Top 10 Educational Websites, and 9 Indian Websites for You to Learn Effectively

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Currently, India and the World is suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic. Under such circumstances, the top 10 educational websites can be a great help as students can access education from the safety of their homes. They will be able to learn effectively through these online platforms now. Here we will share details about top educational portals but before going there will take a look at the facts and figures related to online education and few benefits of the top 10 educational websites.

  1. The e-learning market worldwide is expected to reach 243 billion USD by 2022. More and more faculties worldwide have started to root for digital education models. About 65 percent of faculty world-wide are in favor of open educational resources or OERs in teaching. Wherein 63 percent offered support for the competency-based system of education. Such is the impact of top educational websites.
  2. Every student aspires to receive quality education to reach their goals. To get quality education one depends on their schools and colleges. But these institutions encourage their students to be pro-active and innovative. As a result, online learning is a recent trend that aims to fulfil a student’s educational needs.
  3. More and more schools or colleges are encouraging online education these days, to the extent they are tying up with various EdTech companies.
  4. Also, this market is expanding in India at a CAGR of roughly 49.5% between 2017-2023. According to the studies made by Netscribes, the online education market will be 195.4 billion INR i.e. 2.7 billion USD by 2023. Such is the impact of the top 10 educational websites in India.
  5. Aspirants world-wide often leave their studies unfinished to take up jobs after 12th. This helps them to satisfy their essential ends. This practice is not only common in developing and poor economies, but also in developed economies as well. But in the course, they miss completing the under-graduation or post-graduation. The top 10 educational websites help aspirants with online courses or crash courses to bridge up the gap. 
  6. Online education portals also offer various courses on different and innovative subjects that are as good as full-time courses. Such courses are flexible in their timings, and course structure which is beneficial to the working professionals.

Benefits of Top 10 Educational Websites

In the era of the internet and MOOCs, do we require to spend huge on getting degrees and gain knowledge? Also, with the pandemic, it is not safe to go outside. You can reach your educational goals by taking online classes. Top 10 educational websites can be really useful during these pandemic times.

  • Online courses are not only affordable and they are tailor-made for students. These courses focus on your problem areas.
  • Numerous online educational websites come with free online lectures and impart knowledge to students innovatively.
  • Through online education portals, one can also learn simultaneously while earning.
  • Furthermore, these students save money to pursue their masters to follow their careers. And those who can not manage costly higher studies, apply for scholarships.

Thus, these top 10 educational websites play a major role in leveraging education and initiating to learn effectively.

What is the impact of top Educational Websites in India and the World?

  • The global online education market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.23% to reach period to reach 319.167 billion USD in 2025, from 187.877 billion USD in 2019.
  • In the latest report from India’s Education Department’s National Center for Education Statistics, the number of students who enrolled in courses post-secondary declined.
  • The number of students in India opting for on-campus education dipped by almost 90,000 students between 2016 – 2017.
  • As per the recent research report of KPMG India and Google, Online Education in India will grow from 1.6 million to 9.6 million paid users by 2021.
  • A further study says that the number of students taking at least one online course grew by 3,50,000. This increase in number is 5.7 percent.

With the current pandemic, more and more students will move towards top 10 educational websites to learn effectively for various competitive exams and complete their higher studies.

Top 10 Educational Websites

Let’s share the top 10 educational websites providing almost free coaching and study materials to students below:

1. EdX:

Students mostly use this educational website as Harvard University, and MIT founded it in 2012. EdX is one of the leading open-source MOOC platforms in the world. Over 150 schools, nonprofit organizations, and corporations provide courses on one of these top 10 educational websites. Till 20 July 2020, edX has about 33 million aspirants applying to over 3,000 online courses online. This online education portal boasts of about 6,000 instructors and has a presence in 196 countries.

  • It offers online university-level courses on various verticals to students worldwide. The portal contributes to providing students with high-quality courses from the world’s best colleges and universities.
  • Few of its courses are free as well.  
  • Out of the top 90 universities, you will find rankers all over the globe using EdX.
  • Therefore, it is easily one of the go-to online education portals in the world.

2. Academic Earth:

Academic Earth is among top 10 educational websites which came into existence on 24th March 2009. It was founded by Richard Ludlow, Chris Bruner, and Liam Pisano. The website fulfils the educational needs of students in various ways.

