Welcoming Myself to the Pearl City Hyderabad: The Land Of Eminent Hyderabad Pearls


Travelling has always motivated me. Any trip to distant places has always sprung out an enormous joy within me. So, l am going to share my experience with the pearl city Hyderabad. Starting with the first move, let me tell you how it all happened.

It was during my semester break from college, and a sudden plan to Hyderabad was set up by my Dad. The medical check-up was the main purpose, but it excited me to know that I will be able to explore the pearl city Hyderabad, finally. While travelling, planning is important, which I always do.

Exploring the Pearl City Hyderabad

The pearl city Hyderabad got its name for its finest variety of Hyderabad pearls production, for a period since 400 years.

We arrived sharp at 4:10 am at the railway station of Secunderabad junction. Thankfully, the train was perfectly on time. The hustle-bustle of the passengers and coolies started as we got down from the train. Heading out for a cab was what we did.

It was a matter of joy to find myself a few miles away from the pearl city Hyderabad. It was the sharp hours for taxi drivers and auto-rickshaw walla. During that time they take the opportunity of wooing passengers at high fares. We also hired one of them after having bargained and finally setting the deal on 200 rupees. The trip was from Secunderabad to the pearl city Hyderabad.

Day 1 in Pearl City Hyderabad: Charminar and Mecca masjid along with Laad Bazar

  • We had already booked hotel Sivaji lodge (ac/non-ac both available) a few days prior to our arrival. We checked in around 5:30 am.
  • Our day started with a fresh bite of the South Indian dosa and chutney along with vada (as per mom’s choice) from a nearby restaurant.
  • We booked a cab for sightseeing, as the date of appointment with the doctor had shifted two days post the day of arrival due to some booking issues.
  • The driver took us first to visit the magnificent monument- The Charminar, located in the heart of the city. It is known as the symbol and landmark of Hyderabad (the city of¬†Hyderabad pearls), constructed in the year 1591.
  • A full lookout of the city can be done following the narrow and stiff staircase of the Charminar which will lead you to the top of it.
  • Next to it is the Mecca Masjid, a famous mosque lining with the Charminar known to accommodate more than 10,000 worshippers at the same time. Its vivid architecture and peaceful environment within the mosque make it a worthy place to worship in solitude.

Pearl City Hyderabad: Shopping and food tales

If you are a shopping freak, you should definitely not miss the famous market attached to the Charminar place, the Laad Bazar. It is known for its collection of beautiful bangles, earrings, and especially Hyderabad pearls of wide variety at a lower price.

  • As I am a very keen shopper, I bought 10 pairs of jhumkas and guess what, with only 100 rupees. So, did you get why it is worth shopping out here?
  • Next, there were altars, and I couldn’t resist myself from its intoxicating smell and bought a number of them of different varieties.
  • It was 3 pm by noon then, and my stomach craved for food. We headed for lunch and stopped at the famous Paradise restaurant for its mouth-watering Biryani.
  • Visiting Hyderabad without tasting biriyani is like going shopping without a penny in hand. It’s that important, as the name Hyderabad and Biryani are synonymous to each other.

Day 2: Hussain Sagar Lake guided by Lumbini Park

It was nearly 5.15 pm when we finally reached this beautifully landscaped garden known as Lumbini Park which is situated along the bank of Hussain Sagar Lake. This is one of the attractions of the pearl city Hyderabad.

  • The sky was lit red with the setting sun and making the place a pure heavenly bliss.
  • It was a wonderful experience to sit by the lake and admire the beauty of nature with colourful seasonal flowers blooming by the side of the pathway for strollers.
  • There were musical fountains with lights, followed by boat rides through the lake, to visit the 58 feet tall Buddha statue.
  • Various food courts were also present lining the side of the park for filling the hungry souls.

I, along with my family, stayed there till it was too dark and then filling my stomach with street foods and holding some roasted corn, we finally headed to our lodge.

Day 3 in Pearl City Hyderabad: Golconda fort

It was an hour and a half long way from where we halted. After having a mouthful of heavy breakfast we were on our way to another attraction of the pearl city Hyderabad, the Golconda Fort. It was just an ‘awe moment’ as soon as I saw the magnificent monument, paying off to the Deccan heat and dusty road.

  • Entering the premises, we were gathered to a place where clapping underneath a dome, transmits the sound waves in such a manner to alarm the troops over the entire fort‚ÄĒsuch a marvellous work of acoustic.
  • We walked further climbing the path of history and reaching the top of the fort to get a panoramic view of the whole city on one side to the majestic fort on the other.
  • It was a long way walkthrough to explore the fort completely. By then the sun has already set, making the environment a bit creepy to roam alone.
  • It was time to return, so, missed the light and sound show. Back to the car, I took a last glance of the majestic facade as we drove back.

Final Day: Salar Jung Museum and Nizam Palace

So, today was the last day of exploring the¬†pearl city Hyderabad.¬†I was a bit gloomy as the trip was about to end. Still taking the last few good hours in dissolving myself in the history of the Nizam’s and going through their artefacts and collections like caskets, daggers and things they used during their reign. Moreover, gold and silver coins of various origins, various gifts that were presented to the king etc.

Pearl City Hyderabad: Budgetary Overview of the Trip

‚óŹ Hotel – 4,000/-(single room) 5 days 4 nights

‚óŹ Food -700/-approx (for 2 per day)

‚óŹ Public Transport – 1500-2000/- approx

‚óŹ Private Transport – 4000-5000/- approx

Wrapping Up

Overall, it was a wonderful experience altogether visiting the pearl city Hyderabad, and it was fun sharing it. I hope you all liked it.


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