Best Camscanner Alternatives – Top 6 Amazing Choices to Choose From

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Know Best Camscanner Alternatives

Ban of 59 Chinese apps, along with Camscanner, makes problems in front of many users. And many of them are searching for alternatives to Camscanner. Do you want to know about Camscanner alternative apps? If yes, then this content helps you to figure it out.

Cam Scanner, a popular Chinese scan app, was widely used in official and study purposes. This app was available for both Android and iOS. This app provides a good user experience along with a simple interface. Due to the ban of 59 Chinese apps along with Cam Scanner has forced the user to stop the use of Camscanner alternative. Besides the removal of this app from the Google Play Store and App Store, the Indian Government strictly asked to block the access to servers so that active users can’t use the app further.


  • As the tension in the India-China border is rising continuously, 59 Chinese apps and the most popular document scanning app Camscanner banned by the Indian Government.
  • Also, these 59 Chinese apps violent section 69A of the Information Technology Act. These apps caught in information transfer activities that are prejudicial to India’s sovereignty and integrity, defence of India, and public order.
  • In this situation, we should know about the alternative to Camscanner for scanning.

In today’s topic, we will suggest the best Camscanner alternative so that you can download an alternative to Camscanner and continue your Scan. Here is some of the best Camscanner alternative in which you can scan documents free.

Top 6 Camscanner Alternative

Here is the list of 6 top Camscanner alternatives that one should consider using. Scroll down to read more.

Adobe Scan – Camscanner alternative

In the list of best Alternatives to Camscanner, Adobe Scan comes first. Being developed by Adobe, it provides the same features as Camscanner. So, users will get similar functions. The minor problem is that the user has to turn off his data connection during scanning documents and to create PDF. If the data connection kept on, it would be showing a loading page, and the PDF creation will not take place. It is the best Camscanner alternative that helps to scan documents in official as well as study purposes.

Adobe Scanner Alternative of camscanner


  • This app can be used as a book scanner, business receipt scanner, and helps to create a multipage document and save it in one tap.
  • This app makes a content scan-able and re-usable by creating a high-quality PDF using in-built OCR functionality.
  • Users can remove and edit the captured picture and clean-up strains, marks, etc.
  • It automatically finds documents in your device among the photos and provides an option to change pictures into PDF.
  • It also provides Adobe Document Cloud. It helps to access and sharing instantly. So, the managing of lengthy documents becomes quite more comfortable.

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Document Scanner

Document Scanner is one of the best Camscanner alternatives. It offers high-quality scanning of multiple photos and creates a detailed PDF. It includes features like smart cropping, filters, and sharing as PDF as well as JPEG format. But users have to do all these manually. Users can also create PDFs in different paper sizes such as A1 to A6, Postcard, letter, etc. It also provides more than 50 tools to edit and manage documents. Users can convert photos into PDF and add a signature at the time of printing that PDF. This app needs storage and camera permission to scan the document and save that in your smartphone.

Scanner App to PDF


  • It enhances scan quality automatically and manually.
  • It also offers smart cropping and modes like B/W, Lighten, Colour, and Dark.
  • It is the only scan app that provides scanned documents in PDF as well as JPEG format.
  • It can create, Scan, and share QR-code to scan and receive documents.
  • Scanned documents can be upload in cloud storage.

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Microsoft Office Lens – PDF scanner

As the name suggests, Microsoft Office Lens – PDF scanner is developed by Microsoft and is another Camscanner alternative. It was the best scan app of 2015 in the US and Puerto Rico. It offers to scan all types of documents and export the scanned file into Word or PowerPoint. Microsoft apps have improved a lot in the last few years. This app is easy to work for them who are already using Microsoft system apps. Besides Microsoft Office Lens, it includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and OneDrive.

Office Lense Camscanner Alternative


  • User can increase their productivity by eliminating time spent looking for docs and business cards.
  • User can keep their business networking contacts in their hands. Till now, this app is best for English, German, Spanish languages. More languages are coming soon.
  • For proper use, this app is the most useful. You can capture whiteboard after meeting and share OneNote and Word towards co-workers.

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Turbo Scan

Turbo Scan is another scanning app that is an alternative to Camscanner. This app is capable of doing almost all the works that Camscanner alternatives can do. This app provides auto edge detection, multiple scanning along with sharpening. In the free version, the user can scan up to three multipage docs. To experience the full features and robust multipage scanning, users have to buy the premium version and invest a one-time cost.



  • It offers automatic edge detection and perspective correction.
  • Within 3 sec, it can process the captured photo and convert it into PDF.
  • It can convert camera rolls as PDF, JPEG, or PNG.
  • It provides multipage editing such as addition, recording, and deletion of pages.
  • Users can print the scanned doc via a cloud storage print feature.

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Photo Scan

Photo Scan, developed by Google, is a new scanner app. It is another Alternative to Camscanner. This new scanner app helps users scan documents along with Scan printed photos and, save as a digital copy. It offers auto edge detection, high-quality picture capturing and removing blemishes and glare.

Photoscan by Google Photos


  • It offers cropping along with automatic edge detection.
  • It scans the doc in seconds by providing less editing time.
  • Users can back up the scanned photos by using Google Photos to keep them safe.
  • No matter how you capture the photo, its smart rotation makes all right along with straight, rectangular Scans with perspective correction.

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Google Drive

Google Drive is the most popular cloud storage for Android users. This app provides the feature of document scanning besides offering free cloud storage of 15 GB. It does not offer a lot of features, but if you want to do simple Scan, it will be quite the right choice. And it will be an alternative to Camscanner. User can access their documents from anywhere, anytime by connecting internet service and accessing their Gmail.

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Final Words on Best Camscanner Alternatives

So, this is all and, we make sure that you have no longer to worry about choosing the best Camscanner alternatives by reading this comprehensive information. There are many other scanning apps available in the Google Play Store and the App Store, but these apps provide the best working experience.

At last, if you like our content and efforts behind it, please share this post with your lovable persons and help them to find Alternative to Camscanner. If you have any queries or extra information, please feel free to comment below.

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