Craving For A Shillong Tour? Read My Nomadic Notes From A Trip To Shillong

Introduction on my Shillong Tour

Travelling has always been my passion since childhood days. Being hailed from a family with railway privileges, I had travelled a lot with my mom and dad during those golden years. But, as I grew up, I always wanted to travel without them. And, a Shillong Tour was always on my bucket list.

During those days, my cousin was studying fashion technology in Shillong. And, that was when I decided to tour Shillong during my semester break. Since then, my journey as a nomadic spirit began and I dared to travel without my parents. Without a further wait, let me walk you through one of the most enthralling experiences I have ever had from my trip to Shillong.

Shillong Tour Photo Gallery

Shillong Tour: Enroute Shillong

I had this peaceful easy feeling when I woke up at 5 in the morning and waited for a cab with my cousin Pooja ( Guwahati is her hometown ). As the cab arrived, I was super excited for the journey to begin. But, destiny had something else in store for me.

I am a sufferer of motion sickness since childhood and things got worse when the car moved through those steep hairpin bends. I felt sick and vomited several times ( the driver was pissed off ) before we reached Shillong at 9 in the morning. And, as soon as I entered the borders, ferns, hills, low clouds, and orchids amazed the traveller in me. I took out my phone and clicked some pictures. The sound and sights of the city exactly matched my imagination.


Shillong Tour: Part 1 – National Institute Of Fashion Technology

I always wanted to see how a fashion designing college looked like. I wanted to explore the world of designers and how they worked. So, I had chosen the first stop as Pooja’s college. After having a light breakfast, we headed for the National Institute of fashion technology.

On arriving, I was truly spellbound. The college resembled a vintage charm. Founded in 2008, the place lies within the Pasteur Hills.

My idea of a fashion designing college was entirely different and it did not match my imaginations when I first entered NIFT Shillong. It was way better! It looked like a hilltop college. I instantly took out my phone and started clicking the surroundings.

I discovered that people there were more into art than fashion. This is one of the places from my Shillong tour that I loved the most. Art was around the place. Check out my sister posing with her unique piece of art.

Trip to Shillong: Part 2 – Police Bazaar

Well, the place might sound a bit weird, but it is my next stop on my trip to Shillong. It is one of the most happening places in Shillong that can provide you with the city feels. Here one can find lots of spices, dried fruits, fast foods, shopping centres, clubs, and many more. The place is also popular for smuggled winter attire from Thailand.

We went there by availing of the bus service from Polo hills ( Pocket Pinch – Rs 5 ). As soon as we reached Police Bazaar, the gigantic Muda complex ( a contemporary shopping complex ) attracted us. My sister was craving for a haircut, so she went to the Habibs while I kept exploring the complex. The complex is filled with the goodness of beautiful clothing stores, shoe brands and various food parlours to fall for!

As I was extremely hungry, my hungry stomach craved for Pizza. And, guess what? My sister was feeling the same. Without wasting a further second, we went to the Dominos and had some delicious Pizzas that satisfied our palate. It was a satisfying outing during my Shillong Tour.

After leaving Dominos, the Pork Kebab stall attracted the hungry soul in us. Shillong is famous for Pork and Beef. If you are a non-vegetarian, you should try the Pork Kebabs ( Pocket Pinch – Rs 100 per skewer.)

Shillong Tour: Part 3 – Clubbing Spree Day

This is a part that I have always wanted to experience in a hill station. As I travelled with parents all the time, I had no scope to booze!

I thought this was a time and I was ready to experience it to the fullest. So, our clubbing spree started from Club 9 to Tango to Irish Pub.

Club 9

Club 9 is a rooftop lounge in Hotel Centre Point located in Police Bazaar that is the best place for solace with a glass of wine. We had ordered beer though.

As I went there during January 2017, the temperature compelled us to have Beer. The place seems to have a mellow environment and the view from the rooftop is simply breathtaking.

If you do not drink, you can also visit there for their awesome food. ( Pocket Pinch – Drink + Food = Rs 1000 )


Tango represents a classic uptown bar vibe that can mostly carry you away with its amazing music. When it comes to the food, they have amazing meatballs ( Pocket pinch – Rs 500 ). Regarding drink, the place is the same as compared to Club 9 in terms of cost.

Irish Pub

This is one of the most happening places in Shillong. Here, I have had the best experience of my entire Shillong Tour. The reason is below.

Apart from food and drinks, the nightlife is amazing here. DJ Favian plays amazing pieces of music when it comes to dancing. Also, if you are in a romantic mood, and want some cosy vibe, he’ll do that for you. So, you can call this place a customized and cost pub. The interior reflects a true Irish vintage pub vibe. Pocket Pinch ( Food and Drink – Rs 1000 )

Trip to Shillong: Part 4 – Wards Lake and Shillong Point

Wards lake is a must-visit place when you are in Shillong. My sister took me to the place and it left me spellbound.

Also, popular as Pollock’s Lake, this man-made water body remains surrounded by a widespread lush garden and rests in the heart of the city.

It is fairly popular amidst family vacationers, couples and locals as a picnic spot. It is known that Wards Lake is approximately 100 years old.


November – February- 8:30 am till 5:30 pm

March – October- 8:30 am till 7:00 pm

Pocket Pinch – Free

And, my last stop was the Shillong Peak where I preferred to halt during my return journey. It is a mesmerizing point that overlooks the Umiam Lake. While returning, I admired the hills, the meadows, and the beautiful nature that engulfed me in its essence.

Here ends my Shillong tour. I am going to share my trip overview below:

  • Accommodation – Rs 5000 ( 4 days ) For me – Free ( I stayed at my sister’s place )
  • Food and Drink – ( Rs 3000 – 4000 for 4 days )
  • Transportation – Rs 500 for 4 days

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