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If you go and tell your granny that you are going to spend 15-20k on¬†Sharp air purifier, probably she is anticipated to palpitate in terror and answer, “Why do you require an air purifier when you can go out and inhale fresh air!” Okay, fresh air! That is something I call luxury for all city residents now. Can’t thank air pollution enough! (sarcasm) An air purifier has turned out to be a necessity instead of a luxury in India.

However, is it the solution to our contaminated air woes? Does Sharp air purifier help? If yes, how do you identify which model is proper for you? Are these questions cropping up within your brain? If yes, this piece of review is for you. 

Before I dive deeper into the review, I think we should discuss the relation between air purifiers, air quality, pollution and health concerns. Without a further wait, allow me to start.

Prime Reasons Behind Poor Indoor Air Quality

  • No Direct Sunlight: Sunlight works as a universal disinfectant when it comes to the living areas (cushion, bedding, wall and floor).
  • Less Ventilation: Significantly, fresh outdoor air needs to stay scattered within our indoors to make sure that toxic gases or harmful levels of a particle becomes diluted and does not accumulate.
  • Pressed Wood Furniture: The timber (pressed) wood furniture used these data contributes extensively to entrapping harmful elements as they are permanently deposited to the partitions or floors.
  • Air Conditioners: At cold temperatures, ACs can turn out to be a source of natural allergens and may grow mould.

What are the Immune responses to foreign objects entering our airway?

  • Sneezing: The most primary response to harmful particles hitting our nasal hairs.
  • Mucous Secretion: The surface of our airway produces fluid from glands for washing out the pollutants.
  • Inflammation: After the first two-level defence fails and particles keep entering your airway; it happens to be constricted and obstructed naturally.

Alarming Statistics of Air Pollution

The Economic Times – “India wakes up to an air pollution problem it cannot ignore”

WHO Report – “1/3 of world‚Äôs asthma patients are from India”

National Bureau of Disease – “93% of leave days are due to cold, cough and other respiratory diseases”

Hindustan Times – “Lungs of most urban children are underdeveloped”

What is Sharp air purifier?

Sharp, the consumer electronics brand from Japan has readily launched a brand-new series of¬†Sharp air purifiers¬†within the Indian marketplace. The famous air purifiers have been classified under the “J” series of¬†air purifiers India by the organisation.

Sharp has revealed a whole of four air-purifiers within the nation, and the variants incorporate SHARP FP-J30M-B, SHARP FP-J60M-W, SHARP FP-J40M-W, and SHARP FP-J80M-H. I have recently purchased SHARP FP-J30M-B, and I am going to review it.

But, before that, let me tell you something about the organisation and the product itself.¬†SHARP’s National Manager, Shuvendu Mazumdar, stated at the launch,

While the Indian market is flooded with OEM products sold by reputed brands, SHARP original design Made in Thailand J series offers Superior built quality, premium Electrical Safety, super high airflow with low noise as some of the added benefits.

To reduce the inadequate air quality and contribute fresh air, Sharp air purifiers come with a high-density ACTIVE Plasmacluster Technology matched with PASSIVE Mechanical Filtration Systems comprising a collection of filters to confine the harmful substances and pollutants in the air. The filters are a Carbon Filter, PM10 Pre Filter, and an H14 Grade True HEPA Filter.

Twenty distinctive global labs have experimented the Sharp air purifier FP-J30M-B; some of them involve the IEC Japan, including the British Allergy Foundation. It is commanded to give an Ozone free discharge while it is conducting the purification method. 

Furthermore, it also comes an equipped HAZE mode (a mode where it reduces toxic Haze elements such as Toluene, Benzene, NOx and Sox with the help of HEPA, Plasmacluster, and Carbon Filters. The PM10 Pre Filter happens to be washable, plus it can catch particles of dimension up to 10 microns. Sharp air purifier India additionally includes a SPOT mode including a PM2.5 level monitoring characteristic.

Asthma & Sharp Air Purifier 

A study by the New England Journal of Medicine during 2004 revealed that asthmatic sufferers possessed an overall more satisfying feeling while dwelling in apartments with air purifiers. But, it is, unfortunately, not a comprehensive solution concerning all people living with asthma.

Environmental protection Agency (EPA) researches have revealed that the air pollutants that lead to asthma are lower in dimension than 0.3 microns. Also, they do not happen to be filtered utilising air purifiers.

