Proven Tips to Increase Internet Speed for Laptop in 2021

While using the internet on a laptop, the speed matters. Because of the slow internet, the computer can’t work like smartphones, so max to max speed is necessary. Today I will share information on how to increase the Internet speed for laptops or pc. Whether you are using Ethernet or broadband connection for internet access on your device, today’s article about “how to increase the internet speed” will help you with any problems regarding this. 

For getting consistently high-speed internet, I’ll tell you about some general techniques for fixing the issues, hardware fixes, software updates, and changing the computer’s DNS settings to improve Internet speed. Unfortunately, most people don’t get the exact speed they’re paying their Internet Service Provider.

So here you will get some essential solutions to optimize Internet connection for getting increased speed. Let’s move ahead to the topic of tips to increase Internet Speed.

How to Increase Internet Speed? Check My Tips to Increase Internet Speed!

Here, I have mentioned all the tips to increase internet speed for the users.

Some General Tricks to increase internet speed on Laptop

  1. Find out the exact cause of slow speed:

First, you have to understand the exact cause of slow Internet speed. Among the countless reasons, the most common reasons that cause the slowdown of Internet speed are as follows.

  • Old Hardware and/or Software.
  • You are downloading something.
  • The network is used in too many devices like computers, laptops, and mobiles.
  • Signal interference due to barriers such as walls and other appliances.
  • Your Internet service provider might be providing less speed.
  1. Purchasing of a package with decent internet speed:

You must buy an internet pack offering a certain amount of Mbps (megabytes per second) speed for downloading and uploading. Checking the download, and upload speed will approximate the internet speed provided by your service provider. This is how to increase internet speed.

Many Internet Service Providers advertise providing speeds of “up to” a number which means the top speed might not be stable. So, checking the internet speed is another general fix. Sometimes the highest download, and upload speed will be near the advertised speed; then, there is no problem with ISP.

  1. Compare the actual speed with the advertised speed to verify:

Compare the speed results to verify your plan. First, see the service plan speed you have purchased, and look at the actual speed you’re getting. Then compare both the numbers. If you have found a large difference in the speeds, then call your ISP. 

Also, you will get higher internet speed at a lower price when you haven’t upgraded your the same for a long time. Most important is not to fall into the trap of the megabit and megabyte. This is how to increase internet speed.

Each megabyte contains 8 megabits, so if your ISP provides 25 megabits per second, then you are getting only 3 megabytes per second, which is a very low internet speed for a laptop. Also, ISPs advertise in megabits rather than megabytes, so be careful about it.

  1. Decrease the distance between router and laptop:

If the net connection is done via a Wi-Fi router, decrease the distance between the device and the router. Because the Internet speed might drop due to the distance of the router.

Keep the router as close as possible to get the maximum Internet speed. To prevent overheating keep the router and the laptop in a spacious and clean room. This is how to increase internet speed on a Laptop or PC.

  1. Make a path for signal with less barriers to improve Internet Speed:

Make a clear way between a laptop and the router so that the router’s signal will reach the laptop or computer without any barrier. Walls or any appliance such as refrigerators are placed between the device and router might deliver the weak signal. If the router is placed on a different floor, the device might not receive a signal.

  1. How to Incease Internet Speed? Minimize the traffic on the network:

Minimize the number of traffic on the network. Every Wi-Fi network is capable of handling up to a certain amount of traffic. After that, the speed reduces. So, check the connection and be sure that only your laptop is connected to the router. Thus, you will get the best Internet speed.

  1. Use of Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi:

Instead of Wi-Fi, you can go for Ethernet. Using the Ethernet, you can connect most devices directly into the backside of the router. It helps to reduce the lag time between the departing signal of the router and receiving a signal to the device.

As a Mac user, you need an Ethernet to USB-C adapter to plug the device into the router. Unfortunately, one will not be able to connect smartphones, and tablets through Ethernet. Thus, it is one of the tricks to increase internet speed.

How to Increase Internet Speed? Hardware Fixing Solution to increase Internet Speed on Laptop/Desktop

  1. Determine how old the items are:

You have to determine how old the devices’ hardware like routers, modems, computers, smartphones, and tablets are. Because all these products suffer from a depreciation after using a few years, suppose one or more items among them is older than four or more years, then you might be facing some Internet problems. 

