COVID-19 cases are surging, Read Startup, Pharma & NGOs in India Initiatives

With the outbreak of COVID-19, more and more companies, from Biggies to  Startups, Pharma companies in India to NGOs have put their hands up to fight this pandemic. You will find some Indian firms are manufacturing masks, personal protective equipment (PPE), and sanitizers. Some are into developing vaccines and others using AI & ML to track and identify the virus.

On the other hand, others are offering monetary support to the Indian Government through PM Modi Cares Fund. Till the latest reports, the Rs 6,500 crore is raised every week towards this fund. NGOs in India are also playing a major role in fundraising. Even, Indian Railways has joined the fight by launching 5,000 coaches for quarantine.

United we fight against this COVID-19 pandemic

We all know that biggies like Tata Group, Reliance, Wipro, Aditya Birla Group, Paytm’s contribution to COVID-19. But, there are few medium scales to small players in the country, the startups, and the NGOs, which have also done remarkably in the crisis.

Some Pharma Companies in India are into manufacturing medicines, vaccines, and other essential medical equipment. On the other hand, NGOs in India are helping in raising funds to counter this pandemic through donations and crowdfunding. Let’s discuss their initiatives in this blog.

Startups that are leading from the front in the fight against COVID-19

Listed below are few Startup companies in India which are helping their customers, vendors, or the society in large to fight this pandemic. Let’s take a look at their contributions here.

Some Startups fighting against this pandemic:

Urban Company (Formerly Urban Clap) – The startup is currently providing COVID-19 health insurance and income protection schemes to all its partners.

  • The partners can avail health insurance up to 25,000 INR. They can also avail income protection of 14,000 INR if diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • Also, you will be in awe to know that this startup company in India has donated 1.5 crore INR to Srinidhi Foundation for COVID-19. This fund will help supporting gig and independent contractors during this crisis.
  • The company has also launched “Suraksha Holidays” for its partners. Under this program, the partners will get paid 500 INR daily if they fall ill and self-quarantine themselves.

Locale.AI – Founded by two hardworking individuals, Aditi Sinha and Rishabh Jain, this startup company in India is contributing to fight against this pandemic. The company is using geospatial data to optimize the business operations of various companies during this lockdown. Some of the advantages of this operational analytics tool from Locale.AI are:

  • Take tactical decisions with the help of real-time monitoring concerning whether loading or unloading of SLAs is met.
  • The tool also helps in making strategic decisions. It analyzes how much time is taken in completing a task as per the SLAs. It helps in reducing the time delivery of business operations, optimum use of resources, and formulate better strategies.

91 Springboard – This co-working workspace startup in India has launched Startup vs. COVID-19. This is an initiative to bring all startup companies in India together to share resources and find ways to stop this pandemic. There are also funding opportunities for aspiring startups to innovate ways and means to fight COVID-19.

PhonePe – The online mobile wallet company has launched Donate Now to PM Cares Fund movement on its homepage. Along with that, you can avail of the affordable Coronavirus Insurance Policy offered by the company. The name of the policy is Corona Care. You can buy the policy at just Rs 156 for yourself and your family. The plan will cover up to Rs. 50,000 at hospitals offering COVID-19 treatment. But, the policy is applicable for people under 55 years of age.

Dataorc – This is one of the startup companies in India, which has taken the fight against COVID-19 to the next level. The company is using AI and ML to develop Voice bot. This Voice bot which calls any registered number and asks simple questions on the symptoms of Coronavirus, to an incoming population. The Team has already incorporated the Voice Bot for a State Government. Thus it helps to make daily calls to at least 1,500 persons and tracks their status.

CoSara Diagnostics – It is the first Indian company that has acquired orders to manufacture COVID-19 testing kits for India and the USA. The company can offer 10,000 kits from April onwards.

SilveryNanos Innovations – This Mumbai based startup has implemented Nano Technology to disinfect steel, plastic, wood, etc. This initiative will help to stop the community spread of the virus. The solution used is Superlipophobic, which does not allow the lipid spikes of the virus to grip plastics and other surfaces.

