How VI Personal Trainer is Your Running Coach for Amazing Fitness?

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A  personal trainer is always aware of your surroundings, physiology, and activities inside and outside of workout sessions only if he/she is at your home, or at the gym.

What if you can have such a trainer like the VI Personal Trainer at any time of the day?  Virtual intelligence (VI)  has to build biosensing earphones with beautiful sound powered by Harman Kardon. It is a smart earphone.

VI Personal Trainer adapts to the person’s environment and behavior making workouts more fun, effective and motivating. VI Personal Trainer might look like a regular pair of collar design wireless headphones, but upon closer inspection, LifeBeam has installed these headphones with an amazing amount of technology.

The sensors of VI Personal Trainer include a 6-axis accelerometer and gyrometer, barometer, in-ear detection, and automatic speech recognition. It also uses audio cues to improve running cadence to improve fitness targets and goals. Read here to get all questions related to VI Personal Trainer are answered.

VI Personal Trainer
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VI Personal Trainer – How does it work, and is it convenient & reliable? 

The VI Personal Trainer is a reverse silicon-coated collared wireless headphone with volume buttons. There is this app named VI Trainer which delivers on-demand running workouts and adapts to your real-time while you work out. All you need to do is just connect it with your device and you will become a consistent runner soon.

Once you reach a good step rate, VI Trainer wireless headphone also suggests you Spotify playlists based on your taste. The volume of the audio can be turned up to 6/10 which is enough to overpower the sound of the city.

The audio is very human and you won’t feel the obnoxious text-to-voice bot feeling about it. Another app named Fitness AI is also introduced for Apple iPhones which work on complete artificial intelligence and generates personalized workouts. 

The setup process for VI Personal Trainer is pretty simple. After downloading the VI Trainer app and entering the height and weight details, they provide you with a variety of goals to pick from. You can then choose from running faster and longer to losing weight. 

How convenient is the VI Personal Trainer?

VI Personal Trainer is highly convenient for people who are too busy with their daily schedule by saving them the time of going to the gym. The adaptiveness of VI personal Trainer also supports those users who are beginners or are running marathons. It increases your stamina and helps you lose weight.

It also improves your run and burns more calories. Users can use options from- Lose weight, Go farther, Go faster,  Reduce stress, Maintain fitness or Improve fitness. You can also choose a free run or set distance or time goals. In short, it helps you achieve your fitness goals. Outside your workouts, the VI Trainer app also provides you with progress feedback on quick, glance-friendly screens.

The VI Headphones are far more comfortable to wear, compared to those competitive devices with rigid design. They bend according to the shape of your neck and naturally flex mid-run to avoid rubbing, something which is common with most Bluetooth headphones.

These VI headphones have a great sensor that allows you to ask questions with just a tap on the earbuds. A set of interchangeable ear gel sizes stabilizes and holds the earbuds in place, even during vigorous workout activity. It also has a battery backup for up to 8 hours which is more than enough.      

LifeBeam has a great updating strategy. It has introduced numerous tracking optimization and new modes – including cycling and treadmill running within a few months of introducing the headphone. 

How reliable is the VI Personal Trainer?

The tracking capabilities for VI Personal Trainer are solid. The heart ratings provided by the heart-rate monitor are accurate and consistent. However, for those who are advanced runners, a dedicated HRM strap is always a better option. It also prevents you from overtraining.

Since VI Personal Trainer tracks and calculates all your workouts and health metrics of each day, it prevents you from doing a tough workout every consecutive day. It prompts you to take it easy so that you don’t tax your particular energy system or overcook your legs. Vi advises you to cut back in case you are feeling bone-tired during your session.

Can VI replace a personal trainer?

It is difficult to say if the VI Personal Trainer wireless headphone (collared) is worth replacing a personal running trainer because a major portion of it depends upon human behavior. If you are not completely motivated to go outside, neither a coach nor a virtual trainer will be of any help to improve your fitness.

To motivate the person to go and do some work out is highly individualized. However, in virtual training, knowing that you are running at 80 percent of your maximum heart rate is a different kind of satisfaction; something you do not know about while you are running without a virtual trainer.

VI Trainer motivates you through its many workouts from ‘Speedplay’ to ‘long runs’, and ‘intervals’ to ‘tempo runs’. You can apply a duration filter and set the time according to your convenience. You can further filter those results to find a workout based distance on the difficulty level.

Whereas, if you have a Personal Running Trainer or a Personal Trainer, and you don’t show up on time, you might be in great trouble. But, if you have a virtual trainer, you are free from the punishment.

Although its entire focus is on motivating you for it cannot force you to workout regularly which is possible for a personal trainer at home or a personal running trainer.

Comparing VI to AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has developed many wearable technologies for NASA and the Air force.  However, on the other hand, Vi has introduced Personal trainers bringing consumer AI to the next level. 

AI  is a learning mechanism that improves with repetition whereas VI is based on mimicking and copies the behavior of humans. VI carries out abstract thinking which is not in the case of AI. 

Thus, for businesses that are going to break in the 21-st century, the technology of VI is most ideal. But, if you want a technology to replace some tasks of humans, you should go for AI.

Is VI Personal Trainer worth the money?

Vi Personal Trainer collared wireless headphone may not be cheap but, $250 is a fair deal for a pair of VI Sense headphones. Also, the app VI Trainer is very user friendly, making it reliable for the user to use it every time they go for a run. 

Where is the VI Personal Trainer available?

VI Personal Trainer is available on Amazon’s online shopping app. There are hardly any risks regarding the supply chain or mass productivity because of their existing relationship with the manufacturers. Thus, it can handle any challenge affecting the physical devices of the world.

LifeBeam labs

LifeBeam has also started creating life-saving technologies for pilots and astronauts. It has started creating VI wearable tech-products for Samsung and Armour. It has also focused on creating AI-powered experiences to help individuals reach their full potential in body and mind. In case they see any sub-optimal experience due to prematurity, they search for more practical ways to address it.

Our Opinion on VI Personal Trainer

We can conclude by saying that the VI Personal Trainer wireless headphone is worth giving a try.  LifeBeam is committed to having the best AI or Human interactions highest quality interaction to make sure that they create a seamless user experience.

They have some of the best experts in this field who are working to ensure that you get the right performance. With the usage of  VI Personal Trainer, you will see a great improvement in your strength, speed, and endurance.

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VI Personal Trainer Frequently Asked Questions-

1) Is VI Personal Trainer good while doing workouts?

Yes you can.

2) Does the VI Personal Trainer has AI?

It is based on a technology which mimicks the human functions.

3) How the VI Personal Trainer works?

VI Trainer motivates one to do workouts like – ‘Speed Play’ to ‘long runs’, and ‘intervals’ to ‘tempo runs’.

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