Common Windows 11 Issues – What Are Windows 11 Issues and How to Resolve?

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Windows users are well aware of the Windows 11 launch by now. This update is going to change the upcoming decade drastically. However, nothing is perfect. Even the latest Windows 11 (Preview Build 22000.51 to be exact) comes with various bugs. Some of the Windows 11 common issues are minor, but also consist of some major significant bug problems.

Windows 11 issues
Source: Techradar

Many users must have come across the Windows Insider Program. This is one of the best ways to use the new operating system. But, Microsoft asks you not to use it if you do not own a spare computer or laptop. Microsoft is still trying to identify the common issues of Windows 11 to provide the users with a bug-free experience. Given below are the common issues latched with Windows 11.

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Major issues of Windows 11

Windows 11 issues
Source: Windows Blog

With the launch of Windows 11, users get to apply a glass-themed aesthetic along with round corners. Also, a minimal UI is included in the features for Windows 11. It provides multitasking features namely Snap Groups and Snap Layouts and a ton of new applications under the new Microsoft Store.

Windows also surprises you with a customized Touch keyboard and new app settings. Tempting, isn’t it? But what are the Windows 11 issues? How would you feel when you see that bugs are preventing you from enjoying these features?

Windows has some significant bug problems that are hard to miss. Let’s take a look.

1) Can’t download Windows 11

Windows 11 issues
Source: BleepingComputer

How are you supposed to use the features when you are unable to download them? Those users who first used the Insiders Program could not download the Windows 11 Operating system at all. It turned out to be one of the Windows 11 common issues as many users faced this problem. 

Those in contact with the ‘DEV’ Channel knew it well that Microsoft declared that Windows Insiders could use Windows 11, with or without the basic requirements. But the users realized that a bug is preventing them from accessing Windows 11. 

There was also a missing TMP hardware module. This was not as effective on older devices as it was with the newer models. The users received the same message saying that the PC is not meeting the minimum requirements for Windows 11. Unless the Insider Preview is available for Windows 11, users are recommended to install Windows 10.

As a result, many users were annoyed. However, Microsoft launched an update for the setting app. Those who are unable to download Windows 11 on your PC may follow the basic instructions. Just reboot your device and apply the update to resolve one of the common issues for Windows 11.

2) Cannot Search Anything from the Start Menu

How to Fix Windows 10 Start Menu Not Working
Source: Tech Advisor

For searching an application, we always use the Start Menu. However, the situation is not the same for Windows 11. One of the Windows 11 common issues is that users cannot use the search option from the Start Menu. The users can’t change the old habit they practiced for a series of Windows. 

The users claim it to be a bug not allowing them to use the search option. The typing is also unrecognised and is broken every time something is typed. The users have also tried to use the search option from the taskbar but without success. Microsoft has paid good attention to this problem. They have assured that their users will be able to use the search option soon. 

To resolve this problem, you can hit Win+R on the keyboard. An opened tab will follow the process. Close the account since there is no need for running or typing anything. Closing the tab will solve your problem. 

However, Microsoft cannot completely resolve the problem. The correct way to patch the bug is yet to be discovered. Till then, the users can fix this common issue for Windows 11 with the same procedure. However, this issue can be something permanent and may require more time to resolve. 

3) File Explorer is still Windows 10

New File explorer features in Windows 10 version 2004
Source: WinCentral

Users who have learnt about Windows 11 are very eager about its usage. It has excited all its users. But it can also be disappointing when even after downloading Windows 11, the file explorer is the same as Windows 10. This is one of the common issues of Windows 11 and generally occurs during most of the installations. 

The screen visible to some of the users is a replicated skin of the Windows 10 layout. The excited users are pretty much annoyed after seeing this as their default screen. Fortunately, BleepingComputer found a way to fix this issue.

To resolve this common issue of Windows 11, users need to:

  • Go to the top of the File explorer taskbar and select ‘View’.
  • Select ‘Options’ and go right where they will find another ‘View’ option.
  • Check in the provided list for the option ‘Launch folder window in a separate process.’ The box next to this option should be unchecked.
  • Apply the change and initiate a restart for File Explorer.
  • Once Windows is restarted, it will show you the layout for Windows 11. Unlike the previous common issue for Windows 11, this issue gets completely resolved. 

4) Other Common Issues for Windows 11

Creating a Windows 11 install drive
Source: CNET

Besides these, the Windows Operating System is also facing a series of other issues. Most of them were also unknown to Microsoft even after the building of Windows 11. These are :

Taskbar: The common issues of Windows 11 for taskbar includes – 

  • For many PCs and laptops, no taskbar will be visible. However, in the upcoming built, the taskbar will return to its initial stage. 
  • The entire window for the preview window may not be displayed while hovering over the taskbar.

Search: The common issues of Windows 11 related to the search option includes – 

  • Some App icons in the search panel may appear in grey squares.
  • Sometimes the recent may not appear or remain blank when the mouse is moved over the search icon on the taskbar. To resolve this problem, restart your device.
  • The search panel can also be black and not show any content in the search box given below. 

Widgets: The common issues of Windows 11 related to widget includes – 

  • All widgets will be scaled by the system text scaling proportionally and can cause cropped widgets.
  • Sometimes, launching the links from the widget board can cause invoking of apps to the foreground. 
  • In case you find that the widgets are empty, try to sign out and sign in again.
  • Sometimes the calendarTo-do list and the Microsoft account may not link with the widgets while using Outlook.
  • External monitors can show widgets of the wrong size. To solve this problem, launch the widget through touch or press Win+R. This way, you can launch the device monitors and then the secondary monitors.
  • It may so happen that after adding several widgets from the widget setting, a few of them may fail to show.

Settings: The common issues of Windows 11 concerning its settings include – 

  • Sometimes, using multiple devices from the same account may not allow the settings to launch.
  • The ‘Power Mode’ is not visible in the Power and Battery settings.
  • small green light can appear when the Settings app is launched. 
  • The setting UI may not be saved when you try to change the Accessibility settings from the Quick Settings.  

Store: The common issues of Windows 11 concerning store include – 

  • For limited cases, the install button may fail to perform.
  • The review and ratings may not be visible for certain apps.

To make up for the lost reputation, Microsoft has provided some renovations in the OS. While users will be rebooting their PC for an update, windows will be showing the estimates in the power menu, on the settings of Windows update, in the notifications for Restart and inside the Icon update for Windows. This way, the Window Insiders can use Windows 11 properly. Some Insiders will also have the chance to click on ‘Recommended’ to refresh it. 

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Windows 11 Common Issues – FAQs

1) When is Windows 11 releasing in India?

Windows 11 is going to be released on 20th October 2021 in India.

2) Can users start using Windows 11 now?

To avail this opportunity, Microsoft has launched a preview build of Windows 11 for the user’s experience. However, it is only available to Windows Insiders.

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