7 Best Email Finder Chrome Extensions for Finding Anyone’s Email Address

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Do you know how to find anyone’s email address quickly? If not, here are some email finder Chrome extensions to help you in finding anyone’s email address.

Although finding someone’s valid email is challenging, there are a few email finder Chrome extensions to make your work easier. Let’s know more about these email finder Chrome extensions.

But before that let’s know about a Google Chrome Extension to find emails first.

What Is an Email Finder Chrome Extension?

An email finder Chrome extension is an email finder extension from Google Chrome to find email addresses. These tools help the users to search by name, company, and domain to find email addresses that lead to generation, sales, and business development.

An email finder extension tool can reduce your time trying to find contact details. It improves its quality for increasing email delivery and open rate via offering verified contact information. Also, it allows you to sell more effectively.

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Here, you will know about an email finder Chrome extension features.

Common Features of an Email Finder Chrome extension

With email finder extension tools, Google Chrome delivers a variety of functions and features. Generally, you will get several features with these tools. I have outlined the main functions that allow you to compare.

Search by Name

You can search by first and last names for finding a specific professional email address with the help of an email finder extension. Also, there are other options to search email addresses via domain search, social network search, and others.

Domain Search

Suppose you are visiting a website, from there you can also search and extract all email addresses from that domain.

Bulk Domain Search

The user can search and extract email addresses filtered with the name, job title, and company from a list of website domains.

Social Network Search

Even you can search and extract email addresses from your visited social networking sites.

Email Verification

It offers the user to verify and validate email addresses for authentication.

Additional Features

Apart from the given descriptions, these email finder Chrome extension tools also offer lead management, outreach, and more.

Below, I have made a table of comparisons between selected email finder Chrome extension tools to identify the best match for you.

Comparison Between Email Finder Chrome Extension at a Glance

Searching for the right email finder chrome extension is quite challenging. So, I have prepared a comparison table with key features and other information to make it easier.

Email Finder Chrome ExtensionPricingSearch by NameDomain SearchBulk Domain SearchSocial Network SearchEmail Verification
Hunter.io$49/month to $399/month
AeroLeads$49/month to
FindThatEmail$29/month to $249/month
Prospect.io$89/month to $149/month
RocketReach$59/month to $299/month
Skrapp Extension$29/month to $299/month
Comparison Table of Best Email Finder Chrome Extension

Now is the juicy part where I will share the 7 best Chrome extensions to find emails below.

Best Email Finder Chrome Extensions

It is quite hard to find the right email finder extension tools. Here are some of the email finder chrome extension tools you should try.


Hunter.io is one of the most popular email finder chrome extension tools for email outreach. With an index of more than 100 million email addresses, Hunter.io can find almost anyone’s email address.

If you want to find an email address of any website while browsing, click on the extension icon. The email finder Chrome extension – Hunter.io will find all the email addresses associated with this domain.

Even it searches the LinkedIn profiles by itself. Also, the users can make a list of those email addresses to list.

hunter.io is a well-known email finder chrome extension

This email finder chrome extension shows the sources from where it found the email addresses for transparency. The paid plan of Hunter.io may seem expensive, but several features make it worth it.

For most people the free plan of Hunter.io – email finder chrome extension would sufficient.


✅ It features a reached website with an easy-to-use browser email finder extension.

✅ It also finds the phone number of your likely clients or any specific person in some cases not all the time.

✅ Hunter.io allows the user to filter email addresses by departments like sales, marketing, management, and more.


According to the number of searches, the paid amount varies. For 500 searches, you need to pay $49/month and $399/month for 30,000 searches.

Freemium Offer

The free version of Hunter.io allows 50 searches/month.


AeroLeads is another email finder Chrome extension to speed up your email searches. AeroLeads allows the user to find email addresses from LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Crunchbase, and other professional platforms.

At first, open the LinkedIn profile or Crunchbase profile of the specific person to find their email address. Scroll down the page and the AeroLeads extension will gather all the information of the person.

By adding a person to your prospect list, you can find their email address in the Prospect tab with an authenticity score. AeroLeads has a monthly subscription plan along with a free trial.

AeroLeads as an email finder chrome extension


✅ It is a quite powerful email finder chrome extension tool to gather all the information including email address.

✅ It allows the user to add a person to their prospect list to find their email address including with authenticity score.


✅ It can’t find email addresses in their domain name.

✅ Opening up in a separate window seems irritating.


According to the number of searches, the paid amount varies. For 1,000 searches, you need to pay $49/month and $499/month for 15,000 searches.

Freemium Offer

AeroLeads offers a free trial upon first sign-up.


FindthatEmail is another widely-used email finder Chrome extension called “The Yellow Pages of Email.” Integration with other apps such as Zapier to automate your workflow is the standout feature of FindthatEmail. Moreover, it provides tools for bulk-finding email addresses and email verification.

You can search email addresses on social networks via browser extension whereas finding email addresses associated with the domain name or company name would be possible from the website of FindthatEmail. This tool also delivers a confidence score for every finding and verifying the email address.