Orbuculum – Orbuculum is a Bangalore based company that specializes in AI. The company has started implementing it’s AI solutions in Healthcare as well.

  • The Team has managed to find traces of proteins in the spikes of COVID-19.
  • It has also found out the prospective organs that are susceptible to binding this virus with them. Thus, the company’s AI technology helps in finding out the target organs.
  • This startup company in India has also partnered with ayurvedic firms to produce certain herbs. These herbs help in boosting the immunity of target organs. These ayurvedic supplements are known as GenoVeda Saar.

Pharma Companies in India against COVID-19

Along with various startup companies in India, Pharma Companies in India has also opened their front against the pandemic. Some of the leading to medium scale companies will now assist in combating COVID-19.

These companies are:

Bharat Biotech Ltd This company has developed jointly a vaccine called CoroFlu with FluGen and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The vaccine is based on the flu vaccine developed by FluGen, M2SR. According to Bharat Biotech, adding of gene sequences from SARS-Cov2 will offer immunity against Corona & Influenza. The CoroFlu can be in Human Trials by the end of 2020.

Serum Institute of IndiaSerum Institute of India is one of the leading Pharma Companies in India. The Serum has stated that it is developing the novel COVID-19 candidate vaccine along with US firm Codagenix. The vaccine will be ready to hit the market by 2022.

Dabur Group Dabur had scaled down its pharma business in 2003. But, it is still the largest Ayurvedic medicine and natural consumer products manufacturer in India. The group has taken a few initiatives in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • The Dabur Group has launched ‘Dabur Care Fund for COVID-19’. This fund is mainly directed towards the weaker sections. It will cover the cost of living and livelihood of those affected by the pandemic.
  • The company has set a fund of Rs 21 crore for COVID-19 relief. This amount will help to meet the immediate needs of the ones most affected by this crisis.
  • Dabur Group has also announced a sum of 11 crores INR to donate to the PM CARES Fund. Dabur is also helping frontline and migrant workers by all means.

1 MGThis Gurgaon based pharma company has started lab testing of COVID-19. The test is approved by ICMR as well. Currently, the test available in only Mumbai & Pune.

Mankind Pharma – Mankind Pharma has decided to donate Rs 51 crore towards CM Relief Funds. Mankind Pharma is one of those pharma companies in India which will donate PPEs, ventilators, and other protective gear for the most affected states. The company has also launched “Thanks for Being my Family” to thank the medical workers for their work and wish their safety.

RPG Lifesciences – RPG Lifesciences and Seniority launched an app ensuring the safety of older people during this pandemic. The app named is SafeSeniors which aims to identify COVID-19 symptoms in elderly patients. The app is like an early warning system. This app is developed based on the suggestions of the experts in the field of infectious diseases and community medicine.

NGOs in India and their role in fighting COVID-19

Various NGOs and crowdfunding organizations have joined this fight against COVID-19. These organizations are directly donating amount towards PM Cares Fund or raising funds to buy safety kits or feed the weaker sections of society. Let’s give these companies a salute and highlight their initiatives below:

Impact Guru Impact Guru is a leading crowdfunding organization raising funds to meet any social calamity or crisis. Currently, they have launched a program to raise funds for buying PPE kits for health workers. The company has also won Action COVID-19 TEam Grant, which will help raise funds. There are certified PPE vendors within ACT Team only, itself, from whom the company will procure the kits.

SEEDS India – Seeds response is towards the most vulnerable and weaker section of the society during this COVID pandemic. The NGO has ties with the Government of India and various State Governments like Bihar, Delhi, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Odisha and Uttarakhand. This helps to reach out to those needy people better.

SEEDS Response to this pandemic focuses on the following areas:

  • Provide monetary and essential services support to all daily wage earners.
  • Provide support to the district administration for complementing and supplementing the public healthcare systems.
  • Aims to supply hygiene kits and food rations to poor and underprivileged families, various old age homes, and orphanages.
  • Provide support to Governments for the establishment of temporary quarantine facilities.

