How to Detect Fake Profiles in Social Media?

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In our day-to-day life, social media is indispensable. Most of the time, we enjoy social media platforms. From teenagers to old age people, everyone feels good to stay on social media for hours. But not everyone is genuine in social media.

According to a report, there are 90 million accounts that are fake or duplicate on Facebook. The numbers are pretty high on other platforms also. So, we from Enchantrixto Tech are sure that numerous people want to know how to detect fake profiles.

Sometimes it is dangerous for innocent people, as scams are also done from fake accounts. COVID pandemic has increased the fakeness excessively. So, we must be very careful during any conversation on social media. It is a serious topic, and we decided to talk about it briefly.

We believe many people can relate this article with their experiences and know-how to detect fake profiles. Here are some common factors from which anyone can quickly identify fake ids. You have to open your eyes and mind to be aware of this type of fraud. Let’s get into the article.

How to Detect Fake Profiles – Who uses Fake Profiles?

Before knowing how to detect fake profiles, it is essential to know who uses fake ids on social media. From companies, hackers, online criminals, everyone uses fake profiles.

Creating a fake profile doesn’t require much effort, just a phone number, email ID, and stolen images. That’s it! Some fake ids are created slowly to make them genuine. Mentioned below is an excerpt from my own experience.

For this purpose, I am sharing one scam experience of mine with you. In the middle of May 2021, when the COVID cases are at the highest rate all over India, one of our relatives got affected by Coronavirus. Oxygen deficiency was the primary concern at that time. 
We tried every possible way to get a cylinder of oxygen, but it was hopeless. At that time, we knew about a Facebook account who were helping the patients with oxygen; then, we contacted them. They had told us to pay money, and in return, they will send the cylinder to our doorstep. But we received nothing.

How to detect fake profiles? Things to Check to Detect Fake Profiles

User Name

When it comes to how to detect fake profiles, it is evident that the fake persons will not share their real identity and will try to use a well-reputed name or fake name as a user name. If you observe any strange name, foreign name, or username with some numbers, then check out other details to become sure about the person’s genuineness. Sometimes we don’t focus on these small things and get highly affected by them.    

Profile Photo 

Checking a person’s profile photo is another answer to – how to detect fake profiles. If the persons are genuine and don’t want to hide their identity, they will share their real photos. If the image is of any celebrity’s picture or any other people who don’t look genuine, make sure to cross-check the identity.


Bio plays a vital role in how to detect fake profiles. A bio aptly describes the person’s identity. A real person will never have a fake or unrealistic bio. A simple example of a genuine profile bio will be something without any harmful links, quality posts, and a real profile picture. If a user uses misleading links from where the viewer can get viruses in devices or invite spam, it is a fake profile. 


Checking the number of followers of any profile can be an important way to answer your question – how to detect fake profiles on social media. This trick comes into use when a popular personality’s account is copied, and the number of followers is less.

Many times it is found that the person has a lot of followers but the content in the profile is of poor quality or no content at all. So, by both ways, one can detect the genuineness of the profile. So in addition to checking follower count, also, check the content of the profile picture and posts of that person.

Interaction with other Accounts

Fake ids and malicious ids will never interact with numerous people or profiles. They will try to interact with their target audience. So, don’t just believe their words; go and check the other details and try to search the comments and interactions of the account.

A real person wants more interaction to reach out to the maximum number of people and get engaged with them when the fake people avoid interactions. 

Incomplete Contents/Copied contents

When you want to express your work on social media, you always want to try something unique, new, and trendy but not copied. The incomplete, copied contents of any profiles can help detect the fakeness of the profile. A fake person will repost the same thing again and again or try to impersonate some specific person. 

Verified Profiles

If you ask how to detect fake profiles further? Detecting unverified profiles is our answer. Yes, it is also a very authentic way to detect fake profiles. Some specific social media platforms always verify with a blue tick or something else to the well-known celebrity or organization with many followers. If you found some profiles of celebrities or organizations without a blue tick, you can rest assured that it is a fake profile. 

What should you do after identifying the fake profiles?

The next question comes into our mind, what should I do after detecting a fake profile. On behalf of Enchan-trixto Tech, we give you four suggestions on what you should do after detecting fake profiles.

These steps are mentioned below. On every social platform, there is an option to report the account. Within 24 to 48 hrs, the authority will review the account, and if they find any guilty, the fake profiles will get removed. It is a speedy and easy method.

✅ Remove the user from friend’s list/unfriend/blacklist/use any other options available.

✅ After reporting, block the account permanently.

✅ In the last step, be careful of these people, try to remove the unknown and suspicious people from your friend’s list, and clean them from your account regularly.

How to Detect Fake Profiles – Final Opinions

“How to detect fake profiles” is not a difficult task. But sometimes, we don’t think much about someone’s identity. Some innocent people easily get trapped by fake profiles. It is necessary to stay away from them. Not only your privacy can get breached, but also fake profiles can create permanent damage. 

We hope these basic things mentioned above will help you understand how to detect fake ids on social media. Our goal is to make people identify fake people, and we love to do it. If you have liked our content, then don’t forget to come back to our site Thank you! 

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How to Detect Fake Profiles on Social Media – FAQs

1) How to Detect Fake Profiles on Social Media?

Fake Profiles are the accounts of those persons use social platforms to meet their ends illegally. So, it is very important to detect fake ids. We have mentioned all the steps in the post here.

2) What I can do after detecting Fake IDs on Social Media?

You can do the following 3 things:

a) Remove the user from the friend list/unfriend/blacklist/use any other options available.
b) After reporting, block the account permanently.
c) In the last step, be careful of these people, try to remove the unknown and suspicious people from your friend’s list. After that, lean them from your account regularly.

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