10 Amazing Dating Apps in India for You If You are Still Single

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Best Online dating apps in India are quite popular among individuals as it is the easiest way to meet new people who are compatible with you, so if you are single and ready to mingle then many online dating sites can help you. Especially during this COVID-19 pandemic, when you cannot go outside and if you are single, dating online can be a solution.

There are no limitations and you can hook with someone you like whether in your city or another country with dating apps in India. With the invention of such dating apps India, people can expand their searches to different cities, different states, or even different countries. 

Few Facts & Figures on Online Dating Apps India

  • Online Dating apps in India segment is expected to make business by 51m USD in 2020.
  • The revenues are expected to grow by 10.2 per cent between 2020 – 2024.
  • User penetration rates of best dating app in India will be 1.9% by 2024, rising from 1.3 per cent now.
Dating Apps in India Growth
Revenue growth of Dating Apps in India as per Statista Reports

At present finding the right match can be a tough task; the one you want, the qualities and nature are what all you look for when you date a person. Are these three things sufficient to go with the person? The answer can be NO. It is very important to know the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with. If anyone wants to know each other than dating apps India can be a good option that a person can have.

Reasons To Choose Online Dating Apps In India                                           

Well, there are so many websites and dating apps in India that can be taken and explored to avail some benefits. Since you can get some of the best dating apps in India, some can give you service of the free registration and some can charge for availing the features present in them. So it depends upon you for which option you want to go.

It is also said that the sites which ask any registration amount give you to explore some of the amazing features that one cannot get in case of a free one, so it is better to go for the one which can worth you.

  • You need to fill up the correct details while making an account into the dating apps in India since it cannot be fake at the time and also it depends upon person to person.
  • With dating apps in India, many are finding their soulmates along with interest matching with each other. 
  • Looking at the present situation where everyone is stuck at their home due to COVID 19 and investing more time to do indoor activities along with their work, also you are not able to walk out to meet new people and make your single life interesting. 
  • So, in that case, the best dating app in India will allow you to explore and meet new people. 
  • They are protected, particularly for women since they check and validate the profiles of users before letting them interface with any matches.

To lay it out plainly, dating apps in India are currently intended to help singles un-single their lives with real accomplices. This is one of the reasons to date on-line.

Please Note – The only thing you cannot be aware of is with the person you are talking virtually ( you develop an imagination about them) so what if it does not resemble the same you thought.

Looking For The Perfect Match- Try For Best Online Dating App In India

There was a time when a man or a woman was not able to speak to each other without a formal introduction yet now the time has changed a lot. Dating apps in India have taken place all over that allow a person to find a match of their interest.

The best online dating app in India is a system that causes individuals to discover and introduce themselves to new personal connections over the internet generally with the point of creating, sentimental, individual, or perhaps a sexual relationship. 

The Top 10 Dating Apps In India Are

  1. Tinder – Estd. 2013

Whether you are looking for a long term relationship or a hookup, Tinder is one of the most famous dating apps in India that can fulfill your requirements.

Tinder: Dating Apps in India

It no longer requires you to have your Facebook account all you need is to be above 18+ to use the app and all its benefits. There are many options that can be shared with you once you login to your account so that you can make a choice according to you. You can also unlock the paid version to explore some of the features that can make your chance worth getting the right partner to you.

You will be given the option for swapping right if you like the person you want to chat with and left if you want to ignore them, so all is in your hand.

There are many best online dating app in India, but as compared to Tinder no one can give you the best outcomes, in other cases, it also depends upon the choices and features that you get.

  1. Happn – Established: 2014

Happn is found to be another unique dating app India that allows you to find people in your vicinity, so if you have a cross path with someone you like and want to get connected then you can open your app and get connected with him/her.

  • Also, there can be a chance that a person might not use the same app that you have, so in that case, you can try your luck.
  • It allows you to make connections with ease.
  • In this, you can get the option to say “Hi”, to people you like ( also it is a paid feature), and once you like you will start getting a notification of an individual.

Dating apps in India will allow you to explore the most interesting features that you will always like to wonder about.

  1. Bumble (2018)

The concept of the best dating app in India is increasing day by day, as more and more people are getting connected with the same.

So with Bumble as it allows women to take the first step towards the dating features so they can meet the relevant person they are looking for and the person can start the conversation. It is one of the best dating apps in India.

You should take into consideration the terms and conditions of the dating apps since if you follow so, you can make things easier to go ahead with. Also, if you do not like to initiate the conversation, then this particular app is not meant for you.

