29 New Gadgets in India That Will Amaze You!

2021 has been a great time for new gadgets in India. Most of us are working from home as the coronavirus led to a nationwide lockdown. This forced companies to launch many cool tech gadgets.

As it was the only way to keep up with this growing, online workforce. Product engineers created consumer goods that were all tech. On the other hand, Big Tech that we know of – Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft emphasized their presence on social media. This gave rise to apps. A trend that now needs the latest tech gadgets. 

So let’s talk about the most interesting stories in the Indian consumer tech now. Stick around till the end as I make some interesting predictions. Especially about up-coming best new gadgets in India. 

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Cool Tech Gadgets In 2021

Whether it’s for some smart home inspiration or gifting the latest tech gadgets to your loved ones. If it’s cool tech gadgets you are after, Amazon India is the place to go to. Some of the best new tech gadgets show up on Amazon much before they hit store shelves. But if you are like me— ogling the latest tech gadgets out of boredom. Then Amazon gadgets are worth a try. Here are some of the cool gadgets on Amazon India. 

1) The Tag Heuer Connected Smartwatch Golf Edition 

Cool Tech Gadgets

Pay no attention to the word Golf. As this smartwatch is one of the cool tech gadgets in 2020 and a must-have for sports enthusiasts. The luxury smartwatch is completely circular and free of protrusions. In addition to its scratch-resistant screen made from sapphire crystal. The display is of high-resolution with an OLED touchscreen.

Since it’s a golf edition, the watch, which when connected to the app shows you golf course stats. Like 2D and 3D rendering of the course and accurate shot distances. I like how a dial around the bezel shows you how well you’ve done on each hole. Your first instinct may be to look up Amazon gadgets.

Gadget Price: INR 12,000

2) Motorola One Fusion+

This is one of the new gadgets in India that will release on June 16. The Motorola One Fusion+ is popular for its quad rear cameras. The phone comes with a 64-megapixel main camera, an 8-megapixel camera with ultra-wide-angle, a 5-megapixel macro shooter, and a 2-megapixel depth sensor!

For selfie ???? lovers, the front camera packs a 16-megapixel selfie sensor. This is is one of the cool tech gadgets from Motorola also has a dedicated Google Assistant button.

Gadget Price: INR 15,999 – INR 25,156 

3) ShiftCam Multilens iPhone 11 case

If you are an iPhone aficionado you know how good their cameras are. But what if you can improve their cameras further? This case from ShiftCam is one of the cool tech gadgets for iPhones. It comes with two-metre drop protection. It also has four lenses that attach on your iPhone 11 camera, for that telephoto effect. You know the one that gives you the feel of a 10x and 20x macro lens. This is one of the cool tech gadgets.

These latest tech gadgets from ShiftCam have a 180-degree fisheye lens and filter glare and reflections. The case which is only available on the ShiftCam websites ships worldwide, including India. Click here to check out the ShiftCam website. 

Gadget Price: INR 5,311

4) Huawei P40 Series smartphones

What really attracts people to the P40 series is the camera. These best new tech gadgets from Huawei has an ultra-wide-angle, wide-angle and telephoto lenses. Some apps do not come inbuilt. Like Gmail and YouTube. But you can still download them from app markets. Otherwise, you can find new apps on Huawei’s own App Store. You can expect these latest gadgets from Huawei to release on June 18 in India. 

Gadget Price: INR 1,17,490

5) Razer Nari Ultimate

Here are cool tech gadgets in 2020 that gamers will treasure. This one of the new gadgets in India. The Ultimate is one of the latest tech gadgets from Nari that converts sounds into haptic feedback. It means your headphones will convert sound into vibrations. All this to make gamers ‘feel’ their game rather than just hear or see it. This is so far the best new tech gadget from Razer Nari. As it is a part of making better virtual reality experiences.

Gamers love the gadgets’ 3D audio. As the feature amplifies sounds and helps gamers locate things. Especially in horror games like GTFO. 

Gadget Price: INR 20,153.

6) Cardsharp 

This is an invention worth mentioning in this gadgets list. The cardsharp is a credit card size swiss knife. It folds out to reveal a blade and other multi-utility swiss knife functions. The pocket knife can apparently cut plastic, tin and other light metals. Take a look at this review to see how this tool works.

Gadget Price: INR 89.

7) PrintBrush

PrintBrush XDR is a portable printing gadget that fits into the palm of your hand. For the ink-jet portable printer to work you must connect it to your smartphone. In a sweeping action, you can use these cool tech gadgets to print on any surface. The best part, this portable printing machine weighs as much as a phone.

Gadget Price: INR 15,000.

Cool Gadgets On Amazon India 

1) Skullcandy true wireless earbuds

If you ask me why I still use wired earphones, I will tell you that I fear to lose them. But one of the latest tech gadgets from Skullcandy has addressed this problem in particular. Its ‘true wireless earbuds’ come with ‘catechnology’ to help you find its earbuds. Especially, if you drop or lose them. (The gadget has a built-in feature that locates your earbud on a map.)

