Easiest 12 Steps to Create a Quiz on Edmodo – Expert’s Opinion

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After knowing about Edmodo in the previous blog, it’s time to know how to create a quiz on Edmodo. Here, you will get a complete guide from creating quizzes (for teachers) to taking quizzes (for students). Edmodo’s quizzes are a great way to engage teachers with students to initiate social learning loaded with fun. Scroll down further to know how to create a quiz on Edmodo and take the quizzes by students.

How to create a quiz on Edmodo by Teachers?

How to create a quiz on Edmodo? Well, follow my piece of information here. Quizzes are flexible, and you can use them for various pedagogical applications. It is extremely easy to create Edmodo quizzes, then edit or modify or assign the same to your Class. Now, check the steps to know how to create a quiz on Edmodo.

1) The first step on how to create a quiz on Edmodo, select the  add_button_2019-08-08.png  button located at the top right corner of the Edmodo Class page.

2) After that, click on ‘Create Quiz’ to create a new quiz on Edmodo. Else, you can upload already existing quizzes. The steps are simple –

 create a quiz on Edmodo

  • Just go to Quiz, then hit on – Load existing.
  • Select the particular Quiz you want to use from the Edmodo Quizzes list created before.
  • You can search for the quizzes in the search bar.
  • After that, hit on the ‘Load Quiz’ option.
  • Guess what! You can enter a due date, and also click on the link – ‘Add to Gradebook.’
  • Through the ‘Assign to,’ you can select the recipients of your quizzes on Edmodo. After that, click on ‘Assign’ to post a quiz to the class, group, or student. 
  • Edit your Quiz before you assign it. On the left-hand side, you will find ‘Quiz Details or Quiz Questions,’ from where you can edit the Quiz. So, besides knowing how to create a quiz on Edmodo, you may upload a Quiz rather.

Please note – Deletion of quizzes will remove all records from the quiz list and the even student details.

3) Now, to create the Edmodo quizzes, fill the ‘Quiz Details’:

  • Enter the title of the quiz. 
  • You may also add various instructions for students before taking a quiz.

4) Then, click on the ‘Quiz Questions’ option.

quizzes on edmodo
Credits – Edmodo

5) The fifth step on how to create a quiz on Edmodo is to add your questions – 

  • You will have to select the type of question while creating your quizzes on Edmodo each time from the drop-down menu. The type of questions will have the following options – multiple answers, multiple-choice, true/false, filling the blanks, short answer, or matching.
  • Check here further to know more about quiz question types. This will help you to learn – How to create a quiz on Edmodo in detail.
  • Teachers can attach various files by using the following options beneath the – ‘Question Text.’


Please Note: You can attach pictures & images, MP3 files, videos, PDF files, links, and many more from the Edmodo Library or your device. 

6) To know further how to create a quiz on Edmodo, one must learn to add ‘Response’ answer choices. Various question-types will have different response types.

Edmodo Quizzes - Multiple Answers

For Multiple Choice and Multiple Answer question types, three response options are there –

  • To remove any response option, just put your cursor over it and then select the ‘X’ icon.
  • To add any response, click ‘+ Add Response’ present at the bottom of the Response list. 
  • You can replace the radio button Screen_Shot_2020-04-24_at_5.53.00_PM.png under ‘Correct Answer’ with the correct choice of Response.

For Multiple Answer questions,  similarly set multiple correct answers under the ‘Correct Answer’ by checking all boxes Screen_Shot_2020-04-24_at_5.55.26_PM.png required correct Response choices.

For True/False questions there can be only two possible choices – ‘True’ or ‘False.’  Change the radio button Screen_Shot_2020-04-24_at_5.53.00_PM.png under ‘Correct Answer’ accordingly.

True or False
Credits – Edmodo

For Filling the blanks question, use the β€˜_’(underscores) to insert where the blank must figure in the question. After that, set the correct answer for each of the blanks by selecting ‘Enter Answer’ box.

Fill in the blanks
Credits – Edmodo

The Matching questions will have three Question and Answer pairs by default, but you can edit them as per your need. For changing response choices, a similar process will be followed like before.

Credits – Edmodo

7) To know further how to create a quiz on Edmodo, check how to change ‘point ‘ boxes to adjust the value of the point. True or False, MCQs, Short Answer questions, Fill in the blanks, Matching questions, and Multiple Answer questions will have 1 point in total by default. One can insert higher points.

