Top 8 Coolest Things to Buy on eBay [Updated]

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As per the Statista report, eBay has secured 3rd rank on the global e-commerce market with a 4.2% market share after Amazon & Walmart in 2021. Recently, eBay has gained 11M+ new customers in their eBay US e-commerce market. This article will guide you to choose the coolest things to buy on eBay.

COVID 19 affected every industry, but many people still ordered their household items through different online shopping portals.

In eBay India, Flipkart and Amazon are the leading e-commerce platform in India. Most Indian customers refuse to buy items from eBay due to the late deliverability, high-priced value.

But in western countries, eBay performs well, and they have managed to gain customers’ trust for buying things from eBay stores.

As per the market data report, we have listed down the coolest things to buy on eBay. These things are what most people like to buy that item from eBay.

Top 8 Coolest Things to Buy on eBay

Here, we have listed 8 cool things to buy on eBay below.

Coolest Things to Buy on eBay: Shopping for an iPhone & Accessories on eBay

Apple smartphones on ebay

You’ll be amazed to know that the most sellable item on eBay is the iPhone. As per Statista report, on average 76 mobile phone units were sold per week in the US on eBay in 2021. Mobile phones & accessories are among the best-selling products on eBay. As per the report published in 2018, iPhone screen replacement items were the most ordered items on eBay.

Most people love to change screen replacements rather than buy a new iPhone. This became one of the coolest things to buy on eBay because the cost of the screen replacement is $17.99 on average. Around 1 Millon units were sold so far. Hence, it is one of the coolest things to buy on eBay.

Not only screen replacement but also iPhones cases, and leather cases are the most ordered items on eBay. Several other items associated with iPhones became one of the coolest things to buy on eBay.

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Coolest Things to Buy on eBay: Beauty Products on eBay

Beauty Products on ebay

Beauty products are beautiful gifts for anyone’s birthday gifts for a loving person. Most of the people ordered beauty products from eBay online stores.

As per the report, the beauty category was the 9th most selling category among the top 15 categories on eBay. Beauty categories products gave a $5M+ revenue growth for eBay.

In this beauty product category, the coolest things to buy on eBay were the 200ml of bio-oil, makeup, mirror, and men’s razor blades.

In this COVID 19 situation, most of the people received unexpected things from their nearest ones. And, the beauty category is one of the coolest things to buy on eBay.

Homes and gardening items on eBay

Home and Gardening on Ebay

Homes and gardening items on eBay become the most essentials during covid-19. In the homes and gardening sector, items are searched on the eBay store. As per a report, 15% of searches are related to the home and gardening tool kit.

There are popular searches like Waterproof shade, a gas-powered generator, and a Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner.

On eBay, the users can easily find a plant pot, and they even don’t wait for getting this. They can easily plant that item on their rooftop.

The reason for becoming the coolest things to buy on eBay was the COVID 19. That helped a lot the consumer as well as the seller on this eBay platform.

Kitchen and household items on eBay

Kitchen coolest items on ebay

Kitchen and household items are the other items that became the coolest things to buy on the eBay platform. When we are talking about the kitchen and household, it covers from the oven to the bedsheet that has been ordered through the eBay platform.

As per the report, the top-selling item in this category was Egyptian bed sheets. It had 40,000 units sold with a half-million-dollar in revenue.

Other cooking items were sold like an oven, a cooking spoon, and a vacuum cleaner. In the house holding items, the coolest things to buy on eBay were the bedsheets and pillow during this covid19 scenario.

Coolest Things to buy on eBay: PlayStations and Video Games on eBay

Games on Ebay

PlayStation and video games are becoming the most entertaining gadgets for kids or teenagers. During this pandemic, both kids and teenagers have ordered play-stations and video games.

So, this category was the most important among the coolest things to buy on eBay.

As per the report, Super Ninja Boy and Final Fantasy 2 are the most played games, and bought from the eBay platform.

From the seller’s perspective, the gaming items are lightweight for shipping, and all the items are non-refundable. So, all the items that are sold are never returned. Yes! If there were any issues, they may contact the support team of the gaming owner.

Thus, this category becomes one of the coolest things to buy on eBay.

Fitness Items on eBay

Requirements for Fitness items are increasing day by day. As per the report, 18% of searches are related to fitness-related items.

