Do You Know What VPNs Support WireGuard?

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The all-new VPN protocol, WireGuard uses state-of-the-art cryptography to protect your online activities. Compared to other existing protocols, it offers more privacy, saves more power, and faster connection speed. All open-source VPNs support WireGuard for their services.

However, not every VPN provider has included this protocol in their servers and apps. I have researched to find the VPN providers that implement WireGuard and here is the list of VPNs that support WireGuard to offer you more privacy.

What Is WireGuard?

WireGuard is a new protocol for an open-source VPN, developed by modern encryption libraries. Better connection methods result in a much lighter code base to deliver a more stable, faster connection speed with better security.

Most VPNs have been relying on old protocols, but many of these protocols have been enlarged with extra code to meet the needs of the enterprises.

WireGuard is the only protocol that has earned widespread praise and adoption for the past 10 years. It helps to audit and test the open-source code.

List of VPNs Support WireGuard

There are many VPNs but only a few VPNs support WireGuard. I have made a list of top VPNs that support WireGuard. So, stick till the end and check the list out.


NordVPN is an all-around VPN and the most secure VPN in the industry. It supports NordLynx which is a modified version of WireGuard. To implement VPNs support WireGuard, it uses a double NAT system.

It helps to eliminate any privacy issues. The technology now comes built into NordVPN’s Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, and Android apps. To use it, go to the settings menu and select NordLynx from the list of VPN protocols.

With a double NAT system, you will get a different IP address every time while connecting to a VPN server via WireGuard. It significantly improves your privacy. As NordVPN uses RAM-only servers, all data wipes out with each reset.

NordVPN offers AES 256-bit encryption to their customers with OpenVPN protocol that includes a customizable kill switch to protect them from sudden disconnection.

NordVPN is one of the VPNs support WireGuard.

With the split tunneling feature, the VPN lets you route the selected device or app traffic through an encrypted VPN tunnel. NordVPN offers affordable long-term plans with a 30-day money-back guarantee and 6 simultaneous connections.


✅ Best VPN for streaming on live-streaming apps like Netflix, Hotstar, Hulu, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, and more.

✅ Delivers fast streaming connection speed.

✅ Offers top-notch security and AES 256-bit privacy protection.

✅ Connect 6 devices simultaneously.


❎ You cannot disconnect with one click.

Nord VPN Price

Price varies according to the duration of the subscription.

✅ 1 month: $11.95/month

✅ 12 month: $4.92/month

✅ 24 month: $3.71/month

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost is an easy-to-use VPN that supports user-friendly and intuitive apps. Among the VPNs that support WireGuard, it’s a good choice for beginners even on Linux.

CyberGhost uses VPNs to support WireGuard as the default protocol. It is accessible on PC software like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and smartphones like Android, and iOS.

It uses RAM-only servers and delivers AES 256-bit encryption, DNS and IP-leak protection, split tunneling, and a kill switch. It offers a zero-logs policy and Romanian jurisdiction for protection.

You can use this VPN to stream online various OTT streaming platforms like Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

CyberGhost is another VPNs support WireGuard.
CyberGhost VPN

The plans start from as low as $2.25/month for 3 years subscription. It also offers a free trial, after that, you need to buy a subscription that’s 45-day money-back guarantee. With one subscription you can protect seven devices simultaneously.


✅ Easy to use with streaming-optimized servers.

✅ Budget-friendly VPNs support WireGuard providers to deliver good security and privacy protections.


❎ Cannot control advanced features.

❎ Doesn’t work in UAE and China.

CyberGhost Price

Price varies according to the duration of the subscription.

✅ 1 month: $12.99/month

✅ 12 month: $3.99/month

✅ 24 month: $3.49/month

✅ 36 month: $2.25/month

Surfshark VPN Supports WireGuard

Surfshark is one of the affordable VPNs that support WireGuard with unlimited simultaneous connections in a single account. The VPN also supports OpenVPN, IKEV2, and other protocols.

Besides that, it provides quick connection times, exceptional speeds, and good security. You can stream online the OTT platforms like Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, and more.

It is the top VPN for Chromebooks. Similar to NordVPN, Surfshark also implements double NAT and uses double VPN, 256-bit encryption, and a kill switch.

As a RAM-only server, it strictly follows the no-logs policy. VPNs support WireGuard – SurfShark is available for Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS.

Other VPNs support WireGuard is Surfshark
Surfshark VPN

Surfshark offers some cheapest plans with a 30-day refund period. It also offers customer support via both email and lives chat.


✅ Offers unlimited connection.

✅ Unblocks OTT platforms like Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and more services abroad also.

✅ Strong security features with no-logs policies.

✅ Accept three cryptocurrencies.


❎ The settings menu isn’t well organized.


The price depends on the duration of the subscription.