  1. Aisle- started in July 2014

Aisle is one of those dating apps in India that is not free it means for using, you have to pay a certain amount as per the requirement.

aisle: dating apps india

This dating app will work first by connecting with your Facebook or LinkedIn account. After filling up all your details like that of age, height, weight, religion, etc you will be able to make connections and find your partner according to your choice.

As the best online dating app in India, it can be used on a desktop-like that of Tinder. Since you will have to take the paid subscription of the app and hence you will have a higher chance to find your partner.

You Can also use filters to browse the profile, and hence it can be much easier for you to get the right partner the one you are looking for.

  1. OkCupid – Estd. 2010

Cupid is known for its peppy ads and considered one of the best dating apps in India through which you will be able to find the person of your interest.

ok cupid

It is considered as a stop where you can talk, make connections with new people so that you can reach the step where you can find your soulmate. It will also allow you to link through your Instagram account. In other words, it allows you to find the real match by making you answer some of the questions that can match both of your interests.

It will allow you to experience a special virtual dating feature. OkCupid makes sure that you get your potential match. Thus it the best online dating app in India.

  1. Coffee Meets Bagel – From 2015

Since Coffee Meets Bagel is the most underrated dating apps in India, yet it comes with features and advantages in which it will send you some of the matches of your choice naming them “Bangel of the day” and you will have the choice to either accept them or reject them within 24 hours.

coffeemeetsbagel-best online dating app in india

  • If a user likes you back then you have the chance to get started with the conversation and if not then you can stay back.
  • The conversation that you make with Bagel gets expired after every eight days.
  • You can also get some of the filters through which you can get connected with people based on your religion. 

Since the dating apps in India has become the prominent choice for individuals these days and hence it has been seen that it is widely used by an individual to get the right match so that people can spend the rest of their lives with the one they want.

  1. TrulyMadly – Since the year 2014

With some of the similar features like that of Tinder, TrulyMadly utilizes certain measures of trust to verify its users and allow you to find the best match. This type of dating apps India contains some of the cool features like some of the quizzes, compatibility tests that make you get to indulge in the app and look for the individual that you are comfortable with.

truly madly

Considered as one of the popular dating apps in India that can be seen as the alternative of Tinder.

It will make your profile verification that includes the ID proof of the person to make your profile visible . while you have done verification, then you can also avail some scores that can allow you to set and make your profile worth.

This best online dating app in India is what gives you a chance to get the partner of your choice while giving you some advantages as well.

  1. Tantan – From 2014

It allows you to get more matches and connections, Tantan is the not widely used dating apps in India among users, but can be taken into consideration (might be it can help you).

tantan: dating apps india

Tantan is an online dating app developed by a Chinese company and allows users to find the matches of their choices. Tanta can be your first choice among all the best dating app in India as it can offer you some of the well-known premium services and that too at a low price.

  1. GoGaga From 2018 

People in search of the right partner often go for the dating apps in India where they find partners, build trust, and get into a serious relationship. 

This is how they get the partner of their choice, and it can only be possible when they go for one of the finest online dating apps known as GoGaga. It is one of the online dating apps for single Indians where they can find an eligible person who is looking to find a serious relationship.


GoGaga is like a local gathering where you meet friends of friends” – It associates you with other quality single Indian men and Women utilizing your all-encompassing social network.

You can imagine a scenario where there is a house party at your friend’s place, where you get the chance to flirt with some of your friends and ask them to be the matchmaker, GoGaga the best online dating app in India, creates a similar virtual scenario where you can find one of the perfect soulmates

  1. . Woo – Established in 2014

Woo is one of the significant dating apps in India that involves extremely well-educated individuals on its network. The main features that Woo includes are-


  • Voice introduction through which you can leave or send a message while recording your voice.
  • The option of direct messaging. Some questions and answers that can help one to make connections easier
  • The most important feature is “voice call” wherein an individual can talk to each other without sharing their contact number.

Since most of the best online dating app in India have made their impacts on a person and hence it has gained much value. To know more about best dating apps in India you can check the article of Yourstory.

It is often not possible that you get the chance to explore the habits and other interests of an individual, but when you opt for the dating apps India you can get the features through which you can explore the person and make communication with thousands of people.

Dating apps in India is what allows you to choose the partner of your choice, talk, share the interest of each other, and get to know better. So if you are searching for a life partner of your choice to spend the rest of your life, you can take the help of some best online dating apps that can provide you with the matches that you are in search of.

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