Due to the COVID pandemic, the gyms were closed for several months. It was a difficult time for gym enthusiasts. So, some of them had ordered various different fitness items.

Even some of them had ordered treadmills through eBay which was pretty much interesting.

Besides, Fitness tracker bands have increased their sales. Fitness tracker bands were the other coolest things to buy on eBay.

As per the report, the age group between 21 to 28 have ordered these items last year from eBay.

Electronics items on eBay

Electronics are a part of daily essentials. The electronics category lies in the 2nd position on the eBay search engine. Starting from TV, Fridge, and LED strips witnessed tremendous sales on eBay.

Under these electronics items, the most popular and coolest things to buy on eBay were Waterproof LED strips (20,000 units were sold).

A smart home becomes another coolest item available on eBay. Smart lighting products, smart speakers with google assistance, smart doorbells, and locks are getting more orders in 2020 than in 2019.

Computers and laptops under this electronics category have received a lot of orders. Most of the revenue of eBay came from selling electronics products lately.

Bicycles on eBay

Bi cycles for coolest things to buy

As the fitness enthusiasm has increased, bicycle requirements of bicycles have become the most searched items on eBay or other eCommerce platforms.

Using a bicycle helps the body and the environment from pollution. Last year the sweet spot for selling bikes was around $400.

Even in India, there are electric bikes (formerly known as an e-bike) available for the public. So the chances of buying bicycles will increase day by day. The bicycles have thus become the coolest items to buy on eBay.

Besides bicycles, there are several requirements for cycle parts like – screwdriver, spanner, and tire-tube. Those items are also available on the eBay platform. Hence, this category is one of the coolest things to buy on eBay.

Top Searches items on eBay

eBay has released their most-searched items publicly for every year. As per 2018 records, the most common searches were Baby Shark Merchandise and Yellies.

But along with that, Apple AirPods, Sony PlayStations, and Nintendo 3D were among the top 10 most searched items.

That last list of coolest things to buy on eBay was released in 2019, but after that eBay had not published any kind of list ????. 

So, it is difficult to tell the most popular items that had been searched in 2020. Although there are several categories and several new products launched on eBay’s platform.

In the eBay eCommerce platform, the most search query depends upon the session. Like in the summer, sunglasses are the most searched items on this eCommerce platform. In the winter, the bedsheets and blankets are sold rather than sunglasses.

But as per the record, iPhones and iMacs are the coolest things to buy on eBay. As those items also had requirement for their components, they witnessed huge huge sales on this platform.

Things to avoid buying from eBay.

In this online market, it is especially important to know that not all the products are perfect, and we are not giving any kind of advice for buying the product blindly.

These are the following items you should avoid while buying something on the online store:

  • T-shirts: T-shirts come under the not buying category because of the size and color determination issues.
  • Buying diamonds: Before buying any diamonds from an online store, please be aware of the authenticity of the diamond products.
  • Painting and poster: Painting and posters are not the recommended buying product from eBay.

Although not every seller is bad, there is also some glitch between snapped pictures vs real products. So, people must be cautious while buying online.

Final Words on Coolest Things to Buy on eBay

In this article, we have shared the coolest things to buy on eBay. Along with that we have shared the most selling category on eBay.

eBay is an open marketplace for sellers and buyers. Even a seller can create and sell their product. So before buying any product please check the verification badge which is associated with that seller badge.

Online shopping is not bad if you take extra precautions before buying any product. Not only blindly buy best-selling items, but also check the reviews also before buying.

Thanks for reading this article. Let us know about your online shopping experience by commenting in the comment section.

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Coolest Things to Buy on eBay: Frequently Used Questions (FUQs)

1) What are the coolest things to buy on eBay?

The list of coolest things to buy on eBay is many. Following are the coolest things to buy on eBay.
a) iPhone & its parts
b) Home and Gardening items
c) Bicycles and their parts
d) Beauty products
e) Electronic Items
f) Fitness products
g) Playstation and Video games
h) Kitchen appliances

2) What are the things to avoid buying on eBay?

Besides the coolest things to buy on eBay, there are things to avoid buying as well. Check them below.
a) T-shirts
b) Diamonds & Painting

3) Are the coolest things to buy on eBay safe?

Yes, the coolest things to buy on eBay are absolutely safe and genuine.

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