Best Smart LED Bulb Options in India to Buy in 2021

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The best smart led light bulbs in India are a reality now. Some 10 years back, did we imagine a Smart LED Bulb? Well, we have various options available in the market now. Here at Enchantrixto Gadgets section, I will share the 5 best smart led bulb options on Amazon and Flipkart to consider before purchasing.

These smart lights are equipped with a central control hub that acts as a link between the LED smart light bulb and Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to pair with a smartphone. The list of best smart led light bulbs in India is given below.

6 Best Smart LED Bulb Options to buy in 2021 on Amazon

I have mentioned the best smart Led light bulbs in India which you can buy this year. Check them below.

Wipro WIFI Enabled Smart LED Bulb (B22, 12.5 watts)

Wipro Smart LED Bulb 12.5 Watt

The Wipro Smart Bulb is a 12.5-watts Smart LED Bulb in India and is one of the best sellers on Amazon. The Wipro WIFI Enabled LED Smart Light Bulb comes equipped with the following features:

  1. The Smart Led Bulb offers 16 million colours.
  2. The Smart Light is dimmable; thus, you can increase or decrease the brightness of space.
  3. You can change the colour shade to any whites as per your need. Warm White, Neutral and Cool White colour modes are available.
  4. You can operate your smart led bulb through wifi from anywhere, using the “Wipro Next Smart Home” app. There is no requirement for any additional gateway or Hub. The Wipro Smart LED bulb must be within the range of your WIFI.
  5. You can also create different scenes using the Wipro Smart App.
  6. Also, you can set a timer through this smart led bulb while sleeping. Schedule the Turn ON and Turn OFF time according to your need. Users can also set change the Turn in the evening and Turn OFF in the sunrise.
  7. Also, one can set Turn ON before reaching home from the office.
  8. One can categorize these best smart Led light bulbs in India for different rooms by creating different groups. You can have different control settings for such different groups. Through a particular group of Wipro Smart LED Bulbs, you can adjust the bulb controls in the living room from your bedroom.
  9. The Wipro Smart Bulb Alexa and Google Assistant features make this tech gadget on Amazon even more useful. The Smart LED Bulb’s Amazon Alexa feature enables to name them differently and give Amazon Alexa commands to change bulb colour.
  10. It is possible to give one particular name to some of these best smart Led light bulbs in India to operate them simultaneously through Alexa.
  11. The Wipro Smart LED Bulb Price in India (B22 – 12 watt) is 783 INR, and the B22 (9-watt) price is 599 INR on Amazon (Prices are subjected to change).

Halonix Wi-fi Enabled Smart LED Bulb (12W)

Halonix Smart Bulb - LED Smart Light Bulb

The Halonix Smart Bulb is another best-selling product on Amazon. This is a smart led bulb on Amazon with 12 watts of power and wifi. I will share some of the features below:

  1. Like the Wipro Smart Bulb, the Halonix Smart Bulb is a Made in India product.
  2. This Smart LED Bulb boasts 16 million colour shades of RGB light.
  3. The Halonix wifi Enabled Smart LED Bulb offers good connectivity through its WIFI (2.4 GHz) connectivity. Thus, it enables you to connect to your smartphones or tablets.
  4. You can control the smart light brightness of the LED from 1 to 100% on any colour. Thus, a user can enjoy any room ambience as per need. Through this smart led bulb on Amazon, you can create any lighting tone as per mood.
  5. Like the Wipro Smart Bulb, the Halonix wifi Enabled Smart LED Bulb, too, has a timer. You can set a timer and ‘Turn ON’ and ‘Turn OFF’ as per need.
  6. You can control the smart light effects easily through Amazon Alexa Commands or Google Virtual Assistant. Thus the smart led bulb gives you a lot of flexibility by enabling you to change your ambience as per your mood.
  7. To control the lighting ambience, just download the Halonix wifi app from Google Play Store or Apple store. On registration, the app will detect your location automatically. Finally, add the Smart LED bulb, and you are all ready.
  8. Choose family or member management for controlling the lighting mode of different rooms.
  9. The Halonix (B22) Smart LED Bulb Price in India is 569 INR, while the Halonix B27 model costs 579 INR on Amazon (Prices are subject to change).

