10 Best Current Trends in Education that You must know

The current trends in education are important to know, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. When I look around, technology has changed the entire landscape around us, including education. Naturally, technology has given rise to online classes, online education and immersive education. In this article I will talk about some of the current trends in education these days. Additionally, the benefits of technology in early childhood education will also be discussed.

For the past ten years, education has no longer been tied to classrooms and physical teaching. I have already seen a host of trends in education such as virtual learning, e-books, teachers making videos on Youtube, etc. This change has been quite multifaceted, and it continues to change even now.

Whether the usage of technology in the early years of learning is good or bad is a debatable topic. But for now, it seems to be an important way of making learning possible for students from the safety of home. For instance, in this current pandemic, all schools and colleges took to e-learning methods. Let’s know about the current trends in education below.

10 Current Trends in Education

The current trends in education is important to know as we are steering ahead in the year 2021. These are the trends in education that are going to stay in future. Artificial Intelligence and technology is one of the key factors that has helped in shaping these trends. 

As the year 2020 started and is ending with more and more news of COVID-19 cases, the education sector has surely become flexible and remote. It has given rise to online learning through educational websites and social media platforms. Keeping this in mind, let us dive deep into some of the current trends in education. 

1) Artificial Intelligence and its Huge Impact

Current Trends in Education

Artificial Intelligence, has already uprooted all other technologies. It has also impacted the education industry. It is one of the latest trends in the education industry. AI in educational institutions has made even small tedious tasks much easier. 

In fact, there have been various institutions who have made the admission process AI-enabled. Teachers and professors have used numerous AI tools for showing practicals through virtual mode, used tools for grading the subjects and also made question papers using AI tools. 

Various tools such as Duolingo, Grammarly and other such tools have helped children in writing good essays and learning new languages. Learning through AI is efficient, personalized, and feedback has been more time-bound. There are also loads of fun ways to do mundane tasks that have accelerated the fun part of learning. 

AI-powered applications and interfaces have helped students learn concepts in a much better manner. AI-powered online classrooms have also been beneficial for students as among the current trends in education. 

2) More Data is one of the Current Trends in Education.

More Data available online

Gone are the days when students used libraries for reading books. With the proliferation of technology, there is an abundance of books available as e-books. These e-books are easier to download, easier to keep and don’t cost a penny. Hence more and more students depend on e-books these days. It is one of the current trends in education.

In most universities and colleges, even professors send e-books for the entire course, and these have now become more efficient. Professors try to equip the students with all sorts of materials. 

Starting from study guides to good journals, everything can be accessed with the help of the internet. However, nothing can truly replace the good old habit of reading from physical books. 

3) New Outlook of Teachers

Trends in Education - New outlook for teachers

In this pandemic, as children are getting used to the technological shifts in their learning and their teachers are trying to learn more. Until now, teachers didn’t implement the nuances of online teaching or virtual tools, but with the advent of the pandemic, they have started using it daily. 

Currently, teachers are also keeping themselves updated with the latest tools and techniques of e-learning. They are embracing new skills and going through new devices and applications so that their students can benefit. 

From using Zoom for conducting lectures to checking and marking notebooks in virtual mode, teachers are also adjusting themselves to the new normal. 

There are various workshops and training sessions held particularly for teachers to make them more accustomed to the technological challenges. 

4) Chromebooks 

Current Trends in Education - Chromebook

Chromebooks are the most affordable and customized laptops specifically suited for the needs of children. They have enough capacity for all the needs of teachers and children. These can be thought of as game-changers for both students and the teachers. 

With the pandemic setting in and school becoming virtual, the need for LTE Chromebooks has been necessitated more. These have been popular and continue to be one of the most important trends in education. 

5) Current Trends in Education: Industry-Specific Learning 

Industry Specific Learning

Case studies and project-based learning has always been popular, but industry-specific learning is slowly making a trend in education. Project-based learning is industry-specific, and it practically utilizes theoretical learning. 

