Best Women Watch Brands Offering Smart yet Classy Watches in 2021

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Watches are one of the most desired accessories for women. It is also a symbol of prestige, class, and style. These days only style and royal looks do not fulfill a women’s desire. They crave technology in the best women watch brands.

Women are now looking for a beautiful design coupled with smart features in their watches. Hence, we present to our female readers some top-class women watch brands manufacturing affordable smartwatches with classy designs!

There’s no denying that an extravagant timepiece is an essential ornament for any lady. Watches that are refined and magnificent elevates your personality.

But, with such a large number of watch brands around, it is a challenge to understand who offers what. So, here we are with the best women’s watch brands offering the top smartwatches best suited for women.

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Top Best Women Watch Brands in 2021

In recent times there has been a craze for smartwatches along with the classy ones. In some watches, you will find a blend of both aristocratic and smart features. So, here comes the list of the top women watch brands that also offer amazing smartwatches with cool features.

Please Note – Our list includes all affordable watchbands suitable for you.

1) Women Watch Brands – Fastrack

women watch brands

Fastrack is a sub-brand of Titan and is one of the top women’s watch brands in India. With their wide assortment and sensible evaluation, these women watch brands have been the top pick for women with regards to frills. Another reason to love Fastrack is the availability of its smart products at a low cost.

Fastrack has recently come up with super cool smart bands with rectangle-shaped displays. It has a maximum 10 days battery life with 10+ sports modes. The Fastrack bands are water-resistant at affordable prices. It is one of the most affordable smartwatch watch brands for women.

Fastrack Smart Band Pros and Cons

1. It is available at low cost1. Doesn’t have SPo2 feature
2. It comes with a water-resistant feature2. Navigation and scrolling features are cumbersome
3. Fairly accurate and comfortable to wear

2) Titan Watches for Women

Titan Connected X

Titan is a trendy brand among watches. The quality of this watch has easily made it a popular brand among women. Its watches do not get damaged easily and it does not need regular repair. That’s why the titan watches are so loved by watch lovers

When you think about buying a watch or some surprise gift for someone special, Titan automatically comes to your mind. Women like Titan for its aristocracy. 

But now, they like its new smartwatch launch. Yes, Titan’s Connected X and Traq smartwatch has added another feather to its cap and will definitely help to expand the brand’s fan base. 

Titan Smartwatch Pros and Cons

1. It is available at an affordable price1. Wifi not supported
2. Made of stainless steel and is water-resistant2. There is no camera
3. Offers Bluetooth support and is compatible with android and ios 

3) Women Watch Brands – Casio

Women Watch Brands

Casio offers watches that are more than just time-telling objects for women. Casio blends style, ruggedness, and smart features in its watches to offer you the class at an affordable price.

Casio is a Japanese watchmaker that makes timepieces for all including women. A Casio watch is incorporated with the most recent technologies available in the market. They are also made of the best materials that make them tailor-made for all terrains and events.

Now, Casio has also launched the smartwatch Casio Baby G for its women customers with geeky minds. They included a maximum number of workout regimes with cool-looking dual-layer displays. 

Though the watch is not an outright smartwatch like the ones introduced by Titan, Fastrack, Apple, etc., but the watch is smart enough to be considered in our list. Also, Casio’s G-Shocks are technological marvels. So, we have included Casio as among the best women’s watch brands.

Casio Smartwatch Pros and Cons

1. They are affordable watches of superior quality and design1. Don’t have smart features like measuring calories or heartbeat
2. They are water-resistant and made for all events and purpose 

4) Apple

Apple Series 7

Apple is not only known for laptops and mobiles but also smartwatches. Every year more than 100 million people use Apple’s products. In September 2021, Apple launched the Series 7 watches. 

Apple’s smartwatches have a mini screen with fast charging, multi-functional display, unique design, water resistance, and dust resistance. You also get different styles and types of straps as per your desire. Thus, it is one of the most popular women’s watch brands.

Apple Series Watches Pros and Cons



1. Apple Watch tracks the exact time stat for the workout with automatic workout detection.

1. Price is higher. The price starts from 20,000.

2. 40mm to 44mm of a larger display with the ability to send and receive calls.

