Coding for Kids – 5 Amazing Courses & Apps to Learn Efficiently

Coding for kids has become an important subject these days. There are doubts in parents’ minds on – Whether an Online Coding Course is worth it? What is the right age to learn to program? Is coding for kids right? I will share the benefits and some online courses to clear the doubts.

Coding develops logical thinking in the kids. Hence, many schools have added it to their syllabus. Due to this pandemic, digital learning has become very popular. The online coding classes for kids are available on various educational websites.

Read further to know the benefits of coding for kids, 5 top courses & apps.

What is the Coding Language?

Coding for Kids

Coding language is a computer language that is understood by the computer. There are several types of coding languages like – Java, Python, C language, etc. Computer programmers use these languages to perform any task on the computer or build applications.

Why Should Kids Learn To Code?

This world is going to grow more digital with each day. So, in the present and future knowing technologies can be a game-changer. Therefore, it’s necessary to teach kids to learn computer coding systems. It is also helping to develop the skill of solving problems, reasoning, and logic from a young age. Learning to code will help to learn about artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning as well.

Benefits Of Learning Coding

  • Coding helps students to develop logical thinking.
  • Learning computer coding helps to make students more creative.
  • It helps to develop good communication skills of kids.
  • Courses of coding for kids helps in creating and develop apps and websites.
  • It helps to bag better jobs and career opportunities in the future.

Best 5 Coding Languages for Kids

There are many languages of coding for kids that are taught online and offline currently.

1. Scratch

Scratch is a wonderful way to introduce your kids to the programming world. It is the oldest coding language. It is developed by MIT. It is colorful and visual and looks attractive while coding for kids. It is a block-based visual programming language. Kids are generally learning programming by graphical visualization.

2. Java

Java is one of the most broadly used programming languages. Java is an objective-based and easy-to-manage programming language. It is used to create android mobile apps and gaming engines. It is easy to learn, like building blocks on Minecraft.

3. Python

Python programming language is the main coding language used for Machine Learning, AI as well as Data Science. Python is also handling web development and game design.

It is known for its simpler and easier writing structure than many other languages ​like Java and C ++. Hence, it is the best coding program for kids. This results in Python for kids quite easily to get started without any experience whatsoever.Β 

With the help of Python, anyone can build a project by just doing functional programming. It is easy to read and write. Some of the popular social media platforms, like – Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, are created by using Python. 

Python programming language is really good for kids who are wanting to learn how to code. Learning Python programming language of coding for kids could open up many career options in the future.

4. C++

C++ is a computer programming language that is simple to use in app development. For kids programming, it is the best way to learn how to create an application, but it is little bit complicated for beginners and kids. It is suitable for those kids who want to code in the gaming industry. C++ is used to create system software, developing games, and many other programs. 

5. Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)

HTML is one of the best programming languages of coding for kids. It is used to create web pages and make them functional. The programming language is also easily customizable. Coding for kids is easy by using this programming language for those who want to learn web designing.

Best Coding Courses for Kids

Learning to code is not just about brighter future career opportunities; it will also help develop various skills. Online coding courses allow kids to learn in a fun and engaging way.

Let’s look at some best online coding courses for kids

  1. WhiteHat Jr

WhiteHat Jr is the online coding classes startup that was launched in December 2018 by Karan Bajaj. It is an online platform of coding for kids between the age of 6-18 years old. WhiteHat Jr has the best online courses to code such as – python training, space tech coding, turtle coding, game designing, and many others.

The best part of this site is each child is assigned a specific teacher for completing the course. Also, kids are learning these courses from the comfort of home. Thus, WhiteHat is one of the most trusted education platforms with regards to offering the best online coding courses to young kids.

One of the best things about WhiteHat Jr is it provides demo classes for kids and parents. The online education platform thus helps to learn computer coding for kids effectively and helps parents to decide before enrolling their child. This is why it is considered by many as the best online coding class.

2. Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers free online coding classes. Khan academy provided various courses like JavaScript, Processing JS, HTML & CSS, and others. Here the computer programming classes are conducted by industry experts. Thus it offers a great learning platform with regards to coding for kids.

They also provide online assignments and practice sessions that will increase your knowledge. So, you can enroll your kids in Khan Academy for the best online coding courses without any hesitation.

3. Udemy

Udemy is another best online coding platform or best online coding school for kids, where you will find various courses. There are many online coding courses on JavaScript, Python, HTML & CSS, WordPress, Bootstrap, App development, and many others.

Udemy helps in connecting the students with the best teachers to make you a pro in the world of programming. You can choose the best online coding courses for your kids on this online learning or e-learning platforms for kids platform.

Udemy has more than 15 million students and approx. Fifty thousand expert instructors are available to teaching various courses in various languages.

4. Coursera

Coursera is one of the topmost online platforms of coding for kids. Coursera can provide you more than 250 online courses of coding for kids. In this domain, you can choose course language, duration, level, and other requirements. Thus, you do not come back empty-handed after doing online coding classes from Coursera.

Coursera provides online learning courses from top universities and organizations. This platform offers you approximately more than 2000 courses in multiple disciplines.

All courses for kids on the Coursera platform contain pre-recorded videos. After pursuing courses in Coursera, and you might get a certificate which can be useful to improve your CV for any job prospects.

5. Vedantu Super Coders Program

Programming improves a kid’s problem-solving skills. Vedantu offers the super coder’s program for kids of the age group between 6-12 years old. Being one of the top online coding websites, Vedantu is a one-stop destination to learn to program.

They offer many online coding classes on Python programming, Artificial Intelligence, Web design, IoT, and more. It provides you personalized learning-based courses for kids designed by experts from MIT AND IIT. Thus, Vedantu is rated among the best learning platforms with regard to coding for kids.

Some Online Coding Apps for Kids

Coding for Kids


Kodable is famous for teaching the basic ideas of coding through graphical representation. It introduces children to some significant coding languages through games. Kodable is the best way to learn block programming and hence a dependable app to learn to code for kids.


CodeCombat is a game-oriented app to initiate coding for kids. It involves an approach filled with fun to teach your kids programming. It is free for the basic level, but you have paid for the advanced level.


Hopscotch is an app about computer programming for kids that teaches them to create games, arts, stories, etc. It also teaches how to write code and programs. Kids are working independently on this and solve coding problems along with learning coding elements.


ScratchJR is one of the most popular applications of coding for kids. Kids can use this application to build their visual programmings like games and animation. Thus, it is one of the best computer programming for kids app.


Tynker is an online coding course for kids. It introduces kids to the basic concept of coding for kids with puzzles. Kids can design their games and solve puzzles by learning concepts. Thus, it is one of the best ways to learn to program for kids.

Coding is the soul of digital technology. As a parent or guardian, it’s important to think about kids’ future from an early stage. Learning to code for kids is critical for a better future. Programming knowledge is always an advantage for kid’s better career options.

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Coding for Kids – Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are Online coding courses free?

They are free as well as paid. If you are looking for comprehensive learning, taking up paid courses is beneficial. Lots of premium benefits are available – better study material, in-depth learning, community support, expert suggestions and guidance by experts.

2) Which are the best Online Coding Classes for kids?

Well, this is tricky as a XYZ platform may be good to someone but may not be liked by another learner. All, it depends what a learner expects from a particular program. As per our research – White Hat Jr., Khan Academy, Udemy are some of the well-known platforms to learn coding. There are also various online coding apps for kids like – Tynker and ScratchJr.

3) Is it right to start coding at an early age?

With each day we are becoming one leap forward with technological advancement. Hence, coding for kids is important at an young age only. It prepares one for the future.

4) Are Online Coding Classes helpful?

Absolutely! These online coding classes can be taken from the safety of your homes in this pandemic. The courses are flexible, customizable and also affordable.

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