Following are the programs that you can contribute, launched by SEED:

  • Rs 500 meal kit for a week per family.
  • Rs 1500 a kit for Family Hygiene supply.
  • Financial support will be given to daily wage workers up to Rs 5000.

PETA – PETA is more inclined towards animal welfare and is doing their bits to safeguard animals during this pandemic. Along with humans, animals are also equally suffering in this pandemic. As per PETA, there is growing negligence towards animals because of this pandemic.

People often believe that animals are the bearer of this deadly virus, and hence no one tries to get closer to them. Not only PETA, as per WHO, but the current pandemic is also because of human transmission and not animals.

Besides spreading awareness not to treat animals harshly, PETA has also launched an attack on wet markets (in other words, live animal markets). As per PETA, the wet markets are bound to carry potentially fatal diseases for mankind.

CRYCRY is a Popular NGO championing the cause of underprivileged children in India. Following are the initiatives of CRY:

  • CRY has managed to assemble hygiene kits that’ll be given to all the families of more than 3.5 lakh children across all villages in India. This kit will include hand wash soaps, cotton scarves as face masks, and information brochures explaining precautionary measures against Corona.
  • They have also included toys following all the social distancing protocols in place. Such a measure will keep the children engaged during the lockdown.
  • Additionally, this NGO in India will also arrange for dry rations for 1.76 families who are from weaker sections.

Indian Centre for Development & Rights (ICFDR)

  • ICFDR is dispersing first apportion kits and masks.
  • The units contain dry food apportion for around 30 days that incorporate wheat flour, rice, dal, cooking oil, flavours, salt, and sugar.
  • They have conveyed 7000+ masks, 2500+ proportion packs, and affected more than 3000 people.
  • It covers Delhi, Bareilly, Badaun, Dehradun, Chennai, Salem, Itanagar, Pune, Jaipur, and Lucknow.

OSTARD  The Help & Feed OSTARD starts the Daily Wager Campaign.

  • It is responsible for the delivery of sanitizer/soaps, masks, raw foods, etc.
  • They are also offering facilities to the PwDs and aged.
  • It is serving in Odisha.

Wishes and BlessingsWishes and Blessings propelled COVID aid projects on Day 1 of the lockdown and took on three verticals-cleanliness, nutrition and shelter.

  • It has changed its daycare centres into full-time homes to guarantee that the destitute have a protected space to remain until the lockdown lifted.
  • It ensures cleanliness supplies has obtained to shield the wellbeing of all.
  • It is offering its services in Assam, Bihar, Delhi, Jharkhand, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and West Bengal.

Aajeevika BureauAajeevika is one of the NGOs in India working to enhance the dignity and well-being of migrant workers during this pandemic. It is generally active in the Western part of the Indian migration corridor. This includes Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Maharashtra but also has networks across India.

The organization is now raising funds for migrant workers stuck in Surat, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad. It provides them with health care facilities, food, and other daily essentials.

Janvikas Janvikas is another NGO that has championed the cause of daily wage earners. They have initiated fundraising for the supply of basic rations for these underprivileged people.

You can donate to the following schemes launched by the NGO:

  • Support one household up to 2,400 INR.
  • 4,800 INR for two households.
  • 12,000 INR for five households.


So, these are some of the Startups, Pharma, and NGOs in India, which has already contributed a lot towards this deadly pandemic. We often come to know about the Mittals, Ambanis and the Tatas donating a considerable sum. Nothing wrong in that! But, do we come to know about the initiatives of medium and smaller companies too often.

This blog is not about Big and Small companies. Any action taken by anyone is precious. This blog is just about how united we are as Indians, and how everybody is doing there a bit. One last note, Stay Healthy, Stay Fit, Stay indoors to keep Corona at Bay! Jai Hind!




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