It is quite boring to learn everything. With industry-specific projects or case studies, children get to know why they are studying a particular subject. They utilize theoretical concepts to solve real-life problems. They collaborate, share ideas and try to find solutions to complex problems. All this is crucial for real life and getting accustomed to these project-based studies at a younger age is important for the growth and development of the children. 

Case studies and project-based learning is already part of numerous colleges. This makes students aware of the corporate world that they are going to step into. Rote learning seems quite trivial, but the real problem lies in solving the bigger cases of real-life with the learning of schools and colleges. And making case studies part of the curriculum solves this problem. 

6) Holistic and Immersive Learning 

Current trends in education - holistic & immersive education

Immersive learning is one of the current trends in education. It implies that students can immerse themselves with a variety of platforms for learning. Basically, through virtual, augmented and mixed reality, teachers use a variety of mechanisms to make learning immersive. 

For example, to understand French Art, students can be shown a virtual tour of French art museums without actually going to France. Similarly, they can be taught about geography or different species of animals by showing similar virtual tours. 

These days podcasts and webinars are other methods that provide educational content for students. Students can even listen to lectures of world-famous colleges from the ease of their homes. All these not only make students knowledgeable but also lets them go deeper into the immersion of learning. 

7) Customized Learning is now among the Current Trends in Education

Trends in Education - Customized Learning

Everything has become personalized and customized, from Netflix suggestions to brands for clothes. From the taste of our music on Spotify to video suggestions on Youtube, we are living in the age of the personalized world. So why not customized learning?

One of the current trends in education is surely the setup of customized learning. It has always been in the news that traditional teaching does not cater to the needs of every student. There have been extra classes and remedial classes in school and colleges just so that every student can benefit from teaching. Even then, there have been speculations that traditional teaching doesn’t work for everyone alike. 

This has been one of the reasons why customized learning gained prominence. It is surely one of the current trends in education. Every individual has a unique way of understanding and grasping concepts. Every individual also has their own pace of learning things. Hence here, personalized learning serves the purpose of making learning flexible, and they can complete it at their own pace. 

With technology, students get access to their choice of materials, videos and lectures all personalized and customized. This enables them to understand better at their own pace. 

8) Provision of Genius Hour 

Genius Hours

Self-introspection and indulging in personal projects is one of the current trends in education. These are generally part of working professionals as they need to be creative, but currently, this is one of the trends in the education sector. 

Students are given genius hours, where they learn anything and everything. They are free to learn anything during that time and try and experiment with new things. This is said to help them bring out their creative abilities and explore more things. 

This hour is open-ended and gives a chance to experiment with kids. It is also not monitored, and students are not judged on their choice of preference. This makes this hour more advantageous as students choose a thing they like without any interference. 

9) More Preference for Humanities

STEAM Courses

Gone are the days when only students from science streams are preferred. This is the age of liberal arts, and it has become one of the current trends in education. Initially, the focus was on STEM students, i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Now the emphasis is on STEAM students, i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths. 

The arts consist of everything in humanities from literature to design to visual arts and to politics. Today even companies look for liberal arts students as they think they have the soft skills required to be in this competitive world. Only arts students can put a creative touch to their solution to complex problems in real life. 

Until now, engineers and doctors were seen to be on the rise, and now students are taking up unconventional courses and living their dreams. With new mediums of entertainment, comes new sets of professions. And the liberal arts does this work effectively. Thus, it has become one of the trends in education.

10) Ways to Cyber Secure Network 

Trends in education - Cyber-security

So far, I have talked at length about the various trends in education, but the whole crux of it is technology. With more technological advancements comes the threat of cyber hacking. Hence we need to add cyber-security as one of the current trends in education. 

As there is more dependence on technology, so is the dire need to save data from being breached. Hence schools and colleges are preparing themselves for securing these IT systems. Use of IT is one of the current trends in education.