Skullcandy released four new gadgets in India, in its true wireless range. Starting with the budget version called the Sesh Evo model. Other high-end earbuds are the Indy Evos and Push Ultras.

Gadgets Price: INR 4,218 to INR 5,999. 

2) Sandisk iXpand Wireless Charger

This is a monster of a gadget from Sandisk. And, I don’t mean in size. These latest tech gadgets from the iXpand Wireless Charger range has a 256GB hard drive. It backs up your photos, videos and contacts. All this while wireless charging your Qi-compatible phone. You know what I like most about it? It is the right size to fit your phone. Which means these latest Amazon gadgets will not take up space on your desk. Thus, it is one of the cool tech gadgets in the current year

Gadget Price: INR 2,483.

3) StikBox

The StikBox is a selfie stick that comes attached to a phone case. These cool tech gadgets are supported by Bluetooth and rotate a full 360 degree. The selfie stick can is extendable up to 20 inches. Especially when it is attached to an iPhone 7 and other 4-inch phones. 

Gadgets Price: This is on cool gadgets on Amazon India, available for INR 999.

4) Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

This is Samsung’s first foldable smartphone—relaunched after the original suffered from durability issues. The Z Flip has a stronger screen and all the Galaxy standard specs. But in the real world, users are finding the phone overpriced. These cool gadgets on Amazon India from Samsung could restrict the phone as a collector’s edition. 

Gadgets Price: The Gadget is available for 1,15,999

5) Irusu MONSTERVR VR headset

The VR headsets are cool gadgets on Amazon India that made some noise among Indian gamers. The gadget adjusts better on the face and prevents any gap between your eyes. It comes with headphones, a touch button and a hidden microphone. Coming to the VR quality, it is on par with other, high-end VR lenses.

Gadgets Price: These cool tech gadgets available for INR 2,399. 

Cool Tech Gadgets For Travel

1) Foldable Bottle 

This is a lightweight and portable collapsible bottle that does not take up much space. It is leak-proof and easy to carry around for travel and hiking. The bottle has a stainless still can which is leak proof. The rest of the bottle is made of BPA-free silicone that is easy to clean. The bottle expands up to 9.5 inches and can shrink down to 5.5 inches

These new tech gadgets are available for INR 449.

New gadgets in India

2) Bicycle Turn Lights 

You can fix these wireless indicator lights to the handlebar on your bicycle. The lights are easy to install and come with flexible a silicon mounting band. The lights run on rechargeable (Lithium Polymer) batteries. The bicycle turn lights are water-resistant. But a 2-year warranty covers materials and manufacturing defects too.

Gadgets Price: These cool tech gadgets are available for INR 444.

Cool Tech Gadgets For Work 

1) Asus Chromebook Flip C436

These latest tech gadgets from Asus have a ‘flip’ feature. You can twist the 14-inch touchscreen over to use it on a table mode—great for team meetings and presentations. Most users love the gadgets’ Harman/Kardon powered speakers. The keys are backlit and the gadgets have a 10th-generation i5 processor. It has neat specs too. Like 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD, which is a lot to expect from a Chromebook. 

Gadgets Price: The Gadget is available for INR 81,459.

2) Microsoft Surface 2020

Also known as the Surface Pro 2, the laptop is an update from its predecessor. The Pro 2 has a bigger touchscreen and a longer battery life. 17.5 hours to keep up with you demanding work. While the marketplace price is higher, you can grab these cool tech gadgets for under INR 70,000 online. 

Gadgets Price: Gadgets are available for INR 92,999.

3) Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro 2020

After five years of introducing the magic keyboard, the latest tech gadgets from Apple returns with something new. The new MacBook Pro included a 10th-generation processor with 32GB RAM. But you will still find the Touch Bar and Touch ID under a sleek 13-inch screen. And, yes,  these latest tech gadgets look stylish for work.  

Gadgets Price: The Gadget price is INR 1,19,900.

4) Apple iPad Pro 2020

The latest tech gadgets from Apple make laptops look outdated. At least for users who want powerful and cool tech gadgets without the bulkiness of laptops. They say the iPad Pro is best paired with Apple’s latest magic keyboard (now with a trackpad). The iPad Pro has a LiDAR scanner to improve your augmented reality experiences. The iPad Pro is one of the upcoming and new gadgets in India which will release on June 26. 

Gadgets Price: The Gadgets are available for: INR 71,900.

Cool Tech Gadgets For Home

1) SNOO Smart Sleeper

SNOO smart sleepers are celebrity-mum certified gadgets. This smart bassinet from SNOO helps newborns sleep better. It has white noise to calm the baby to sleep. Adaptive rocking, which increases if the baby cries more, is its bestselling feature. These luxury parenting gadgets work only after you swaddle and secure the baby with clips in the bassinet. 

