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To further understand the importance of social media in education, I will discuss the Flipgrid app. So, the usual question, what is this app, and what is Flipgrid used for? It is a free and accessible video discussion platform for numerous PreK to Ph.D. students (including their parents) and educators worldwide.

The Flipgrid app is a platform for all students from various strata and areas of study to engage with educators through videos. Thus, it leads to effective learning for students. Here, I will share information on – Flipgrid student login process, Flipgrid codes, Flipgrid educator login procedure, Flipgrid Camera features, and Flipgrid Uses.

Flipgrid App
Credits – Flipgrid

Flipgrid App – Educator Login, Student Login, Codes, Camera Features, and Uses

On the Flipgrid app, online tutors meet students to initiate learning through videos. To use the application, students must download it, enter their respective Flipgrid Codes (Join Code), and record short videos in response to different topics posted by the educators. 

So, How to Login the Flipgrid App for Educators?

Using the Flipgrid app is no rocket science. Just download the app from Google Play Store or Apple Store on your mobile. Mentioned below are the steps for a Flipgrid educator and a student.

A Flipgrid educator can log in through these 3 simple steps. To receive your student’s videos, an educator needs to set up a free account. It will take hardly 5 minutes to set up your account, after which you can share your first Topic.

Topics curated by the teachers are discussion prompts that their students respond to with a short video. 

Step 1: Download Flipgrid App to Create a free Flipgrid Educator Account

Flipgrid App
Welcome Page
  • First, download the Flipgrid App. After that, a Welcome Page will appear. 
  • A Flipgrid educator must click on the ‘Next’ button. 
  • Then you must check the box ‘Educator’. After that, hit the ‘Next’ button on the app. 
  • On the right-hand side at the Top Corner, click on ‘Educator Dashboard’.
Flipgrid Educator Login
Login via Google or Microsoft

Please Note – You must choose Google in case your school uses Google Products like – Google Classroom, Drive, and Docs. If your school uses Microsoft products, then choose Microsoft. 

  • After that, you can sign up with the Flipgrid app, your school email id.
Flipgrid Educator
Fill in the details after login
  • Fill in all the details; after that, you can create topics for students.

Step 2: Add Topics on the Flipgrid app and Choose Permissions

Flipgrid App - Create Topics
Now, start creating Topics
  • To create Topic, a Flipgrid educator will have to add the ‘Topic Title’ and prompt for his/her students. A ‘Topic Media’ is the best way to add various reference links of study material, images, or GIFs to the Topic. 

Flipgrid Educator - Create a Topic

  • You can turn on the video moderation feature; with that, you can view videos beforehand. After an educator approves the video, all students can access the same.
  • A Flipgrid educator can decide on how students can join the Topic. The permission rights stay with a teacher. 
  • Private Permission is for class discussions. You can choose the students’ email id or their usernames (in case they do not have an email).   
  • In case you want to add parents on the Flipgrid app in the class discussion, then add the Guest Password. 
  • Public Permission on the app is for the education professionals (for College Students and beyond) catering to the larger community. 

Step 3: Sharing the Topic by a Flipgrid Educator 

  • Educators can share the Flipgrid Codes (Join Code) to join. They can also share the link with their students and their parents or community.
  • A Flipgrid educator can open the blue Share button to share the Codes (Joining) or links to Google Classroom, Remind, Microsoft Teams, Embed, QR code. 
  • Else, please copy and paste the Flipgrid codes to share with the students on different platforms, such as email.
  • If you have created students’ usernames or a guest password for parents & families on the Flipgrid app, share the same. 
  • Students and Families can log in with their emails using the Flipgrid codes or links and must log in with their email or username. Thus they will be able to record videos and send responses on the topics.

Flipgrid Student Login

Students may have questions like – “What is Flipgrid Used For?” and “How to login Flipgrid app?”. Here, I will share information about the same. The initial process is similar to the above, where you will have to download the app first. Then check the box ‘Student’ before proceeding further by hitting the ‘Next’ button. The below information and the GIF image will help you understand about Flipgrid student login.

Flipgrid Student Login RPReplay_Final1596594867.gif
Steps to Login for Students

Step 1: Join Using the Flipgrid codes, Links, Username, or Guest password.

An educator will provide the following:

Step 2: Join the discussion on the Flipgrid App

  • Flipgrid for students is very useful where they can join the class through the link provided by their teachers in the previous step. 
  • In case you are given a Join Code for Flipgrid student login, type the code in the ‘Join Code’ space and proceed. 
  • In case of a QR code, scan the code with your device camera or app. 
  • After that, you will find a prompt to log in. Just login the Flipgrid app with your username or a password. 