There have been malware attacks, creating deep fakes, data breach, hacking, etc. Hence numerous tools and software’s are used by educational institutions to help their systems from any cyber threat. 

Benefits of Technology in Early Childhood Education

benefits of technology in early childhood education

Technology in the era of the pandemic is among the current trends in education. It has certainly become a boon for children. While relying too much on technology is not good for children, it has nonetheless played a positive role in the development of children’s learning. 

Despite the severe conditions of the pandemic situation, schools and teachers have been able to impart learning to the kids through technology. Before looking at the trends in education, let us look at some of the benefits of technology in early childhood education. 

1) Facilitates an Active Learning Environment

Technology has engulfed our lives, and technology is here to stay. No matter what, learning tools and techniques for using technology will be beneficial for children in the long run because everything works on technology these days. In such a situation, if the technology is being made a part of childhood education, they will grasp it better. Thus technology is one of the current trends in education.

2) Social Development Along with Emotional Development

If we look at the broader perspective of the benefits of technology in early childhood education, we can surely use it for the benefits of children.

For example, if children use touchscreen devices, they surely can be taught the importance of taking turns and sharing amongst them. 

By watching educational content on the internet and then discussing it makes their social skills active. They can be taught the importance of emotional skills also by making them watch related content. Students will be encouraged to present ideas with everyone. 

3) Provides Multi-Step Directions to Follow

While using electronic gadgets, children are given different directions to use it. With different gadgets comes different directions, so all this requires the child to follow and grasp different instructions. Hence, it becomes easier for children to learn and recall. Thus, gadgets have become one of the current trends in education.

4) Makes Them Enjoy Learning

Using technology helps kids learn faster, retain better and enjoy the entire process of learning. It is one of the benefits of technology in early childhood education. Children can be shown numerous visuals on moral science and other subjects. 

Several fun and innovative activities are also available on the internet that makes the children enjoy the process. Parents and teachers have an instrumental part to play in this by letting the children consume content that is beneficial to them.  

5) Provides Basic Academic Skills 

The benefits of technology in early childhood education is such that it has also helped children get equipped with basic academic skills such as colouring, counting, matching shapes, making origami, etc. Thus, tech has become one of the trends in technology. These days there are applications for all these activities, and it is available anytime. 

Children can be made to use those activities and taught mathematical calculations, grammar or sketching. One of the advantages of this platform is that there is no need for educators to do these on worksheets or papers. These can be easily printed or done on tablets or smartphones. 

Hence, I can surely say that if used productively, the benefits of technology in early childhood education can indeed be reaped. Only when children start using technology too much, play games and do mindless scrolling, it starts to become dangerous for them. 

Along with technology, the emphasis should also be on making them read physical books and encouraging them to play outdoors or indulge in some outdoor based activities. Thus technology is among the current trends in education and has indeed played a great role here. It is because of technology that numerous other options are available that can be considered as the trends in education. 

Current Trends in Education – Final Words

Traditional education has changed manifolds, and this has been made possible with the advent of technology. Online education through, technology, social media platforms, and other educational websites has emerged as current trends in education. But like a coin, everything has two sides.

Similarly, the current trends in education sectors come with their own set of challenges. However, today is in the educational sector is quite impelling and can be tough. The facilitators and educators are always improving and adapting themselves to newer trends in education. I hope that with this article, some of the current trends in education have become easier for everyone. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is Online Education among the current trends in education?

Yes, online classes on online educational websites are trending right now. Many educational platforms are offering study guides and mock tests to prepare for any exam.

2) What is the impact of AI in education?

AI is one of the current trends in education. It is playing an important role in various educational institutes to make operational work easier. It is playing an important role in admission process as well. In India, NTA (National Testing Agency) has come up National Test Abhyas (AI-enabled mock test platform).

3) What are the benefits of Technology in early childhood?

The benefits of technology in early childhood are –
a) Social & Emotional Development
b) Make learning a fun
c) Develop academic skills
d) Create an active learning environment

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