The best solution is to replace the old technology with the new one. Also, sometimes, you can get a situation like a brand-new operating system installed on an old device such as a computer or mobile to not work.

Significantly, the router and modem should be upgraded to new models if they’ve been used for more than three years. This is how to increase the internet speed.

  1. Unplugging of router and modem for some time:

You can unplug the router and modem for some time, i.e. commonly known as “power-cycling.” By doing this, the router clears its internal cache out and starts from scratch. Also, it allows you to re-select the least busy Wi-Fi channel. Depending on your location, you can change it daily. Also, the router can get programmed to restart daily by itself from its settings.

  1. Update the firmware of router:

Outdated router firmware can’t deliver a consistent network connection. So always keep your router’s firmware up to date. This process varies from router to router, so the process needs to be verified by the router’s manual. This is one of the critical tips to increase internet speed.

Then, go through the router’s settings page, you will get the Update or Install Firmware button, click it. It’s essential for both the brand-new router and a router used more than one or two years.

  1. Place a router in a right position:

Maintaining line-of-sight is essential between the router and the device like computer, laptop, smartphone, etc. Make sure there shouldn’t be any dampening appliances such as baby monitors, refrigerators, microwaves, etc., in the router’s path. This is how to improve internet speed.

Also, you have to care about the height of the router where it is placed. You may face a slow network connection if the router is at a lower level or the same level as the level of devices like – computers, laptops, phones, tablets, and so on.

  1. Restart of always on items:

A restart of any Internet-connected items might be helpful for you. The old “turn it off and then on again” method works quite well in many cases. However, especially when using a device that hasn’t been turned off for long days. Only the restarting process can help reset an Internet connection. This is how to increase internet speed on Laptops and PCs.

  1. Use of Wi-Fi range extender:

You can use a Wi-Fi range extender that receives the Wi-Fi signal of the router and amplifies it. This will help the Wi-Fi signal to reach every place. Rather than buying a new router, purchasing a Wi-Fi range extender will be cheaper. Using a spare aluminum can, you can make a range extender on your own. Take care that the range extender works with the model of the router.

  1. Purchase a new router:

Last but not least, you have to buy a new router. There’s no other way than to replace the old and defective one. If the router and modem are older than two years, then replace them with a new one. It will increase the Internet speed.

How to Increase Internet Speed? Software Updates to increase internet speed on laptop/desktop

  1. Update the operating system of the device:

Check for software updates on your computer, laptop, and smartphone. You should always keep your device up to date with the most recent operating system. So, the updated system and drivers can access the faster internet service. For example, on a laptop, go to settings and open ‘Updates and Security’, here you will get to know whether new updates are available or not.

On Smartphones, go to settings, and based on the different manufacturing company you will get the software information in ‘Software update’, ‘About Phone’, and so on.

  1. Malware/Virus scan:

Sometimes viruses and malware can affect the ability of a computer to access the Internet. So, running an antivirus scan will locate the harmful program and you can remove that program from your computer. Even if everything seems good, running the antivirus scan once a week makes your device safe. This is how to optimize internet speed!

  1. Use of right and updated internet browser:

Also, update your Internet browser. Because, an outdated Internet browser can be slow in loading webpages, opening choppy videos, and many more regarding Internet issues.

For updating Google Chrome, open Google Chrome and go to ‘Settings’, then click on ‘About Chrome’ and check the version, operating system. If any updates are available, then a notification will show there. Click on it and a new version is suggested to be downloaded. 

Download and relaunch the application. The application is updated. Do the same for updating Firefox and Safari applications. Generally, Google Chrome and Firefox are faster than other browsers. These are also available for all platforms like Windows, Mac, and Smartphones (iPhone and Android).

  1. Clearing of cache file:

Also, clear the cached files of the browser as it might be the cause of Internet trouble. Cached information helps websites load faster, but it can also cause errors and connection issues due to unmatched cache records.

After clearing all the cache, websites will take some time in loading for the first time. It’s normal to be slow. Remove several toolbars, add-on from the browser to boost its speed up. This is how you can increase internet speed!

  1. Use of VPNs:

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) helps to avoid ISP restrictions as it uses external servers. It won’t affect increasing the Internet speed much, but it will prevent the ISP from slowing down the network. This is how to increase internet speed.