Gadgets Price – Gadgets available for: INR 2,30,509.

2) Meural Canvas II

What if you wanted something better than a digital photo frame? Say, on the lines of art? Then the Meural Canvas II is one of the cool tech gadgets which is more than just a pricey picture frame. It displays 30,000 artworks from galleries across the world. You will need an app to control these cool tech gadgets. As the app programs certain paintings to appear at specific times. The catch is in the membership. Without it, you can only see 100 works of art. 

Gadgets Price: The Gadgets are available for INR 69,729.

3) Sonos Arc soundbar


Although there are many other variants in the Sonos soundbar range. The ARC is it’s first to include Dolby Atmos. These new gadgets in India come with 11 internal speakers, two of which sounds upwards. You can expect the cinema sound to take over your TV room. Especially after you bundle the ARC with the Sonos Sub and satellite speakers. 

Gadgets Price: The gadget is available for: INR 60,620.

4) Fitbit Charge 4

An upgrade from the Charge 3, Fitbit now offers a new touchscreen and its new pulse monitoring hardware in its Charge 4 series. These new gadgets in India check the volume of oxygen in your blood. Something which may appeal to hikers and mountaineers. Fitbit claims that its charge 4 is a useful bedtime wearable too. Now that its hardware diagnoses sleep apnoea. A condition where people stop breathing in their sleep. 

Gadgets Price: The gadgets are available for INR 14,999.

New Electronics Technology In 2020

1) Dyson Pure Hot+Cold Air Purifier 

Dyson claims that it’s new Air Purifier is the only one with heating functionality. This new electronics technology has an auto sensor that reports air quality levels on its LCD screen. If you have the Dyson Link App you can check the air quality in real-time. This is one ‘smart’ way to get rid of allergens and pollutants at home. 

Gadgets Price: New Electronics Technology From Dyson Valued At INR 59,500.

2) Philips 61013 Air 5-Watt LED Desk light

Only Philips can challenge the mundane. Like morphing desk lights to cool tech gadgets. A minimalistic design features very bright LED lights. It has 5-watt power which is ideal for reading. Students and late-night workers will find the focus beams in the desk light useful. As it does not interfere with light from other electrical appliances. 

Gadgets Price: New Electronics Technology From Philips Valued at INR 1,069.

3) Sony ZV-1 Vlogging Compact Camera

This new electronics technology pleases vloggers. The Sony ZV-1 gives Videomakers another choice instead of smartphones. The ZV-1 camera’s best feature is its flip around screen—for selfies. Its 20-megapixel sensor comes with real-time tracking and image stabilisation. This makes it easy to focus on both faces and products.

The camera comes bundled with a Bluetooth grip (sold separately) and a windscreen—to improve the audio. 

Gadgets Price: It is valued at INR 56,800.

New Gadgets In India That Are Coming Soon

Some of the best new tech gadgets actually haven’t even arrived. Peak into the future with these cool tech gadgets that coming soon in India. 

1) Google Pixel 5 

Rumour has it that the Pixel 5 won’t compete with Samsung and Apple, in terms of specs. Instead, it would take its camera to the next level. Pixel 5 is said to have more lenses and a brighter display. Especially after Pixel 4 users complained that the phone has a short battery life and a dim display.  

Gadgets Prices – These new gadgets in India may be available for INR 70,000

2) Sony PlayStation 5 

Sony has announced that its new gaming console will be out later this year. This cool gadget will stand vertically and horizontally too. It is one of the new gadgets in India from PlayStation. The PS5 has USB-A and USB Type-C ports. Heavy gamers can count on the PS5’s heat dissipation vents to keep the console cool. Both Sony and Microsoft say that the PS5 will have a CPU capable of powerful computing. 

Gadgets Price – Expected price: INR 32,999

3) Apple iPhone 12

Every year we have a new iPhone so the 12 is a given. There will be 4 types of iPhone 12. Each with different screen sizes. But the phones will have an OLED screen in common. The Pro version will feature triple-lens cameras. While the other, said to be a 5.4 model, will have dual-lens cameras. 

Gadgets Price: These new gadgets in India maybe are available for INR 1,20,000.

4) Keeback Multimedia Bag

The Keeback is a digital backpack that makes you believe this is the future. Keeback has an inbuilt display that you can customize. It has an RGB display with 1044 pixels for animation, text, and music. The multimedia backpack is one of the new gadgets in India. It also has a charging port. It also has bass speakers that can be turned on or off with the help of a dedicated button. Gadgets available for preorder via indiegogo.com.

Hope this brings you up to speed with the latest tech gadgets this year in India. Which one of these cool tech gadgets do you own or are planning to buy? Don’t forget to share your awesome opinions in the comments.

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