Please Note – During login, you will receive two options to login. In case your school uses Google services, log in via Google or else Microsoft.

Step 3: Finally, Start Recording and Submit the Responses 

Once you’ve joined the discussion on the Flipgrid app, you will find your teacher’s Topic or the discussion prompt. There are few guidelines to record videos, which you must be aware of before using.

Students can record their videos in these 3 simple steps:

  • mceclip0.png  Click this to record – Tap the red-colored ‘Record Button’ at the bottom to start recording. One can also add annotations like – fun stickers, filters, sticky notes, text, and more while recording.
  • mceclip1.png Review & check the video – Students can edit, trim & re-arrange the video. 
  • mceclip3.png Finally, submit the video on the Flipgrid app – Before submission, students must take a selfie (which will be their cover images). Then edit the cover images & names, add a title, or attach a link. Then submit! 

The camera of the Flipgrid mobile app offers lots of options for the students to share their responses creatively. 

Flipgrid Videos – Format?

  • The app currently supports various Flipgrid video formats – MP4, WEBM, and MOV.
  • The maximum limit to import the videos is 500 MB.
  • Please note that Chromebooks will not support MOV files.
  • I will suggest all students use an upgraded browser to avoid any importing issues on the Flipgrid app.

How to import a Flipgrid video without hassle?

I recommend all students to use the online video converter tool to convert the videos to 720p quality to avoid any issues while uploading on the Flipgrid app.

Thus, the social media platform, Flipgrid for students is quite beneficial, where they engage in an interactive learning session with the educators.

Flipgrid App: Camera Features

The Flipgrid Camera is loaded with a variety of features. The camera is the heart of this app. It empowers learners to share their responses with a touch of creativity. Let’s learn the camera features on the Flipgrid app below.

Flipgrid for students - Camera Features
Credits – Flipgrid

Camera Features on Flipgrid App

  1. Upload any video clip – You can add any video clip from your mobile to the recording.
  2. Mirror the video – This helps to show books and texts that appear backward.
  3. Turn off the Audio – Turn off the audio by switching off the microphone.
  4. Screen Recording – This helps to share your screen (available on Microsoft Edge and Chrome). 

Flipgrid App Camera Effects

  1. Filters 
  2. Upload any image 
  3. Frames 
  4. Text
  5. Emoji 
  6. Draw
  7. Board 

You can resize the emojis, texts, and images by using the on-screen controls or touch.

Flipgrid App Other features

Students can select any particular book icon to view the details of the ‘Topic’ in the camera of the Flipgrid app. 

9 Flipgrid App Uses

These 9 uses will answer your question – “What is Flipgrid used for?”.

  1. Students can share reviews on books.
  2. Practice Language Skills.
  3. A students and a Flipgrid Educator from anywhere can use this app.
  4. Teachers can invite Guest Speakers.
  5. Creating Student Portfolios.
  6. Students can add Sticky Notes on Videos.
  7. A Flipgrid Educator can create a Mixtape on the Flipgrid app.
  8. Students can share and celebrate work.
  9. Students can post to Flipgrid videos of the lessons and share the same with absent peers.

Flipgrid App – My Words

It seems that the app Flipgrid for Students & Teachers is a very helpful as social media to initiate interactive learning. The app also consumes only 19 MB; hence it is light and will not consume much space. A Flipgrid educator, irrespective of any geographical boundaries, can connect with learners all over the world.

Also, teachers from schools find this an effective medium to interact with their students on useful topics outside the classroom hours. So, I will give a thumbs up to the Flipgrid app simply because of it’s purpose. I am sure questions like “what is Flipgrid used for?” is answered here. Please like and share the blog in case you found it useful. 


Frequently Asked Questions-

1) What is Flipgrid App?

Flipgrid app is a social media platform for online learning. Students from various areas of can engage witheir teachers by uploading videos.

2) What and who is Flipgrid Educator?

The term Flipgrid Educator is not from Mars! It is simply the other word for Teachers on Flipgrid. Flipgrid educators create topics related to various education topics for students.

3) What is the Flipgrid Student Login Process?

Well, the login process is already mentioned above. Please go through it. Through this Flipgrid student login, students can upload their video reactions to any particular topic.

4) How a Flipgrid Educator can use it?

Please refer to the complete guide regarding the Flipgrid Educator in the blog.

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