Top 7 Best Smart Bulbs for Your Home [Updated 2022]

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If you want to control the lights and bulbs of your home, smart bulbs are just your thing. Getting connected to your smartphones via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Amazon Alexa, these smart bulbs make you worry less about searching for switches in dark hallways. Our post will deal with the 7 best smart bulbs for your home will offer you a smart lifestyle at home.

Recomended 7 List of Best Smart Bulbs for your home 

Listed below are the 7 Best Smart Bulbs for your Home. Check them below.

1) Wipro Wi-Fi Enabled Smart LED Bulb E27 9-Watt

Buy Wipro Wi-Fi Enabled Smart LED Bulb B22 9-Watt - Best Smart Bulbs for Your Home

The Wipro Wi-Fi Enabled Smart LED Bulb is one of the coolest innovations. If you look closely, this bulb is also voice-controlled by Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. It has around 16 million colors in it. These can be controlled using the Wipro next Smart App. 

If you want an easy-handling bulb with less consumption of electricity, you can surely count on these bulbs. You won’t have to buy any party lights or suitable lights for dinner or reading since this one bulb has it all. Such bulbs are rare where you can set a timer so that the LED bulb is automatically shut down. 

How to use Wipro Wi-Fi Enabled Smart LED Bulb E27 9-Watt?

  1. Download the Wipro next Smart app from Google Play Store. 
  2. Select your country code and enter your mobile number. Once done, you will be sent an
  3. OTP to log in.
  4. Place the bulb in the bulb holder and switch it on.
  5. Open the app on your device and tap the ‘+’ button on the top right corner. 
  6. Select ‘lighting devices’ from among the options.
  7. Finally, tap ‘Next step’ for turning the bulb on and off. Try tapping once or twice more if you find the device is not responding. After the device is connected, it will appear on the screen.

It has been reviewed by many customers as very intuitive and easy to use and is worth every penny. It has been rated 5-star by most of the customers. As an update, the device has also installed Bluetooth connections. Therefore, you can connect it through Bluetooth as well. Among all the smart bulbs, this one is highly recommended in case you want a good makeover of your house.

2) Philips Hue 10W B22 Smart Bulb

Buy Philips Hue 10W B22 Bulb (White & Color Ambiance)

The Philips Hue 10W B22 Smart Bulb is also one of the smartest bulbs that you can buy. It is also a reliable one and is likely to grab the attention of many buyers. This bulb also consists of a B22 plug which is most commonly found in India. The color temperature of this bulb is 6500 kelvin. It uses Helea smart App for controlling the bulbs.

You won’t face a problem handling this one too since it supports Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. It has different shades of white and a great range (2700k-6500k). connect this bulb to a hotspot, router, or Wi-Fi whenever you want and can also set timers to turn on and off, just like the previous smart bulb.  But you cannot deny that products like these do make you lazy! 

How to use Philips Hue 10W B22 Smart Bulb?

You need to follow some easy steps for using this bulb.

  1. Download the Helea Smart App from the play store. 
  2. Search for ‘Helea Smart’.
  3. Configure your name on the app and then you can have access to everything, even if you are away from home- brightness, the color of the bulb, etc.

This bulb has also been rated a 5-star, but there are still some issues. Some people have faced problems while connecting it with Alexa while some have found it crashing several times. Reviews say that it is also worth the money you spend on it. So, it can also be a great choice.

3) Yeelight Smart LED Colour Bulb

Yeelight Smart LED Bulb 1S (Color) review:

Here comes the best smart bulbs for your home with fascinating and unique features. The Yeelight Smart LED Bulb has a Colour Picker that lets you choose the color you want by scanning it with your smartphone’s camera. The light it produces is brighter than the others and therefore, it’s perfect for daily use. It also involves the common trait of supporting Google Assistant and Alexa and is priced reasonably.

You can connect this bulb to any smart device, even Apple HomeKit via IFTTT( If This, Then That ), a programming conditional statement. With the enticing features installed in it, it can surely be called a smart bulb. The Yeelight app also makes it easier and much more fun to use.

