7 Hidden Google Chrome Features that will Enhance Your Browsing Experience

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Google Chrome is the most popular browser with more than 2.65 billion users worldwide. That means out of 100, around 70 people use Chrome as their primary browser. However, not all users make the most out of this excellent browser.

Chrome offers a wide range of incredible features that makes your browsing experience faster and enjoyable. And every time there’s a new update to the Google Chrome browser, more features are added to its library.

If you have been using Chrome as your primary browser, you must have got your hands on the basic Chrome features. But there are many features in Chrome that you need to explore to make your browsing more enjoyable.

In this article, we have curated a list of hidden Google Chrome features that you should use to enhance your browsing journey. Check them out below!

Hidden Google Chrome Features You Must Try

Google Chrome has a bunch of features that make it easy to search and organize your browsing activity. However, it is hard to keep an eye on all the new Google Chrome features, so below, we have covered some hidden Chrome features and how to get them.

1) Share Custom Links to Specific Text within a Webpage

With the Chrome version 90, Google has launched a new feature that lets you create and share a custom link to a particular text on a web page.

Think of it like this: You are reading a blog post, and you want to share a particular section within that post with your friend. Ideally, you would have to share the blog post and separately tell your friend to read that specific text.

However, with this custom link-sharing feature, the game becomes easier! You need to select the text in the blog post, right-click on your mouse, and select the “Copy link to highlight” option. 

This will copy your custom link to the clipboard. You can then share it with whomever you want by simply pasting it, and they’ll land exactly to the phrase that you’ve shared with them.

The deep link sharing functionality is officially available to all users. So whether you are an Android, Windows, iOS, or Linux user, you can try it out!

2) Give Custom Names to Chrome Windows

Okay, do you keep multiple Chrome Windows open at a time? If so, this one’s for you! The latest Chrome update has come up with new functionality that lets you name the currently active Chrome windows. You must be wondering how’s that helpful?

Well, if you are a multitasking person, you must be keeping multiple windows for specific tasks. And when you want to search for a particular window, you would have to check each open window individually. That’s where the need for this Google Chrome feature steps in.

With the Name Window option, you can give the Chrome window a custom name. For example, if you have opened three windows – one for reading articles, second for browsing FaceBook, and third for Shopping, you can name the first one as “To Read,” the next one as “Facebook,” and the last as “To Shop.” So even if you forget why you had so many windows open, by reading the name, you’ll get your answer!

Incredible feature, isn’t it? Now let’s see how to access it. It’s simple – Just right-click in the blank space on the top of your browser, and you’ll see the “Name Window” option. Click on it and give the browser whatever name you want. And it’s done!

3) Omnibox Offers More Actions!

Do you hate hunting for actions like clear cache, delete browsing history, update browser, wipe cookies, manage passwords, etc., in the Chrome settings every time you want to use them?

Yeah, it’s pretty time-consuming! Here comes the good news – You can now perform all these actions right from the address bar. This is one of those incredible Google Chrome features.

For instance, if you want to clear cache data on your browser, click the address bar on Chrome and type the “Command” you want to run. (In this case, type “Clear Cache”) Select the option from the list, and Chrome will get your job done!

Besides, Chrome’s latest update has made this feature available to both android and desktop users. So, you don’t have an excuse to avoid using it!

4) Create Multiple Chrome Profiles

How great would it be in case you could separate your work and personal browsing content? Well, Chrome has got a feature that lets you do that.

If you have a work and personal Gmail account, you can set up a separate chrome profile for both. This will separate the stuff you browse for using one profile from the other. And you will get all the Chrome browser functionalities in both browsers.

To create a new profile:

✅ Click the Google avatar icon on the top-right corner of your browser.

✅ Select Add under the profile menu.

✅ Finally, provide the login credentials of the Gmail account for which you want to create the profile. 

You can personalize the Chrome browsers by setting a specific appearance to each browser and even save passwords, bookmarks, etc.

If you are using multiple devices, you can sync the settings and data of your browser to access it across all the devices that you log in to.

Besides, if you share your laptop or PC with a friend for a while, you can create a Guest profile for them. This will keep your browsing data private while letting them access all the Chrome browser functionalities. This is one of the magic Google Chrome features.

5) Integrated Control for Music and YouTube

If you like listening to music during working, you’ll love this Google Chrome feature. Chrome has an in-built music controller that lets you control music without switching tabs. It enables you to play/pause, seek forward, seek backward, or skip tracks in just a click.

Suppose you are reading a blog on a different tab, and the music is playing in another. Just hit the music note icon on the browser’s menu bar whenever you want to control the music. You will get access to all the controls right here.

The same is the case with YouTube. If you want a YouTube video in another tab, click the music note icon to control it.

6) Manage Tabs with Ease

The grouping tabs feature a savior when you’ve got multiple tabs open on your browser. This feature lets you group tabs and categorize them by assigning a name to each group.

To make it even better, you can assign a specific color to each group. That way, you can identify which tab belongs to which group without opening it.

All you need to do is right-click on the tab you want to group, label it, pick a color, and you are done.

After creating a group, you can add more tabs, remove existing tabs, and even drag them to reorder. In short, this feature will help you spot one tab from multiple open tabs in a flash!

7) Add Articles to Reading List

Chrome offers a new feature called Reading List, allowing you to save articles you want to read later. Assume you are reading something on Chrome, and due to some reason, you are unable to finish reading the article right now. Then, add that article to your Reading List, and get back to it when you’ve got the time.

To save the article, click the Bookmark symbol, select the Add to Reading List option. Later, when you want to access the article, click the Reading List on the top right of your browser. You can also mark the articles or remove them when done reading.

That was our list of the best Google Chrome features that you should be using. If you want to learn and experiment with more features, visit “chrome://flags/” from your Chrome Browser. From there, enable the feature you want to try, and if you aren’t happy with it, disable it.

Please remember, some of these features might be in the experimental phase, so enable one at a time. For more such information explore the Enchantrixto Technology section!

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Google Chrome Features FAQs

1) How can I personalize my Google Chrome browser?

Chrome has a lot to offer to its users when it comes to personalization. You can make your Chrome unique by setting a personalized theme, adding extensions, and even selecting what pages to show on startup.

To set up the themes and extensions, you will have to get them from the Chrome Web Store. And you can do other settings from Chrome settings.

2) How can I clear my Chrome browsing history?

You can clear your browsing history by clicking the three-dot icon on the top-right corner of your browser and navigating to More tools >> Clear browsing data, or by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Del on your PC.

Alternatively, you can type “Clear browsing history” in the address bar and click on it. Then, choose what you want to delete and confirm the delete.

3) Can I use Google Chrome features on other Search Engines like Bing?

Even if you are accessing Chrome from a search engine like Bing, you can still access some features. For that, you will have to enable them first by visiting the chrome flags site.

Also, keep in mind that if your browser has a similar feature, you will have to disable it first. Otherwise, it may cause a conflict.

4) Does Chrome put tabs to sleep?

If you want to free up some memory by putting inactive tabs to sleep, you can do it by enabling the “Freeze User-Agent request handler” feature of Chrome. You can enable it from “chrome://flags/,” as you would enable other features.

5) How do I know if my Chrome browser is up to date?

Google automatically updates the browser on your device whenever a new version is released. So, you don’t have to do that manually.

However, if you haven’t closed your browser for a while or want to update it manually, you can click the three-dot icon on the top-right corner, then click on More >> Update Google Chrome. You will then have to relaunch your browser, and it’s done!
This is one of the best Google Chrome features.

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