6 Secret Chrome Features to Use Chrome on Mobile Like a Pro

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On mobile devices, Chrome is one of the most popular browsers. These secret Chrome features will teach you how to master the browser. Because of its fantastic UI, regular updates, and rapid performance, Chrome is one of the most popular browsers. It covers more than 65% of the market and includes all of the features you’ll need to have the finest browsing experience possible. But are you taking full use of it?

Chrome may have been your default browser for years, but it has several hidden capabilities you may not be aware of. We’ll look at some secret Chrome features that might help you get the most out of your Chrome while surfing on a mobile device.

Secret Chrome Features to Use on Mobile Like Pro

1. Secret Chrome Features: Tab Grid Layout in Chrome

Chrome has a tab grid layout option that displays open tabs in a grid format. It makes tab management easier. Exchanging between a rundown of open tabs is less difficult with an unmistakable perspective on the page title, page source, and site’s favicon. It is one of the best secret Chrome Features to browse on mobile.

For the client, the point of interaction is more direct and improved. This functionality is enabled by default in all Chrome versions after Chrome 88. If you’re using an earlier version of Chrome, you may activate it this way:

Pro Tip: Are you using Windows 11? Read this guide - How to Install Chrome in Windows 11?

How to Use Chrome’s Grid Layout?

  • Navigate to the Chrome flags page.
  • Type tab grid layout in the search box at the top of the page.
  • Change the Tab Grid Layout’s settings from Default to Enabled to enable it.
  • To implement the changes you’ve made, restart the browser by pressing Relaunch.

2. Secret Chrome Features: Tab Groups in Chrome

What could be more structured in Chrome than a collection of linked tabs in a single tab group? Tab Groups make it simple to organize tabs in the Chrome browser. You may create several tab groups using a simple drag-and-drop interface, each with tabs for that individual project. It is one of the best secret Chrome Features to browse on mobile.

A bottom tab bar emerges when you browse across any tab within the same tab group, including all tabs within that tab group. When working on numerous projects simultaneously, switching between related tabs is considerably easier. Like Tabs Grid View, this feature is enabled by default in Chrome 88 and subsequent versions. If you’re still using an older version, here’s how to make it work:

Step by Step Instructions to Enable Tab Grouping in Chrome

  • Navigate to the Chrome flags page.
  • Use the search box at the top of the page to look for tab groupings.
  • Change Tab Groups and Tab Groups Continuation settings from Default to Enabled by tapping both boxes.
  • To effect the changes, restart the browser once more.

3. Secret Chrome Features: Scheduling Downloads in Chrome

Compared to normal data packages, Wi-Fi and WLAN services are less expensive. When they are away from home, many individuals utilize mobile data. Downloading files via mobile data might be costly. It is one of the best secret Chrome Features to browse on mobile.

Arranging huge file downloads during a family vacation or trip is preferable. Even though Chrome lacks a built-in tool for scheduling downloads, you may do so by enabling one of its experimental features. You may use this function to plan downloads ahead of time so you don’t have to repeatedly look for and download things.

How to Enable Download Later in Chrome?

  • To access the Chrome flags page, go to this link.
  • In the search bar, type allows download later.
  • Modify the Enable settings. Default to Enable the Download Later option.
  • To have the changes take effect, restart the browser once.

4. Muting Website’s Auto-playing Audio

Most websites employ auto-playing music or video to engage viewers with information, which can sometimes be annoying. Chrome, thankfully, allows you to turn off auto-playing music or video content for a more relaxing browsing experience.

In the Add Site Exception option, you can also add certain websites where you want to silence the sound. It is one of the best secret Chrome Features to browse on mobile.

How to Use Chrome to Download Later?

  • Go to the webpage where you’d want to turn off the music.
  • In the top-right corner, tap the three vertical dots.
  • Select Site Settings > Settings > Site Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • After scrolling down, tap the Sound option.
  • Toggle the switch to turn off sound for all websites you visit or to add particular websites to the Add Site Exception list.

5. Secret Chrome Features: Creating and Syncing a Chrome Profile

Keeping track of your stored passwords, bookmarks, settings, and active extensions when you go between devices may be difficult and annoying. You can make changes on one device consistent across all of your devices by synchronizing your profile. 

As long as you’re connected to Chrome, any changes you make on one device will be reflected in Chrome on other devices that share the same account. It is one of the secret Chrome features to use smartphones like a pro.

6. Secret Chrome Features: Removing Saved Passwords in Chrome

Almost all browsers will remember your passwords for you. You won’t have to type in your username and password each time you log in since the browser will remember them. 

While this may appear to be easy, it might be risky if someone gains access to your computer and uses Chrome to verify all of your passwords. If you want to gift your phone to a friend who will use it for a short period, you should delete any saved passwords. You may do that right away with Chrome.

How to Remove Saved Passwords in Chrome?

  • Click the three dots in the top-right corner of Chrome to open it. 
  • Go to Passwords > Passwords > Passwords > Passwords > Passwords > Passwords. 
  • This page contains all the stored passwords for the account you are currently logged in to. 
  • To delete any password, tap on the website name and then hit the recycle bin symbol on the upper right of the Saved password box. 
  • If you’re not sure about erasing your saved passwords, create a new profile with no saved passwords or browsing history before giving up your phone.