How to use Yeelight Smart LED Bulb?

  1. Download the Yeelight App on your Android device.
  2. Once it’s done, switch on the Bluetooth of your device.
  3. You will find various Yeelight devices listed on your computer. Press ‘connect’.
  4.  Turn on the bulb and connect it to your phone via Wi-Fi.  Go to your Wi-Fi settings and search for ‘yeelink-light-xxx’ to connect.
  5. Open the app and you will find your bulb is connected to the app. 

The customers have given positive feedback about this bulb. Because of its reasonable price, many are intending on buying it too! The bulb shines with 800 lumens which are more than enough to expect from any smart bulb.

4) Cree Lighting Connected Max Tunable White + Colour Bulb

Creelighting Smart LED Bulb by Enchan-trixto

The Cree Lighting Connected Max Tunable white bulbs are specified for your everyday use. It is identical to most smart bulbs. A unique feature of this bulb is that it consists of adjustable presents, especially the ones suited for holidays like Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July, etc. 

The brightness of such lights also extends up to 800 lumens and can last for 25000 Hrs. Guess, that is enough for any celebration. Its color temperature is White Tunable (22000k – 65000k) which is an addition to its color-changing feature. Connect this bulb to the app or your favorite voice assistant for using it from anywhere.

How to use Cree Lighting Connected Max Tunable white bulbs?

  1. Download the Cree Lighting app from the Play store.
  2. Configure the app and pair it with your android set.
  3. Once it is done, open your Wi-Fi and start scanning for ‘Cree Bulbs’.
  4. The bulb will blink at one time, meaning it is in its paring mode. 
  5. Once the bulb is connected, it will pulse one time to signify it.

Use the app to enable the “Follow the sun” feature. Through this feature, the lights will gradually shift the entire day to mimic the natural sunlight. This in a way will also improve your mood, well-being, and productivity.

This one-light gives you the perfect present for the reading, playing, or just relaxing. It has been reviewed by many customers to display better quality of light (90+CRI) than any smart bulb. Controlling them using the app has also been easier for many customers.

However, some customers have faced a problem in the network while switching the light to some other color. But, besides these issues, it is one of the most suitable smart bulbs that you can use.

5) Syska 12-Watt Smart LED Bulb

Syska 12-Watt B-22 Wi-Fi Enabled Smart LED Bulb

The Syska Smart LED Bulb is a Wi-Fi-enabled smart bulb that can be controlled using the Alexa Voice command and Google Assistant. This bulb works with Android 4.3 and above and iPhones running iOS 6 and above. The price of this bulb is very reasonable and is worth the money. 

The bulb is fairly easy to set up. You may reschedule this bulb depending upon the time of sunrise and sunset. The bulb will automatically get lit up during sunset and get powered off while sunrise. All this can be handled using the company’s app.

How to use Syska Smart LED Bulb?

  1. Download the Syska Smart Home app from the Google Play store. You can use this app to organise the Syska smart lights.
  2. Switch on the Syska Smart bulb for connecting it to the app. Use your Wi-Fi to connect it to the app.

Once you are done connecting them, you can change the colors according to your desire or even give a voice command via Alexa to control it. There are a million possibilities for you to turn your home into a beauty! The app also allows you to make groups so that the bulb can be controlled by multiple people.

The app interface is flawless and makes it easier for the customers to use. Also, the app is updated regularly and registers new features like compatibility with Google Home. Yet, some customers may not be very pleased with the Syska technicians because they don’t respond on time. 

6) Halonix Prizm Wi-Fi Enabled Smart LED Bulb

Halonix Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Bulb E27 12-Watt 16 Million Colors + Warm  White/Neutral White/White) (Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google  Assistant): Home & Kitchen

This Indian product is also one of the top 7 best smart bulbs that can be controlled using your android and iOS devices. The Halonix Prizm Wi-Fi  Enabled Smart LED Bulb gets easily connected to 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi to provide you with a wide range of colors for making your home a great delight.  It also supports every AI-powered software like Alexa and Google Assistant. 