FindThatEmail is another email finder chrome extension for finding anyone's email address


✅ It allows integration with other apps.

✅ It offers tools for email verification and bulk-finding email addresses.

✅ Browser extension offers to find email addresses based on social networks.

✅ And the website allows you to find email addresses associated with a domain name or company name.


According to the number of searches, the paid amount varies. For 500 searches, you need to pay $29/month and $249/month for 10,000 searches.

Freemium Offer

FindThatEmail allows for 50 searches/month for free.


Name2Email is a completely free email finder Chrome extension. It allows you to enter your prospect’s name and find their email address within the Gmail App. This feature of Name2Email makes it apart from other email finder chrome extensions.

In the recipient field, enter “First Name Last Name @Company” to find the email address. The email finder extension shows a list of possible email addresses.

Among them, the valid email address will show the recipient’s name or image while hovering the cursor over it. As a free email finder extension tool, it has limitations such as you can’t find a bulk number of emails.

Name2Email as an email finder chrome extension


✅ It finds the email address within the Gmail App. So, some time will be saved.

✅ It is a free email finder Chrome extension with limited features.


Name2Email is free of cost.


Prospect.io is a comprehensive email finder chrome extension toolkit for a prospective client. Apart from finding the email addresses of a specific person, Prospect.io allows you to get the detailed information including their name, and picture.

At first, go to the prospect’s website. Next, click on the extension to find email addresses. Then, Prospect.io will show a list of email addresses associated with that domain.

Apart from showing the name and picture of the specific person, it also provides the confidence score. You can click to Get Gmail if you find the right person. It comes at a reasonable price for offering an all-in-one prospecting tool.

Prospect.io is another email finder chrome extension for finding anyone's email address


✅ It offers detailed information about the possible client or person including email address, name, and more.

✅ The email finder extension will find email addresses only when you click on Get Email.

✅ It provides proper contact management to organize and filter your leads.


According to the number of searches, the paid amount of Prospect.io varies. For 250 searches, you need to pay $89/month and $149/month for 1,000 searches.


Besides an email finder chrome extension, RocketReach will help you to increase your outreach efforts greatly. It provides complete information about the persons including their email addresses, pictures, social profiles, company, and designation. Also, you can check the company details in the Company tab.

At first, go to the prospect’s website. Next, click on the extension to find email addresses. Then, RocketReach shows you a list of people working under that site.

When you add any contact to the list, RocketReach will verify the email address and notify the active ones. Although RocketReach costs high, it is worth it for your outreach efforts.

RocketReach is one of the best email finder chrome extension for finding anyone's email address


✅ Apart from working as an email finder extension, it helps to outreach your efforts. 

✅ It provides all the details with email addresses including pictures, social profiles, company, and designation in the Company tab.

✅ It will verify the email address and tick on active ones.


According to the number of searches, the paid amount for RocketReach varies. For 1,500 searches, you need to pay $59/month and $299/month for 10,000 searches.

Skrapp Chrome Extension

Skrapp extension is another prospecting tool. It has two separate Skrapp Chrome extension tools that are Email Finder Extension and Enrich.

You can bulk-find email addresses to speed up along with finding a single email address. Skrapp extension allows you to download leads list in CSV or XLSX formats.

The Enrich extension will provide a list of company employees with their available email addresses. If the email addresses are unveiling then you can save them to your list.

This email finder extension delivers personal details with the email address on LinkedIn and Sales Navigator pages. You can see someone’s email address without saving them in your list.

Skrapp extension is a popular email finder chrome extension for finding anyone's email address
Skrapp Extension


✅ It offers an email-finding facility with enriching.

✅ You can download the leads list from the Skrapp extension in CSV or XLSX formats.

✅ It also finds email addresses from LinkedIn and sales navigator.


According to the number of searches, the paid amount varies. For 1,000 searches, you need to pay $49/month and $299/month for 50,000 searches.

Freemium Offer

Skrapp extension allows 150 free searches per month.

Concluding Words on Email Finder Extension Google Chrome

These email finder chrome extensions have gigantic databases and smart algorithms to find anyone’s email address for you. However, if the email finder extension fails, then try to find it manually. After all, human intelligence is unmatched so far.

I hope, you will gain some knowledge about the best email finder chrome extensions via this article. Share it, if you have found this article interesting. Also, comment if you have tried any one of these email finder Chrome extensions to find anyone’s email address.

FAQs on Email Finder Extension

1) What is an email finder chrome extension?

An email finder chrome extension is a software to acquire email addresses published on the internet for outreach. It finds emails by parsing HTML web pages.

2) Is RocketReach legal?

RocketReach is legally compliant that upholds strict ethical standards.

3) Can you look someone up by email?

Google is the most obvious place only for the emails to perform reverse email lookups.

4) Who owns RocketReach?

Amit Shanbhag is the founder and owner of RocketReach.

5) Can you trace a Gmail account?

Yes, Gmail can be traced. Google uses your data and exposes you for ad tracking.

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