✅ 1 month: USD $12.95/month

✅ 6 month: USD $6.49/month

✅ 24 month: USD $2.49/month

Private Internet Access (PIA)

Private Internet Access (PIA) is one of the most comprehensive VPNs that support WireGuard. Only Beta testers of PIA comply WireGuard where it reduces the privacy issues regarding protocol by exploring different ways.

VPNs supporting WireGuard are available on all PIA Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and iOS and apps.

PIA offers AES-256 encryption, DNS, IPv6, WebRTC leak protection, and an anti-malware MAC-E including split tunneling with zero-log policy (proven true in court).

With a good connection speed, it offers to stream on OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Go, and more except BBC iPlayer, Vudu, and Hulu. All you have to do for connecting is select “WireGuard” in your protocol settings.

Be sure that, you have installed the latest version of the PIA to access VPNs support WireGuard. There is a 24/7 live chat option to help you if you face any problems.

Private Internet Access has taken several steps regarding privacy concerns of VPNs supporting WireGuard. It uses an extra layer of privacy of RSA certificate-protected RESTful API on top of WireGuard where the API block the VPN from storing the logged data.

PIA also created a daemon that automatically deletes all of your connection data in the background on three minutes of inactivity.

PIA is one of the VPNs support WireGuard.
Private Internet Access VPN

PIA accepts cryptocurrencies and gift cards from some selected retailers and offers reasonably-priced billing options. The long-term plan costs cheaper such as the two-year plan costs $2.91 per month.


✅ Well-designed and user-friendly interface.

✅ Up to 10 different connections simultaneously.

✅ Delivers numerous server locations.

✅ Offers advanced network settings

✅ Provides an excellent speed test score


❎ Unusual login system

❎ No free version

PIA Price

The price depends on the length of the subscription period.

✅ 1 month: USD $9.95/month

✅ 12 month: USD $3.33/month

✅ 24 month: USD $2.19/month

Mullvad VPN

Mullvad is a Sweden-based VPN provider that is known for optimal user security and an ironclad zero-logs policy. With the help WireGuard, the VPN provides constantly boosted speeds across a range of short and long-distance servers. It works on a transparent policy.

Even you don’t need to give your name, email address, or any other personal information for using it. The username and password are enough.

VPNs support WireGuard protocol is enabled in Android and iOS and set by default in Mac OS and Linux. For Windows users, it can be turned on quickly by selecting WireGuard in tunnel protocol.

Mullvad is one of the well-known VPNs support WireGuard.
Mullvad VPN

The company offers 30 days free trial. After that, you have to buy a subscription at a fixed price of $5.78 per month with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

You have to pay this amount every month no matter you buy the subscription for 2 years, 3 years, or more. Even you can pay using Bitcoin or mailing cash.


✅ Easy to use.

✅ Evade hackers and trackers.

✅ Keep your privacy safe.

✅ Up to 5 different device connections simultaneously.


❎ It’s unable to bypass geo-blocks that found frustrating.

Mullvad VPN Price

It offers 30 days free trial. After that, you just need to pay $5.78 per month for peace of mind privacy. It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Concluding Words on VPNs Support WireGuard

VPNs support WireGuard is a new-generation protocol. It will take time to be integrated with VPNs, but many top VPN providers have integrated WireGuard into their systems. Using state-of-the-art cryptography and well-vetted, VPNs support WireGuard hopes to be established protocol.

VPNs support WireGuard is one of the most secure, fastest, and user-friendly VPN protocols that work on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS, and routers. Many VPN providers are recently considering WireGuard fit for their purpose.

I hope you all get to know about VPNs support WireGuard in today’s topic. Comment if you are using any one of them and share your experience in the comment box.

FAQs on VPNs Support WireGuard

1) Does ExpressVPN use WireGuard?

No doubt, ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN services. But, it doesn’t support WireGuard yet. It supports Lightway, another security protocol believed to be better than VPNs support WireGuard.

2) Is WireGuard safe?

Along with stripped-down code and state-of-the-art cryptography, WireGuard is incredibly safe in terms of online security. It also offers a faster reconnection and reduces disconnections to your VPN. It decreases the amount of time for detection, monitoring, or hacking.

3) Is WireGuard better than OpenVPN?

WireGuard and OpenVPN both have their benefits and drawbacks. WireGuard is much simpler, easier to use, faster, and less vulnerable to cyber-attacks. In terms of encryption, it’s also secure similar to OpenVPN.

However, OpenVPN can guarantee your privacy that WireGuard can’t. Most VPNs are working with OpenVPN and require additional solutions for VPNs to support WireGuard to combat the new protocol’s privacy.

4) Which is better WireGuard or OpenVPN?

WireGuard is much faster and consumes 15% less data than OpenVPN. Also, WireGuard handles network changes better and securely.

Virtual private networks use VPN protocols to secure your online activity connection. In such cases, WireGuard and OpenVPN are the best and most commonly-used protocols.

5) Does WireGuard work on Android?

Yes, limited WireGuard is compatible with Android. CyberGhost and Private Internet Access VPNs support WireGuard for Android.

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