Best 7 Places in Mumbai for Hangout

Mumbai, being amongst one of the most famous places in India is not just a city but a mix of architecture, luscious delicacies, the gigantic Arabian sea, and love. Also known as ‘The city of dreams’ Mumbai, just as its description has otherworldly locations to offer. There are numerous places in Mumbai for hangout if you’re planning for the perfect weekend.

The beaches, pilgrimage sites, architectural monuments, or the simplicity of the locals, Mumbai can energies your instincts. The best part about Mumbai for local couples, visitors, or tourists from faraway places, is a weekend can be planned very easily with very little time and money.

Best Places in Mumbai for Hangout

Mandwa Jetty

Mandwa is an island situated a few kilometres away from Mumbai which never fails to charm tourists, visitors, and even the Mumbaikars. You can plan a fantastic getaway for the weekend and admire the scenic views and feel the warmth of the tropical climate. It is among famous places in Mumbai for hangout. The quiet beach town can be easily reached by car or bus, but it is highly recommended that you take the ferry ride.

Once you reach, you can enjoy various adventure sports such as Jet Ski, Banana boat, Kayaking, Bumper Ride, Quad Bike Ride, and much more starting at just 300 Rs. Also, great eateries and cafes are perfect for couples and families in Mumbai. A beach vacay 20 minutes from Mumbai can prove to be one of the best times of your life. It has thus turned out as one of the most sought after places for couples in Mumbai.

Mandwa Jetty

Ferry Price – Rs 200 approx.
Adventure sports price in Mandwa Jetty – Rs 300 onwards
Resort prices in Mandwa Jetty – Rs 1000 to 1500 onwards
Cafe price for 2 – Rs 1000 – 1500

Places in Mumbai for Hangout: Gateway of India

Built-in 1911, this stone archway which is very famous amongst tourists and couples in Mumbai, is a true historical landmark. It is one of the well-known places in Mumbai for Hangout. With its intricate latticework, Gateway of India can give an experience of true apprenticeship and stone carvings which is simply mind-blowing.

Facing the vast Arabian Sea, the Gateway is synonymous with Mumbai and is a must-see for people planning to hang out with family or loved ones. Visitors can take a boat ride and enjoy the impressive view of the Gateway and The Taj Hotel, which looks magnificent from the sea. With that, tasting the appetizing Mumbai street food is also a must for tourists.

Entry Fee – Free
Timing: 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Places in Mumbai for Hangout: Gateway of India


Places to see inĀ Mumbai: Haji Ali Dargah

Floating in the middle of the sea like a mirage, Haji Ali Durga is the place for those who want to see something mesmerizing and also feel it. Legend has a lot to offer about the stories of how the holy pilgrimage came into existence, but, this miraculous landmark is above all of that.

Be it the architecture, the location, or the breath-taking qawwalis that take place, Haji Ali has a lot to offer to its visitors and thus aptly one of the places to see in Mumbai. Taking a stroll around the place, standing near the sea that touches the end of the complex, or tasting the divine Mughlai food, dargah can be the perfect place in Mumbai for hangout.

Entry Fee – Free
Timings: 5:30 am to 10:00 pm

Places to see inĀ Mumbai: Haji Ali Dargah

Places for couples in Mumbai: Bandra Fort

Build by the Portuguese as a watchtower whose ruins are now a popular destination for the visitors as well as Indian Cinema, Bandra Fort is just splendid. The fort looks over Mahim Bay and is just appropriate for sunsets and selfies.

Featured in a lot of Hindi Films like Dil Chahta hai, Wanted, Jane Tu Ya Jaane Na, and many others, this location also has the attention of film stars. One can easily spot famous celebrities and actors/actresses from Bandra Fort. The fort is one of the places for couples in Mumbai.
Entry Fee – Free
Timings- 6amā€“6:30pm

Places for couples in Mumbai: Bandra Fort

Places to see in Mumbai: ISKCON Temple

Located near the famous Juhu Beach, ISKCON temple offers you a divine and spiritual getaway. The temple is one of the places to see in Mumbai. With a lot of beautifully drawn frescos to enjoy and impressive architecture, ISKCON leaves every soul tranquil with its beauty.

The humming of mantras from devotees and the incense of flowers gives the visitors peace and calm. Juhu Beach, which is situated just 3 km away from the temple, can also prove to be a great place after you’ve offered your prayers. Take a stroll on the beach and street shopping or savouring the tasty authentic Mumbai chaat is highly recommended.

Entry Fee – Free
Timings: 4:30 am to 1 pm and 4:15 pm to 9 pm

Places to see in Mumbai: ISKCON Temple

Places in Mumbai for Hangout: Colaba Market

From street shopping to high-end vogue boutiques, the Colaba market Mumbai has it all. Colaba Causeway market is among the famous places in Mumbai for hangout. It is situated on the Bhagat Singh road that connects Colaba to Old Woman’s Island is a gem of a place.

Street Side shopping offers you all kinds of clothes, bags, shoes, etc at throwaway prices and it that doesn’t charm you then there are fine boutiques and showroom to shop from. You can get the latest designer clothes, amazing mementoes, and the essence of the wholesome urban Indian lifestyle, all at great prices.

Entry Fee – Free
Timings – Shops open from 10 am to 10 pm.

Mumbai for Hangout picture

Places in Mumbai for Hangout: Kanheri Caves

Situated inside the Sanjay Gandhi national park, Kanheri caves is a true beauty that is also a Buddhist centre of education for many years. If you love nature this one of the must-see places in Mumbai for hangout. One of the many noteworthy places of the artistic culture of Maharashtra. Starting from the great stupa right at the entry gate to the interestingly carved caves that also have a blissful waterfall.

The caves are almost over one thousand years old that were carved by Buddhist monks and remarks as one of the most beautiful monuments of all time. There are paintings, sculptures, and carvings that will bring as an awe to your face. The place also offers an opportunity for astonishing videography and photography with your loved ones. Truly, it is one of the places in Mumbai for hangout and also one of the favourite places for couples in Mumbai.

Timings: Opens from 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM
Entrance fees: The entry fee for Indians is Rs 5, and for foreign nationals, it is Rs 100

These are some of the highly recommended and got to places of Mumbai that are my personal favourite. Other than these, there are tons of other places that Mumbai has to offer as weekend hangout spots for tourists as well as for locals and couples in Mumbai. It is hard to choose between these fun-filled and relaxing sites that one can visit at a very minimal cost.


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