Windows 11: Minimum Requirements for Upgrading to Windows 11

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Windows users have always looked for much advanced versions of the OS. Windows 11 has launched an update a few days back. With more new updates and features, Windows has been the constant companion of millions of users. The updated version of Windows 11 provides the users with new opportunities and new advancements.

The new Windows update offers a less welcome tick. The hardware requirements are stricter than usual that allows PCs to run smoothly. The Windows 11 has left several devices and security protocols in a position that they won’t be able to update soon. The update of Windows 11 has reduced the market for Windows 10 drastically.

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Reasons for Changing the Requirements for Windows 11

The requirements for Windows 11 changed to protect the computer hardware. The company also wanted to make it more reliable and compatible for the users. Unfortunately, these changes can only be experienced by those users who have newer PCs. However, Microsoft may have also done this to bribe you into buying a new computer!

Windows 11 update
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The basic reasons for the requirement change include:

  1. Security: The security standards for Windows 11 have risen. As a result, it allows protection to Windows Hello, Device Encryption, Visualization-based security (VBS), Hypervisor-protected code integrity (HPCI), and Secure Boot. The combination has also reduced the malware by 60% on the tested devices. For the system to work, Windows 11 have got embedded with a TPM, support secure boot and VBS and its capabilities. 
  2. Reliability: The recent update has made Windows 11 more reliable. The CPUs have been installed with a Windows Driver Model. Through this, silicon users can acquire a 99.8% crash-free experience.
  3. Compatibility: Windows 11 has also made itself more compatible with other applications. The 2-core processor, 4GB memory, and 64GB storage align with the office and Microsoft teams.

Windows 11 Updates and Computer Requirements

The Windows 11 is designed for experiencing the full power of the PCs. Users can rely on Windows for security, compatibility, video conferencing, creating, playing, and building. However, the multitasking Operating System will work only if the given guidelines get followed.

Will Windows 11 Be a Free Upgrade?
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Processor1 gigahertz or even faster. The 2-core is more compatible on the 64-bit processor or a System on a Chip (SoC)
RAM4 gigabyte
StorageHas a large storage device, up to 64 gigabytes 
System FirmwareSecurity Boot Cable and UEFI
TPM (Trusted Platform Model)Version 2.0
Graphics CardIs easily compatible with DirectX 12 or with a WDDM 2.0 Driver
Display720p High definition display, a greater monitor (9 inches) 8 bits for colored every channel
Internet ConnectionsRequires a Microsoft account for properly setting up the device. Requires connectivity for updating the system and downloading new features.

Windows 10 and Windows 11 is that it doesn’t support a 32-bits CPU or 1-core CPUIntel 8th generation and AMD Zen 2 APUs are compatible with Windows 11. However, laptops older than 3 years may not support Windows 11.

Windows 11 Features and their Requirements

There have been newly installed features for Windows 11. However, there are various requirements for using these features. These are:

  1. 5G support: It requires a 5G capable modem.
  2. BitLocker to Go: It requires a USB Flash Drive. However, this feature is also available for Windows Pro and other editions.
  3. Auto HDR: It requires a HDR monitor.
  4. Cortana: Windows 11 requires a speaker and a microphone. However, this option is limited to countries like Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom, and the United States. 
  5. Client Hyper-V: It requires a processor that has Second Level Address Translation (SLAT) capabilities. This feature is also available for Windows Pro, and other editions.
  6. Direct Storage: For playing games, the updated Windows 11 requires an NMVe SSD. It can only store games with a standard NVM Express Controller driver and a DirectX12 GPU, and Shader Model 6.0 support
  7. DirectX 12 Ultimate: This feature is available with graphics chips and games.
  8. Presence: Windows 11 requires a sensor to detect any human and its distance from the device or somebody who is trying to interact with the device. 
  9. Intelligent Video Conferencing: Virtual conferencing will require a video camera, speaker (for audio output) and microphone.
  10. Snap: For the Windows to work, you’ll need a three-column layout screen. This screen should be of greater width (1920 pixels).
  11. Multi-Voice Assistant: This feature requires only a speaker and a microphone. 
  12. Mute and Unmute: In this feature, the taskbar needs a video camera, speaker and microphone. The application should also comply with the feature to ensure global mute and unmute.
  13. Microsoft teams: For successfully using the Microsoft teams, Windows require a speaker for audio output, microphone and video camera.
  14. Spatial Sound: This is required for supporting the hardware and the software.
  15. Touch: Windows needs a screen that has a multi-touch feature.
  16. Two-factor Authentication: Any verification- PIN, Biometric (fingerprint scanner), or Phone Bluetooth/Wi-Fi facilities should be accessed by Windows 11.
  17. Wi-Fi 6E: It needs a WLAN IHV hardware, a driver, and a Wi-Fi 6E capable router.
  18. Wake on voice: Windows 11 requires microphones and a Modern Standby Power Model.
  19. Windows Hello: Windows 11 needs a configured camera for catching any near-infrared image or fingerprint. This reader can be helpful for scanning biometrics. Those devices without a biometric scanner can use the Windows Hello along with a PIN or portable security key.
  20. Windows Projection: Windows 11 requires an adapter to support the Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) 2.0. It also needs a Wi-Fi adapter to support a Wi-Fi Direct. 
  21. Xbox App: For the Xbox app to work, Windows needs an Xbox live account. However, this account is not available in all parts of the world. You can check the Xbox app Country and Region page for learning about the locations. 