Furthermore, compact air purifiers operate best, mainly, within the room in which they are located. Consequently, they need to be placed within the room of the asthmatic patient where he or she spends most of the time. However, it is a proven fact that the Sharp Air Purifier reduces the airborne elements by approximately 80%- which happens to be much better than nothing at all. Check out their certifications below, and you will know better. 


Why do you require a Sharp air purifier?

The Sharp Air Purifier¬†FP-J30M-B happens to be the best Plasmacluster air purifier in India till date. It’s prime to question the strength of different well-known names rightly, like Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 or Winix HR1000.¬†

You will notice a distinct ‘sharp’ design, and powerful all-round specifications so you cannot overlook this¬†air purifier India. Sharp has been in business since the last four years in our nation, plus it’s nevertheless possessed the standout air purifier that proves it happens to be a decent opponent to those American names. Moreover, I hope after going through this¬†Sharp Air purifier Review; you will appreciate it.¬†

I highly recommend purchasing the Sharp air purifier India if you fall within any of the following categories-

  • Suppose you live in one of the most contaminated cities within the nation, namely- Patna, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Gwalior, Amritsar, Firozabad, Agra, Kanpur, and Ludhiana. However, other cities like Kolkata, Bangalore, and Chennai are not far behind in terms of pollution.
  • If your office or apartment dwells amid a town besieged by transportation agencies or if it happens to be close to a factory, construction site or quarry.
  • If any of your family members are asthmatic, allergic to dust, pollen, smoke or pregnant.
  • If you own a pet.

The rationalist in you may still be wondering, “Isn’t this similar to living inside a bubble, that could eventually take a toll on immunity and tolerance to the outside pollution?” Indeed, let’s take a look at it from another perspective.¬†

Don’t you go for a holiday to become energised and restore yourself? The¬†Sharp Air Purifier does just that. Following a day in city pollution and traffic, the¬†Sharp air purifier India helps you re-energize yourself and inhale fresher air. Keep in mind, the majority of us stay at least 12 hours at our home in a day, and air indoors can be three to five times more polluted than outdoors.

What are the benefits of Sharp Air Purifier?

  • Produce clean and purified air like in a park
  • Kills bacteria from air & outside rather than absorbing: replicates our natural creation.
  • Counterbalances odour and viruses
  • With Plasmacluster Ion Technology, ions happen to be spread within the place, to clear the space – even the area below the sofa, back of the closet and beneath the carpet.
  • Regenerates elasticity, skin moisture & texture
  • The True HEPA Filters utilised in Sharp Air Purifier¬†happens to be of the most eminent quality models and are exceptionally suited for application in Indian circumstances where the absorption of the PM1 & PM2.5 is abundant (according to WHO Report ‚Äď 2014). Sharp Air Purifier India¬†offers the most potent Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) within its category (AHAM Certified).

Advantages to Doctors ( Pandemic Alert )

In air-conditioned areas, even with social distancing, the air recirculates, and the probability of cross-infection through nose, eyes and mouth of inhabitants and respiratory droplet transmission is high. 

Therefore, it is beneficial to be safe with a Sharp Air Purifier that comes with multiple purification methods and helps reduce suspended respiratory droplets. 

What is Plasmacluster Ion Technology?

  • Plasmacluster Ion Technology happens to be Sharp’s original active disinfecting technology concerning overcoming the consequences of mould, viruses, dust mites, fungus, VOCs and toxins.
  • Plasma discharge forms and releases the very positive and negative ions that grow in nature.
  • The existing technology happens to be legitimate on the airborne as well as surface infections.
  • The Plasmacluster Ion¬†Sharp Air Purifier¬†cleans the surface and air utilising positive and negative ions.
  • The ions help in inactivating the flu viruses highlighting e-Coli bacteria, H1N1, SARS, MRSA, SARS-CoV-2, poliovirus and dust mites.
  • Plasmacluster Ions happen to be declared effective upon 29 types of disease-causing elements, approved by 22 independent research organisations.

The Power Of Sharp

Plasmacluster Ion Technology present in Sharp Air Purifier India happens to replicate nature, by creating positive and negative ions and no ozone. It is one of the ideas that mother nature follows. These ions move out into the surface and air and find out and inactivate the undesired airborne contaminants.

The Plasmacluster Ion Technology happens to be excellent when compared with different ionisers (ionic air purifiers) & UV technology. An air ioniser generates only Negative Ions, plus inactivates any contaminants by supplementing stress to the particles to drop them to the ground; they do not die.

