latest viewing apps.


  • Fastest and the most powerful online streaming device.
  • Able to access 4K ultra HD video, supporting with HDR10+ and Dolby Vision.
  • Amazon Prime members can access thousands of movies and TV episodes, including ad-free millions of songs in Amazon Prime Music.
  • With Alexa, control all your smart home devices like turning on/off a TV, changing the channel, volume up/down, lights, soundbar, and more using your voice.
  • Ask to check the weather, notifications, access live streaming apps Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, Zee5, SonyLIV, and more using Alexa.


βœ… Offers a familiar interface.
βœ… Comes with Alexa support.
βœ… Faster than Fire Sticks.
βœ… Able to control other media devices.All-in-one Power Adapter.


❌ Costlier than a streaming stick.
❌ Could offer more features including the needed.
❌ Compared to others it is bulkier.


It costs 12,999 INR on Amazon (subject to changes)

Concluding Words on Cool Tech Gadgets

The list of freshly available cool tech gadgets on Amazon will go on and on like a never-ending river. However, we have shortlisted the best tech gadgets that add value to our lives.

We are sure that you had an excellent experience while browsing through our list of some new gadgets in India. Now, it is up to you to choose the best cool amazon gadgets best for you!

Cool Tech Gadgets on Amazon FAQs

1) Are the Amazon Gadgets in India genuine?

Amazon is a leading online platform in the world. The Amazon gadgets are genuine are absolutely worth money.

2) Is Shifu Orboot Planet MarsΒ available on Amazon?

Yes, Shifu Orboot Planet Mars is available on Amazon India as one of the cool tech gadgets in India. It is priced now 1,899 INR (prices are variable)

3) Do I need Batteries to operate Orboot?

No, you don’t need any batteries, Bluetooth, and other extra electronics or hardware.

4) What is Amazon’s innovation?

The biggest innovation of Amazon is to sell its supply chain directly to its retail customers and buy products with extreme convenience.

5) What is Amazon’s main product?

The main products of Amazon are Amazon Echo, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire Kindle, and Amazon Fire OS.

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