Windows 11 and its Issues

Windows 11 may be the best, but it also faced various bugs after it got launched in the market. Some of these issues can also frustrate the users. Fortunately, with time, most of the bugs have been removed. Those that remain are easier to solve and gets your system running in no time. 

Windows 11 Will Be a Free Upgrade
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Some of the common issues of Windows 11 are:

  1. Windows Insiders cannot download Windows 11 Even though the previous builds of Windows 11 confirmed that Windows Insiders could install Windows 11, the operating system still appears to be missing due to some hardware issues. Windows Insiders are unable to download Windows 11. However, it can get resolved by simply rebooting the system.
  2. The File Explorer is still similar to the layout for windows 10 The design of Windows 11 is much more bright and colorful and has an action bar at the top. But the Windows 11 common issue is that the layout is not the way it is supposed to be after installing Windows 11. This can get resolved by changing the ‘view’ option to ‘Launch folder Windows in a separate process.
  3. Sometimes, the Start menu fails to work This can result from a bug that does not recognize the typing of the Start Button. In such cases, press the Win+R combination on your keyboard for successfully running the system.

The system can also encounter other issues like the preview window may not show the entire window or the App icon may take a long time to load in the search panel. But, none of these issues will disturb you for a long time. 

Should I buy a Laptop or wait for the release of Windows 11 on my new laptop?

Six years ago, Microsoft launched Windows 10. Since then, the users have been waiting for a new launch of Windows with upgraded features. On June 24th, Microsoft introduced Windows 11 to the world. It also made its availability free till 2022

But, probably, all PCs are not so successful in using it. However, if your PC has the features required for Windows 11, you may not buy a new laptop. Also, the TPM (Trusted Platform Module) installed in the CPUs by Microsoft has made it easier to tally the minimum requirements needed for upgrading to Windows 11. 

Why buy Laptop for Windows 11?
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It might be tempting to buy a new laptop after the launch of Windows 11. But, if you think wisely, you will find several features of Windows 11 that require polishing or fixing. Being launched recently, the operating system comes with few unfinished sectors. To get the best for your system, you should wait till the operating system is ready up to optimum levels.

Users have been facing several confusions regarding this newly launched operating system. The motive of this article was to clear most of their doubts. Windows 11 has been focused on developing the security for your PC and making it more reliable.

The future generation needs to grow with fast-moving technology and make them more adaptable to society. Windows 11 will be the support system of this generation for at least 2025.

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Windows 11 Requirements – FAQs

1) What is the price of Windows 11?

 For those who have Windows 10, Windows 11 will be free to download and install till November 2022.

2) Can Windows 11 support AMD Ryzen 5000?

Yes, Windows 11 can easily support AMD Ryzen 5000.

3) Are front-facing Cameras required for Windows 11?

Among the requirements, front-facing cameras are a basic necessity that Microsoft has forced on to its users.

4) Does Windows 11 offer 5G support?

Yes, Windows 11 will offer 5G support, provided you have a 5G modem.

5) Does Windows 11 offer Auto HDR?

Yes, Windows 11 automatically upscales videos into HDR. However, your laptop or pc monitor should be able to offer HDR technology.

6) Does Windows 11 offer Client Hyper-V?

Yes, Windows 11 offers Client Hyper-V. However, you will need your processor to possess Second Level Address Translation (SLAT) capabilities.

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