  • It caters from traditional to modern studies. You will find online educational courses and lectures on a wide array of subjects from top universities of the world.
  • These courses are in Accounting and Finance, Arts & Design, Biology, Computer Science, Construction, Behavioural Psychology, Entrepreneurship, etc.
  • You will come across videos and voice podcasts on all the topics which make learning enjoyable.
  • Thus, it draws more and more students and scholars to fulfil their educational needs.

3. Internet Archive:

Internet Archive is an American educational website offering you the originals from several other sites stored on it. It is having a revenue of  20.3 million USD and hence among the top education portals in the world. The Internet Archive currently boasts of over 20 million books and texts, 3 million movies and videos, 4 lakh software programs, 7 million of audio files, and 463 billion web pages. It is a sort of digital library providing everyone access to knowledge. For instance, American Libraries comprises of a collection of various free books directly added to the college or university libraries’ websites.

  • You can lay your hands online digitized materials which include websites, applications or games, music, movies or videos, images, and millions of books.
  • This website is a popular educational website imparting unrestricted and free knowledge and education.
  • But, it does not provide certificates for learning.

4. Big Think:

Big Think is a multimedium web portal which came into existence in the year 2007. The educational website was founded by Victoria Brown and Peter Hopkins. The online education portal offers you a collection of interviews, presentations, and roundtable group discussions with experts from various sectors.

  • Big Think has over 2,000 students who achieved a renowned position in their respective fields.
  • This educational portal releases online tutorials for the students.
  • This is among the top 10  educational websites offering a series of online sessions and presentations by experts on multiple topics. The content gets filtered by the commentary crew of the website.
  • It also provides original material to the students.

5. Coursera:

The moment a student visits this particular education portal, he/she gets engrossed in it. Coursera is specifically focused towards the corporate citizens and professional students of India. This is no doubt one of the top 10 educational websites with a revenue of  140 USD and 1792 employees.

  • The online education portal offers you a variety of programs in desktop software, decision-making, communication and presentation skills, alternate dispute solution, etc. Thus it has become a number one choice in professional courses.
  • It comes up with a number of programs available according to the interest of the students.
  • This educational website is entirely user-friendly and you can find prominent colleges along with a sharable electronic Course Certificate.

6. Brightstorm:

High school students can use this site to satisfy their educational needs. They use it for a recommendation. Why it one of the top 10 educational websites? The answer lies in the fact that it caters to 240,000 registered users with 20 million lessons spanning over 200 countries.

  • It is an interactive reference website, which will decrease their education problems.
  • Of course, it is not simple for a student to understand the complicated scientific terminologies. So, the website creates textbooks for students.
  • They deliver guidance in all matters, from mathematics to science, history, and different subjects. 
  • This top educational portal also prep guides on the ACT, SAT, PSAT, AP US Government, and others.

7. CosmoLearning:

This specific education portal implements educational as well as skill-based knowledge to the learners. Thus it is different than another educational website.

  • You can both refer to the study material over there for reference or register in any of the 58 subjects.
  • This is among the top 10 educational websites that provide you with educational guidance on various subjects, documentaries, and courses.

8. Futures Channel:

This website is not only an online education portal but an institution for the students. Unlike other top ten online educational websites, it outlines the critical data which helps in solving the problems confronted by students. For instance, students frequently encounter difficulty in algebra, so they have designed a unique segment for the same. Thus, it is ranked 8th in our list of top 10 educational websites.

9. Howcast:

It’s a one-stop solution for all the questions related to education in various categories. None of the above top 10 educational websites has that diversity.

  • Following the spirit of curious living, the portal functions on the popular keywords which include the word ‘how’.
  • The content from includes at least 25 categories involving a variety of topics like “How to Write a Resume”, “How to Survive a Bear Attack”, etc.

10. Khan Academy:

Khan Academy is an online coaching portal and is a popular educational website. One who cannot afford private coaching can take the help of this website. It provides a win-win circumstance for the students by ensuring them the freedom to study at their pace. The portal has a personalized dashboard to track the student’s growth.

  • It has all the regular class topics, including art history, economics, math, computer programming, science, history, and many more.
  • Furthermore, it provides educational solutions from kindergarten to higher classes.
  • To improve the content for the learners, it has partnered with the California Academy of Sciences, NASA, the Museum of Modern Art, and MIT. Also, their content is accessible in 36 languages.