8) While creating the Edmodo quizzes, ‘Duplicate a question’ to copy any question or select ‘Delete Question’ to remove the same.

I am sure you are noting all the steps on how to create a quiz on Edmodo carefully. All, these steps are critical in creating a perfect quiz. Read further down to know about the remaining process.

9) To add new questions in your Edmodo quizzes, hit on ‘Add New Question’ button. To one question between two click on the  Screen_Shot_2020-04-24_at_6.18.39_PM.png button.

10) To rearrange any question, hover on the  Screen_Shot_2020-04-24_at_6.18.23_PM.pngicon just next to the question number. Then just click on the question and drag it to the position you desire.

11) Here, on how to create a quiz on Edmodo, you can also reuse questions from earlier quizzes uploaded by you. For that, just click on the ‘Add from question bank’ option, then select your question from the list and hit ‘Add to Quiz.’

12) Learning how to create a quiz on Edmodo is not complete without knowing to ‘Preview,’ ‘Print,’ ‘Make Copy,’ ‘Delete Quiz’ and ‘Assigning the Quiz’ at the top to preview your Quiz and view it as a student will see it.

  • Click on “Close” at the top to exit the Quiz editor. The Edmodo quizzes can be saved like this to the Edmodo Library. Teachers can assign their quizzes each time from the Class page or from their Library at any time.
  • Click the “three dots” option, and you can find Print, Make Copy, Delete options. 
  • Teachers will have to click on the “Assign” button to send their quizzes on Edmodo every time to their Class. immediately. 

This is how to create a quiz on Edmodo. But, there are several other optional features available while assigning quizzes. These options are –

  1. Due On – Select a due date and time while assigning Edmodo quizzes.
  2. Lock after the due date – On selecting this option, the sudents will not be able to access the quiz after the due date.
  3. Time Limit – You can set a time limit for your quizzes on Edmodo, in minutes. The quiz will expire after a certain time limit.
  4. Randomize Questions –  This will randomize the order of the questions for the students.
  5. Adding to a Gradebook – This box will automatically add the Edmodo quiz and the students’ scores to the Class’ Progress Book.
  6. Showing results to students after completion – This option will help your students to view the results after taking the quizzes on Edmodo.

This is how to create a quiz on Edmodo perfectly that can engage students to indulge in a fun learning. Let’s take a look at how students can take quizzes.

How to take Edmodo Quizzes?

create a quiz on Edmodo
Credits – Edmodo

After knowing how to create a quiz on Edmodo, its time students know how to take quizzes.

  1. As a student you can select a particular Class and figure out the quizzes on Edmodo. You can filter posts as well.
  2. Hit the ‘Take Quiz’ button on the particular Quiz. A page will appear with all the name and details about the Quiz (description, time limit, etc.).
  3. Select the option ‘Start Quiz’ button to start the quizzes on Edmodo.
  4. Use ‘Next’ or ‘Previous’ to navigate through questions and answers.
  5. Finally, click the ‘Submit Quiz’ button and then click ‘OK’ to submit.
  6. Clicking the β€œView Results” option, you can check the results of the Edmodo quizzes taken by you.

Please Note – Leaving the Quiz window will not exit you out of the Edmodo quiz. However, the timer will be live once you start taking the quiz.

Quizzes are interactive and fun way to learn, hence, learning how to create quiz on Edmodo is critical for teachers to educate their students. So, thought of throwing light on the same. The steps mentioned above on how to create quiz on Edmodo can be real useful for new teachers on this EdTech platform.

I have also mentioned steps for students to take such Edmodo quizzes as well. In case, both students & teachers who finds this information useful do like, share and comment on the same.

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Frequently Asked Questions-

1) What is Edmodo Quiz?

Edmodo quiz is a way to engage students with their teachers in the form of a quiz. Quizzes are a fun way to learn.

2) How I can create a quiz on Edmodo?

Only Teachers or educators can create a quiz on Edmodo. It can be done after signing up and creating an account. Students can participate in the quiz on Edmodo. The details about how to create a quiz on Edmodo is mentioned above in the blog.

3) How to take quizzes on Edmodo?

After an Edmodo quiz is created, students can click on any particular class can take the quiz. The detailed process is mentioned above.

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