Finicky-World Wireless Panoramic Bulb with 360° IP Camera and 960P Fisheye Vision

Finicky - Smart Light

This Finicky Smart LED Bulb, being smart, is also a camera. The features of this Smart LED Bulb are:

  1. Finicky-World Wireless Panoramic Bulb (360°) offers constant surveillance all-around your house. This is one of the important features of this incredible gadget on Amazon.
  2. The LED Smart Light Bulb captures almost anything (even the slightest of disturbances) automatically. You can check the videos on your mobile phones quickly.
  3. The Finicky-World Wireless Panoramic Smart LED Bulb has an intelligent smart detection function. This feature generates an instant real-time alert on the mobile phone or device when any motion is captured. Just download the app to ensure the safety of your family or business.
  4. The smart light also comes with an in-built speaker and microphone, which helps in the 2-way recording.
  5. The mobile app of this LED Smart Light Bulb can perform various tasks. You can switch on and off the lights and enjoy a 3D view at your fingertips.
  6. The app also supports the following – 5 different types of views and wireless monitoring of each corner of your home or property, or business. 
  7. The Smart Bulb Camera has IR Night Vision to provide clear and clean surveillance at night. The video quality is good and set at 960 p (Full HD).
  8. The led bulb price in India is 1,399 INR on Amazon. The prices are subjected to change.

Halonix (B22) 9 Watt Bluetooth Smart LED Bulb with Speaker

Halonix Bluetooth Smart LED Bulb

This is a Bluetooth Smart LED Bulb with Speaker from Halonix. The bulb offers 9 watts of power and comes with a 5 watts speaker. The features of this smart led bulb on Amazon are:

  1. The Halonix LED Smart Light Bulb has a powerful speaker, and its Bluetooth enables you to connect easily to any device.
  2. The smart led light comes with 2 colour modes – 9 watts White Light to relax and .5 watt Yellow Light for Night.
  3. You do not need any cable to charge, and also no app is provided. The LED Smart Light Bulb has a premium finish and a natural sound.
  4. The Halonix Speaker led bulb price in India is 629 INR on Amazon.
  5. Please note that the LED Bulb Price in India is subject to changes on Amazon.

Syska (B22) Wifi Enabled Smart LED Bulb with 16 Million Colors

Syska Smart Bulb - Smart LED Bulb

This Syska smart bulb comes with 16 million colours and supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Check further down its features:

  1. The smart light has in-built wifi and has a timer to set alarms. Thus, you can manage your daily schedule easily.
  2. The SYSKA Smart Bulb works excellently with any wifi without any need for a separate hub or paid subscription service. Your current wifi is good enough.
  3. With 16 million colour options, you have plenty of options available at your disposal to change the colours as per your mood.
  4. The Wireless LED Smart Light Bulb is compatible with all android and iOS devices.
  5. The Syska (SSK-SMW-7W-C) LED Bulb Price in India is 449 INR on Amazon. While the Syska (SSK-SMW-9W-C) is unavailable now on Amazon.

Mi Smart LED Bulb with 16 Million Colours

The MI Smart LED Bulb has also grabbed the eyeballs of many bulb lovers. Check the features of this LED Smart Bulb.

MI Smart LED Bulb
  • You can choose about 16 Million Colors on these smart LED bulbs. Users can create an ambiance for anything like – party, reading, movie nights, candlelight dinner.
  • The LED Smart Bulb has Voice Assistant and is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • The MI Smart LED Bulb is made of Polycarbonate and plastic-clad aluminum.
  • You can just download the Mi Home app and control the smart led lights with mobile.
  • The Mi Home app will allow users to group Xiaomi Smart Lights like – Mi Smart Bulb, Mi Bedside Lamp, and others to create a suitable décor.
  • The MI Smart Bulb is energy efficient with 11 years of service life (approx).
  • The LED Smart Bulb also has Power ON or OFF, Adjustable Brightness, Scheduler, Adjustable Color Temperature, and others.
  • The MI Smart Bulb Price on Amazon is 799 INR.

Please note that the LED Bulb Price in India for all these products is variable.

Smart LED Bulb on Amazon: My Opinion

Well, all these smart led bulb options are bestsellers and have good reviews on Amazon. If you are looking for a ‘Made in India’ Led Smart Light Bulb, check out the features and buy them from here.

I will not be able to guarantee the LED Bulb Price in India as they are variable, so, will suggest you buy only during offers. In case you have already purchased any of these products do care to share your reviews here in the comment section. Stay Tuned to Enchantrixto Gadget News.

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Smart LED Bulb Frequently Used Questions (FUQ)

1) What is a Smart LED Bulb?

A LED Smart Light Bulb is a Bulb that can be remotely (Wifi, Bluetooth, Remote) operated and offers Luminous Light inside the room or property. The smart bulb also offers other features like multiple light modes, spy camera, Amazon Alexa, google assistant, timers, and etc.

2) Is the Wipro LED Smart Light Bulb wifi or bluetooth enabled?

Yes, the Wipro LED Smart Light Bulb is WIFI-enabled.

3) What is the Colour Temperature of the Wipro Smart LED Bulb?

The Wipro Smart LED Bulb Colour Temp. are – 2700K, 4000K, and 6500K.

4) Is the Wipro Smart LED Bulb available in 12 watts and 9 watts?

Yes, the Wipro Smart LED Bulb is available in both 12 and 9 watts on Amazon.

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