The risk happens to be that they remain still alive and may harm you. However, when these airborne pollutants are made heavy, these can drop on any surface below like table, food, furniture etc. Furthermore, the UV purification system happens to be passive because it needs the airborne pollutants to be drawn in within the system to be “managed”. Moreover, the effectiveness of this kind of air purification happens to be restricted to the quantity of fresh air it can induce into the system.

The True HEPA Filters concerning the Sharp Air Purifier happens to be one concerning the supreme quality standards plus are excellently suited for application within Indian situations where the absorption of the PM2.5 happens to be the highest. Also, Sharp gives the most distinguished Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR). Moreover, it has additionally been verified autonomously (AHAM certified).

Plasmacluster ions further decrease static electricity present within the room. Therefore, those tiny airborne particles like pollen, dust, pet dander, including smoke do not adhere to walls and furniture and rather stay within the air, therefore, that the airflow captures the pollutants within the filtration operation.

Critical features of Sharp Air Purifier

  • Plasmacluster Technology.
  • Auto Restart: Yes.
  • Highest Class H14 HEPA Filter.
  • Dual Purification for Complete Protection.
  • Micron Mesh Pre-Filter Seizes dust particles being 50 microns.
  • Captures 99.97 % of 0.3-micron particles
  • Carbon Filter/Charcoal Layer Supports in Elimination of Smoke & Chemical.
  • 3 Large Surface Area Highest CADR.
  • Plasma Cluster happens to be Positive & Negative ions that create Fresh Indoor Air.
  • The combination of Passive Filtration and Active Plasma cluster gives Artlessly Clean & Wholesome Indoor Air.



Haze, Low, Medium & High


2 Years Onsite Warranty


431x411x211 mm

Clean Air Delivery Rate

60-180 m³/h


4.2 kg

Noise Level

High: 44 dB, Medium: 36 dB, Low: 23 dB

Filter Life

Up to 2 Years


220-240 V


50-60 Hz

Coverage Area

250 sq. ft

Item Code



High: 50 W, Medium: 30 W, Low: 13 W, Stand By: 0.6 W

Items in Pack

1 Piece


Dimensions431 x 411 x 211 mm
Box contentsMain Unit, Power Cord, Filters, Product Manual and Warranty Card
Coverage AreaUp to 250 sqft
Weight4 kgs


Filter TypePlasmacluster, Ionizer, HEPA, Activated Carbon, Pre-filter
Number of Filters3
Number of Speed SettingsTurbo
Clean Air Delivery Rate240 m3/h


Mobile app supportNo
Sleep ModeYes
Filter Replacement IndicatorYes
Child LockNo
Silent modeYes
Turbo ModeNo


Product Warranty2 Years


Power input220-240 V

Pricing and availability

When it comes to the availability and pricing, Sharp Air Purifier FP-J30M-B happens to be priced at Rs 19,250 and will be mainly available with the help of Vestige Marketing Private Limited. Alternatively, the FP-J40M-W, FP-J60M-W & FP-J80M-H comes with a price tag of Rs 27,000, Rs 35,000 & Rs 39,000 individually and will remain accessible for marketing via Sharp online including offline Sales & Distribution Networks throughout India.

Note: In case you choose to buy from E-commerce websites, you will get no warranty and servicing assistance on your product. This product can only be purchased via Sales & Distribution Networks of Vestige Marketing Private Limited throughout the globe.

I, personally, know a direct seller from whom you can buy Sharp Air Purifier, effortlessly. I have purchased mine, and I am thrilled with their service. Therefore, I am sharing the Name, Phone Number and Email ID of the direct seller who is also a silver director of Vestige Marketing Private Limited. It can help you facilitate the buying process. Simply reach out for getting the product delivered to your doorsteps.

  • Name: Biswapratim Das
  • Designation: Silver Director of Vestige Marketing Private Limited
  • Contact Number: 8944093556
  • Email ID: [email protected]

Final Verdict

Air purifiers are needed in India and are necessary during these pandemic days. Clean air happens to be rare, and the Sharp Air Purifier has turned out to signify a part of our daily requirements. Our homes are not purified enough even if we clean the furniture and floor daily. 

The air happens to be always going to require additional guidance if you desire to maintain a wholesome life. With Sharp air purifier India, you can get the most proper hygiene when it comes to you and your family members. Therefore, make sure yo get yourself Sharp- best air purifier India. My review has simplified your effort in looking for one. Now, all you require to do is reach out and purchase.

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