Top 10 Educational Websites: Explore the 9 Indian Educational Websites


This is among top Indian educational websites and is owned by Jagran Prakashan Limited.  The website is multi-dimensional which offers various information on sectors like Banking, MBA Entrance, Engineering, Civil Services, SSC, Law, etc.

  • You can also find study material to prepare for exams like CBSE, JEE, IAS/PCS, SSC etc.
  • One can also find loads of information on Job Updates, Current Affairs, and Previous Year Question Papers.
  • It’s Mobile App brings learning to your fingertips.


This education portal is next on the list of top 10 educational websites in India that offers study material to students of both CBSE and ICSE boards. Along with the study materials, the website also offers guidance on preparation strategies for various entrance exams in Management, Engineering, Medical, Law, etc. As a student, you can access its model question papers to prepare for the examination effectively.

3. has been consistently ranked among top Indian educational websites for some now. It offers information about a plethora of courses along with the eligibility and top colleges to study. For example, if you are a JEE Main aspirant along with the exam guide you will also find information on the latest dates and exam updates.


This is among popular educational websites that offer a complete solution – preparation strategies for sections like Quantitative Aptitude & Reasoning Ability, Verbal Ability, General Knowledge, etc.

  • You will find a volume of questions on particular topics which will help you to prepare better.
  • This site offers a large number of questions for practice on any subject, which helps you in gaining command over that section.
  • Other than this the website brings you Placement Papers, Group Discussion Topics, and Interview Tips which helps in preparing for any exam or an interview better.

5. Meritnation

Meritnation is one of the Indian educational portals which offers you very interactive study material. Its study material caters to students of classes from elementary to 12th standard. It caters to various boards like CBSE, ICSE, Maharashtra (MSBSHSE), Karnataka (KSEEB) Kerala (SCERT), and Tamil Nadu. Along with that, there are live sessions, multimedia tutorials, interactive exercises, practice & mock tests, and help from experts. It is thus counted among the top Indian Educational websites.


It is the world’s most valued EdTech company and the most loved learning app for school students in India. Launched in 2015, it offers a very interactive learning solution for students of all ages from 4th to 12th Standard.

  • Not only this, but it also prepares students for various entrance exams like JEE, CAT, GMAT, IAS, GRE, NEET, CLAT, etc.
  • With thirty-three million registered aspirants and about 2.2 million paid subscriptions annually, BYJU’S has become a household name among the top 10 educational websites in India.


It has become a popular Indian educational website. The website connects over 48 portals with one objective to resolve the educational queries of Indian students. This is thus among top Indian educational portals.

8. Collegedunia

Collegedunia is growing as one of the top 10 educational websites in India. The portal has all the information needed to pursue education after 12th. Recently, as per Live Mint, Collegedunia has emerged as the top revenue generator among the top 10 educational websites. 

9. Collegedekho

Along with Collegedunia, Collegedekho has also emerged as among the top Indian educational websites. Collegdekho too offers various courses, exams, and college guides to students. The portal hence is rated among the top 10 educational websites in India.

Let’s wind up

It’s not fair to say that online learning will not be useful to satisfy your educational needs. Jobs these days demand skills and experiences, rather than qualifications. Also, one can learn effectively from the safety homes especially during the pandemic.

What you know means more than from where you studied. Now, companies hire people based on their knowledge. Soon a candidate’s intelligence to solve puzzles, and think analytically will be the parameters to get employed. 

So, these top 10 educational websites and 9 India specific portals will surely help you in effective learning and achieve your dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions –

1) Which are the top 10 educational websites?

Well, the answer to the question is tricky as there are major players in the market right now. But as per our research, these are the top 10 education portals:
EdX, Academic Earth, Khan Academy, Howcast, Futures Channel, CosmoLearning, Brightstorm, Coursera, Big Think & Internet Archive.

2) Which are the best Indian Educational Websites?

Well, some of the Indian Educational Websites are –, Aglasem, Byju’s, Shiksha, Indiabix, Meritnation, Collegedekho, and Collegedunia.

3) What is Khan Academy?

Khan Academy is one of the top 10 educational websites in the world. It offers various courses related to preparation on various topics like – Coding, MBA preparation, B.Tech, Board Exams, Subject Preparation, SAT exam preparation, and others.

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