Top 5 Fonts that all web designers should know

There are several ways to present one thing. Exactly the same work is going in the domain of web designing. If you are a website designer then you’ll surely need to choose the best way to present your website by choosing the right format, images, tools, and layout. Besides these, one most important thing is to pick the right font.

Most of the web designers didn’t focus and neglected the point of choosing the right font. That’s why they will never reach a professional level. In this article, we are going to talk about the Top 5 fonts that are usually preferable in this field. So, just scroll down and find your answers;

What are Fonts?

A font is a character that can be a template in various styles, layout, size, weight, color, and designs. Fonts are used to compose a character with all of its elements. By using different fonts, you can attractively present your format.

5 suitable fonts that usually preferable in Web designing

Thousands of fonts are available around us demanding the best results but here we are going to discuss the top 5 fonts that are usually preferable in web designing. So, let’s get started;


Arial is one of the most usable fonts especially in advertising, news, or informational content. Arial font is from the category of Sans-serif usually available in all Microsoft apps or software.

Is it unprofessional to use Arial font? 

Arial font is available almost everywhere and a completely accurate and reliable font to use. There is nothing that makes it unprofessional. 


Rockwell is from the category Slab serif fonts. The Rockwell font is usually bold, wide, and large and used to get attention from the reader. Most people use Rockwell font in the title of their content or writing main lines. Rockwell is also called a geometric slab serif font. 

Times New Roman

Time New Roman is a typeface of Serif, commonly used to write a document or a business proposal. It can be classified as an old-style or traditional font. Moreover, Time New Roman is one of the most trending fonts in MS Words for more than 20 years. 

 Is Time New Roman is costly?

Obviously Not, Time New Roman provide a completely free version to its users since 1931

Script MT Bold

Script MT Bold having a general German script writing format. It can be used in decorating your font or in the typesetting industry. Script MT Bold having a curve way and bold format of writing.


Helvetica was introduced with the typeface sans-serif in 1957 and is most famous in the web industry due to its German and Swiss layout design. It is used to present your content in a clean, slightly bold, and modern format. 

Does Helvetica take charges?

Well, Helvetica is a little bit more expensive than others because you need to get a license to be a member of Helvetica’s family. 

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