Secret Chrome Features Can Help You Improve Your Browsing Experience

Try out Chrome, as mentioned above, with hidden features to discover how they alter your browsing experience. Each of the traits mentioned above might be valuable in some manner. They may potentially hurt your browsing experience, depending on your preferences. 

If any of the above-mentioned hidden Google Chrome features causes your browser to slow down, you may turn them off at any moment. If your Chrome is often sluggish, try refreshing it once to see if it improves things.

How to Make the Most of Secret Chrome Features?

As with any browser, you can make the most of secret Chrome features by using extensions or apps. You may install a couple of Chrome extensions to use the hidden features discussed above in the easiest way possible while browsing online. Here are some extensions that you might want to try out:

  • Auto Refresh for Every Tab – This extension lets you refresh individual tabs based on a specified interval and priority for each tab as well.
  • Google Calendar Tab – Easily add events to your Google Calendar from any webpage and navigate between Google Calendar and the website you’re visiting simply by clicking on individual links in your browser’s address bar.
  • Tab Navigation – This extension lets you navigate Chrome tabs by swiping left or right, with the option to switch between tabs and bookmark pages quickly.

Bad Browser Habits Leads to Chrome Performance Issues

Browsers tend to slow down over time due to certain bad habits you may have developed with them. You may want to uninstall unwanted extensions, uninstall browser add-ons from your browser, clear cache from your browser’s settings and make sure you have enough RAM space for the browser’s processes. This is one of the secret Chrome features worth trying!

If after that, your Chrome is still slow, consider visiting its developer page for more info on how to improve it further. If all else fails, you might have a hardware issue that needs attention as well.

Secret Chrome Features: Why Does Chrome Crash?

While Google has been working on improving Chrome’s performance in recent times, the browser still crashes and freezes sometimes. The crashes generally occur due to an extension or a website that you are using at the time. 

You may want to check for updates for your extensions, if any, and uninstall the problematic ones if you can’t resolve the issue otherwise. You may also restart Chrome to see if it fixes things or use a different browser temporarily until you resolve the issue with your extensions.

Secret Chrome Features: Other Tips to Speed Up Browsing in Chrome

1. Clear cache to speed up browsing

Tap the three dots in the top-right corner of Chrome and go to Settings > Cache. Tap on each thing that is listed under “Clear all,” and make sure you try clearing the cache for all tabs. You can likewise reset Chrome’s default settings or clear its perusing information from the “chrome://settings/” page to check whether that helps solve your problem. Also, use an extension like Clear Cache on Startup, which will clear Chrome’s cache for you automatically at every start of your browser. This is one of the secret Chrome features worth trying!

2. Use a different browser temporarily

Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Opera may be better options if your browsing experience is slow. If you don’t want to go through the process of switching browsers, use Opera to try out the speedier Internet Explorer as a temporary extension for Chrome. Use Opera as your main browser and only open Chrome if you have to use it for an important task. Switching between browsers can help speed up your browsing experience.

3. Lower font size or add-ons with fewer features might improve performance

If you’re using Chrome without changing any configurations and still experiencing problems with navigation or page loading times, consider lowering the font size in Chrome or installing some extensions that have fewer features than other add-ons. Also, change the default font in Chrome (Chrome -> Preferences -> Fonts) to a smaller one. This is one of the secret Chrome features worth trying!

4. Disable WebRTC

If you have a slow-loading webpage with video on it, consider disabling WebRTC for your Chrome browser. Go to Chrome’s Settings and then click on “Advanced” to scroll down and find this option to play around with. If you want to disable WebRTC for all other sites as well, you can set that up at chrome://settings/content#media-router-manage. Remember that installing extensions from third-party sources can cause security issues if not done carefully.

5. Disable Google Voice

You can also disable Google Voice if it’s the cause of your problem. Go to Settings > Search and then uncheck “Google voice.” Don’t forget that disabling Google Voice may lead to some functional concerns, but you might resolve them by reinstalling the app and enabling Google Voice after you have solved Chrome’s issues. If that doesn’t address your problems, continue below.

6. Update Windows

Windows 10 users will have to consider updating their operating system if they want a better browsing experience with Chrome or IE, as well as older versions of Windows (though only in extreme cases). The trick is to make sure you update Windows after updating your browser. Visit Chrome’s site for more info on how to improve your performance in Chrome and Windows this way, or simply use a third-party tool like WinCleaner.

7. Installing Google’s Chromium in Desktop Mode

If all else fails, you can try downloading the Chromium installation file from Google’s Web Store and installing it in desktop mode from the command line. This will run Chromium in a window instead of full-screen mode so it will not use much battery life until you exit it.

You can then launch Google Chrome via its shortcut or at the command line. Do note that Chromium has fewer features than Google Chrome so it may not be a good solution to Chrome’s problems. This is one of the secret Chrome features worth trying!

8. Browse Less, Install Less, and Update Less!

The best thing that you can do when it comes to Chrome is to use the internet less and install fewer extensions in your browser. This significantly reduces the amount of memory usage by your browser, which in turn makes it more responsive as well as less prone to crashes and freezes. 

Consider doing things like making Google Docs your default word processor for most day-to-day tasks, or simply visit a site when you need to check out an article or update an app instead of visiting everything repeatedly. 

You can also install a third-party tool like Browser Cleanup, which helps you go through your browser’s settings and delete everything that goes against your personal preferences and is unnecessary.

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