This bulb elevates the atmosphere around you. Just like every other smart bulb, its 16 million colors provide the right present for the right occasion. You can also turn off the light or dim it at your convenience using the app. This bulb can also be remotely controlled. 

How to use Halonix Prizm Wi-Fi  Enabled Smart LED Bulb?

  1. Download the Halonix smart from the Google Play store. 
  2. There will be a small registration process that will automatically detect your location. 
  3. Finally, add the device to your smartphone using Wi-Fi to regulate the colours of your home.

This smart bulb has some heating issues, unlike the Wipro or Syska Smart bulbs. Therefore, customers may not appreciate it that much. However, the colors it displays (as said by the customer) are vivid and intense. 

7) Philips Hue White and Colour Ambiance A19 Starter Kit

Philips Hue White and Color LED Smart Button Starter Kit

The Philips Smart Wi-Fi Bulb is voice-controlled by Alexa and google assistant. These are paired with a wide section of Hue lighting devices. These bulbs communicate with each other through a wireless connection. This A19 starter kit has a hue bridge that supports 16 million colors and manages up to 50 thousand shades of white

In case you want a Hue Dimmer, a Hue Tap, or a Hue motion sensor, you can buy these accessories separately. You can create such light schedules so that you don’t have to enter or wake up in a fully dark house. By using the smart bulb connected to the Hue mobile app, you can transform your everyday schedule into something interesting. 

How to use Philips Smart Wi-Fi Bulb?

  1. Download the Philips Hue app from the Google play store.
  2. Switch on the Philips smart bulb.
  3. Search for the Hue device on your smartphone.
  4. Once you find it, pair it with the phone via Wi-Fi to get access to the ceiling lights, table lights, pendant lamps, floor lamps, etc. you will then be able to change the colour of any place into any colour you choose.

In case you connect it to Alexa or Google Assistant, your voice command will be enough to do the needful. You need not search for your phone or the Switch to change the lighting.

Customers have reviewed that the colors are great and vibrant. However, most of them have shown concern regarding improvement in the hues of the bulb.

Best Smart Bulbs for Your Home – Final Words

Many other companies are focused on making high-quality Smart Bulbs. But, if you desire your home to be at its best, you can surely rely on the above-given bulbs. These bulbs provide you with a wide variety of features so that you don’t have to buy lights for every occasion separately.

Best Smart Bulbs for Your Home – FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1) Will Philips Hue Bulb help me mimic sunrise just like the Cree Smart Bulb?

Yes, of course. You can use the Wake-up routine on your Philips Hue Bulb. It will gradually get brighter with growing time. It is the best smart bulb for your home.

2) Is Best Smart Bulbs for home compatible with Google Home?

Yes, it works very well with Google Home.

3) Can this smart bulb be used offline

Yes, Wifi Enable Smart bulb can be used both online and offline. There is a push-up switch on the bulb which disables its connection with the app.

4) Will Smart LED Bulb consume electricity while they are off?

 No. That will be unnecessary. But, if you have your device in the reset mode, you will need to configure it again.

5) Can it turn into warm white?

 Yes, it can. You can change the color to anything you want. All you have to do is scan the color.

6) Does LED Bulb has a separate hub?

No. It does not have a separate hub. It connects to its Wi-Fi automatically.

7) Will, Smart bulb is suitable for 220Volts electricity?

Unfortunately no. These bulbs can be used for 120volts only.

8) Are there any compatible motion sensors?

There are currently no motion sensors for Cree Lighting smart bulbs, but some additional accessories will be available soon.

9) How should I keep the Smart LED lights clean?

Use a micro-fiber cloth for cleaning the surface of the bulb.

10) Are these lights compatible with Android and iOS?

Yes, these lights are compatible with both Android and iOS. You can pair it with Alexa or Google Assistant.

11) Will the bulb retain its original light if the Wi-Fi isn’t working?

 Yes, it will retain its default color. But, once the Wi-Fi is connected again, it will go back to the color it was.

12) Do other bulbs have the same weight as mine?

Yes, these bulbs are considerably a bit heavier than the rest.

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