How to Increase Internet Speed? Changing DNS settings in Laptop to increase internet speed

DNS translates domain names to IP addresses to load Internet resources. Each device has a unique IP address that connects to the Internet. After trying all the given suggestions, lastly, go for changing DNS settings. Depending on the operating system, the change of DNS settings varies in Windows and Mac devices.

DNS settings in Windows

  • Click on the Windows logo in the bottom-left corner of the screen. Open the settings and type the control panel in the search bar.
  • Click on the ‘Network and Internet, then click on ‘Network and Sharing Centre.’ A new window will open where you can see ‘Change adapter settings on the upper-left side; click on it.
  • As soon as you click, a new window comes where you will get the Ethernet and Wi-Fi option. Then click the ‘Wi-Fi’, and at the top of the window, you can see ‘Change settings of this connection.’
  • A small window will open where a list of options are visible in that window. Click on ‘Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)’ among them. Then click ‘Properties’ shown below. A pop-up window will open in front of you to find the ‘Use the following DNS server’ option.
  • Click on it and enter the new DNS address in both boxes. Then click ‘OK’.

DNS settings in Mac

  • Open the Apple menu by clicking the Apple logo placed in the top-left corner of the screen. A drop-down menu will come where you have to click ‘System Preference.’
  • Again a drop-down menu will appear in which you choose ‘Network.’ As soon as you click on it, a new window will open in front of you.
  • The window provides the connection options available. Among them, click on the ‘Wi-Fi’ option shown in the left-hand sidebar.
  • Then click ‘Advanced’, which results in a new window. Here you can see ‘DNS’ at the top of the window; click on it. Then click ‘+’ available at the bottom-left corner of the window.
  • After entering a primary DNS address, click on ‘+’, and enter a secondary DNS address.
  • After that, click ‘OK’ to save your DNS settings at the bottom of the window. Then click ‘Apply’ to apply the settings at the bottom of the window.

Final Words on How to Increase Internet Speed?

That’s all for now regarding how to increase internet speed for laptops/desktops. I have described so many things to make a difference in the speed for you. Do all the given suggestions one by one; I am sure that anyone will help you.

In my suggestion, try all the possible tips to increase internet speed for laptops, but if nothing works, try to replace the items. Because every product has its functioning time limit up to which it works best.

After that, it will work but not as efficiently as before. If you find interest, then share the article, so someone can be benefited who needs help about how to increase internet speed for a laptop.

At last, to gain a better idea of the things you need to do while increasing the internet speed for your devices. Also, the list of steps may help you to apply the given suggestions.

Therefore, if you face such speed issues, try the tricks given and let us know how it works in the comment. Also, please share your knowledge regarding this in the comment section to offer more helpful knowledge.

How to Increase Internet Speed on Laptop and PC? – FAQs

1) If the internet provider is responsible for slow action, how you determine?

Open Google Chrome and search for speed test. The very first link comes to you click on that and enter into it. Test your internet speed and match the pack you have purchased. If there is a huge difference then call the provider and tell them about not getting the advertised speed. In this way, you can know whether your internet service provider is responsible for slow action or not. This is one way to check the speed

2) Can internet speed slow down if using a long internet broadband cable?

Yes. Internet speed is directly proportional to the length of the broadband cable. So the much longer the cable is, the slower the speed you will get. The speed depends on the length of the broadband cable from the router to the computer. So keep the cable short to improve internet speed.

3) If the internet modem is placed at very high, will it increase internet speed?

The answer to this question will solve the query “how to increase internet speed.” No, it will not make any difference. You can move the modem closer to the device and/or change the channel of the modem by broadcasting. So that the speed can be a little bit enough for use.

4) Is the wireless USB Wi-Fi option a bad choice if Ethernet isn’t available for accessing an internet connection?

No, it will not be a big deal whether you are using an Ethernet or a wireless USB Wi-Fi connection for accessing the Internet connection. Just be sure about the settings and capability of the wireless USB Wi-Fi, so that it will work with the device and catch most of the Wi-Fi signal to provide a constant and enough speed for use. This is how to increase internet speed.

5) If none of the tips are working, then how to increase internet speed?

First of all, try all the suggestions carefully. If all fails, then purchase a higher-speed internet package to get the speed. Also, you can replace items older than one or two years. Because outdated devices are also the cause of delivering slow internet speed.

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