2. Battery life is only 18 to 24 hours.

3. Water resistance

4. Storage capacity 32 GB


5) Women Watch Brands – Mi

Mi band 6

It is one of the best, and affordable smart women watch brands. Mi watches come with a trendy display equipped with touch features. Its smartwatches receive messages and phones. It also monitors the heart rate and SpO2 level. Thus, Mi is one of the best-selling smartwatch brands across the world.

Both men and women can wear Mi watches. Mi’s Band 6 offers the latest “Women Health” feature. With this, women can track their period details like log periods, PMS, Ovulation. It has the facility to vibrate to let you know where you are in your cycle. A monthly worry can be less. For this special facility, Mi is among the best women watch brands.

Mi Smart Watch Pros and Cons



1. Water Resistant

1. No option for notification reply

2. Average Battery Life is of 15 days with a full charge

2. No inbuilt GPS

3. Lightweight and easy to carry

4. Both iOS and Android connectivity


6) Samsung 

women watch brands - samsung

For many years Samsung has been a reputed electronics company. Samsung also offers smartwatches like the Samsung Galaxy Active watch, becoming the next famous brand after the Apple watch. The price is more or less the same. 

Samsung’s smartwatches come with lots of fitness tracking features and a range of modes for practicing different workouts. The design of these watches is unique and trendy.

The built-in GPS helps users correctly track their walking, cycling, running, and many other outdoor activities. Samsung smartwatches come with a heart rate monitor and support for 4G LTE.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Series Pros and Cons



1. Water Resistance

1. Costlier

2. Easy charging

2. Bad battery life

3. Lightweight


4. Numerous workout options


5. Wireless charging


7) Women Watch Brands – Amazfit


Amazfit is another affordable and premium-looking smartwatch watch brand for women. Its watches offer a bright and clear display that everyone desires. They boast of maximum fitness and operating options.  They also have a built-in GPS with a smooth and quick operation. Its watches are lightweight. 

In addition to this, Amazfit watches sport trendy square-shaped displays with 70+ sports modes and a built-in voice assistant Alexa. The watch faces can be personalized and customized with your own photos. 

The best thing about Amazfit is that it has a PAI Health Assessment system to control the stress levels of your physical and mental situation.

Amazfit Watches Pros and Cons



1. Lightweight and super comfortable

1. Bad Battery Life(7 hours)

2. Good Built quality 

2. Less internal storage

3. Value for money

4. Inbuilt Alexa

5. Wireless charging


8) OnePlus


Oneplus manufactures unisex smartwatches. Its smartwatches come with a round-shaped display screen, 110+ modes with excellent battery life.

Its smartwatches have newly included blood oxygen saturation monitoring to its present features like – heartbeat tracker, step count, sleep and stress tracker, sedentary reminders, etc.

Other than these features, Oneplus smartwatches are super classy in look. You can receive and reply to calls and messages. In comparison with features, the price is very genuine.

Style is the protective layer to endure the truth of regular day-to-day existence. So, everybody is perfect in their fashion and style. Take your choice to buy a watch.

Oneplus Smartwatch Pros and Cons



1. Hardware quality is good.

1. Android support only.

2. Good battery life.

2. The display screen is a little small.

3. Wireless charging.

Wrapping Up on Best Women Watch Brands

All these women watch brands mentioned above offer exquisitely manufactured watches with smart features. Along with beauty and chic looks, there are smart features like a heart monitor, calorie tracker, waterproof features, android, and iOS support, call function, and many other features.

We suggest you visit Amazon and check out which smart features you are looking for in your watch before purchasing one. Please comment in case you have any other women’s watch brands in your minds. We will be happy to review them for you!

If you are looking for some classy women’s watch. Explore below ————–

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Best Women Watch Brands – FAQs

1) Which brand of the smartwatch is best for women?

Apple, OnePlus, Amazfit, Mi are some of the trusted smartwatch brands that are durable and stylish as well. If you are looking for a more classy one with smart features, then Titan may work for you. If you can spend more then, Fossil may work for you!

2) Is Amazfit a good brand?

Amazfit has certainly made inroads into the Mi and Apple customer base with its exquisite smartwatches at affordable prices. The customer reviews at some top online sites stand at 4.2 and more. This suggests that there is certainly something cool about this women’s watch brand.

3) What is the price of women’s smartwatches?

It varies between Rs. 1000 to Rs. 40,000. The prices can be even higher varying from brand to brand. However, in this article, we have mentioned affordable watches for women.

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