My Travel Tales on Hyderabad Tourist Attractions and tourism in Vizag 

Hyderabad Tourist Attractions – The pearl city

It was my second visit with my family to the pearl city, Hyderabad. I felt excited once again as this time along with Hyderabad, I had more places on my mind. Yes, Vizag was on my list this time. 

The journey was planned during the last week of October 2018. During this time the weather remains pleasant and perfect making it the best time to travel. Thus, Hyderabad tourist attractions and tourism in Vizag has lots of visitors during this period of the year.

Hyderabad Tourist Attractions: Beginning of the Expedition

As per our first experience we have headed to the same hotel, Sivaji lodge, for their excellent service and speciality of the rooms. It was so tidy and well maintained that I was somehow in love with its comfort.

Starting with our expedition from day one, was what we looked up to:

  1. Hyderabad tourist attractions start with commercial places like – Ramoji Film City, Snow World, NTR Garden, Lumbini Park, Hussain Sagar Lake, and many more.
  2. On one side, its historical wonders are – The Nizam Palace, Chowmahalla Palace, Golconda Fort, etc. (Some of which you can get them on my first article while the rest I have shared here in this one).

Day 1: 

Ramoji Film City

By the name, I guess you all can relate that it has something to do with ‘Film’. Yes, it is the world’s largest Film City. Covering 1666 acres of land with its beautiful and amazing wonders to explore. It is number one in the list of Hyderabad tourist attractions.

I was ready by 8 am in the morning with a hat and sunglasses waiting impatiently for our cab to arrive. We had booked a cab the previous day itself along with the tickets.

  •  (Entry fee  Normal-1150/- adult per head)
  •  (Star Experience- 2249/- adult per head)

Tickets can also be availed online or you may book it from any Local tourism ticket counters available in the city. 

Entering the Film City

It was an hour’s journey to The Film city. After entering its premises we were guided by a bus which started from the gateway and entered the area of the Film city and finally reached the Ramoji film studio. It took nearly half an hour for the whole ride.

Movie Magic

In this place, we moved towards the Action theatre. We were shown some Movie magic stuff. There the raw video footage was converted to a realistic video with the help of artificial live sounds and video effects done from the audiences.

The Red bus ride

Next, we were guided by small red buses that actually carried us to different film sets, buildings, and action studios. It is one of the major Hyderabad Tourist Attractions. We passed the area of vast landscape with beautifully decorated gardens, monuments, artificial palaces, fountains. Some of the pics are shown here –

Bahubali set

We came over the ‘Bahubali’ movie set, though some of its set materials had been removed, still, we got to see ‘the jail’ where the queen was prisoned and lots more.

The Prison

Ramayana set

Next was the ‘Ramayana’ set where the entire Ramayana shooting was done. There were glazed interiors with decorative artificial stone and gold materials for creating the ambience of a palace. I felt as if I was in those times of their rein. It was so real and natural.

Airport & Railway Station

We were also shown the artificial airport terminals and railway station sets. A part of the movie ‘Chennai Express’ was shot at the railway station.


Eco tour & Monuments

There were also amusement parks like Borasura, Fundastan, etc for children along with Japanese garden, Mughal garden, sculptures of dancers, Vaman- Bonsai garden, Kerala Palm garden for eco-tours. There were also historical monuments like ‘Hawa Mahal’, Kripalu cave, and Sun fountain. Shopping plazas were also there for the shopaholics so that they don’t feel ‘something missed’. Eco-Tour is thus one of the major Hyderabad tourist attractions.

Hawa Mahal
Japanese Garden
Dancing Sculptures

Food Court

After passing half of the day by exploring all those one after another, it was time for serving the stomach, which otherwise won’t serve with the energy to walk even a single step. Food courts like Alankana, Ganga Jamuna served us delicious Hyderabadi biryani.

Butterfly garden and others

We were on the land of butterflies and wild exotic birds encircling us. Yes, that was the Butterfly garden and then we were astonished by their vivid colours. The collections of various species from all over the world is a great asset and wonder for the tourists. It was all over an incredible experience. One day isn’t enough for exploring all of it.

Day 2:

Chowmahalla Palace      

Visiting the Chowmahalla palace was a beautiful and lovely experience. The palace has ‘four mahallas’ which means four palaces named Afzal, Tahniyat, Mahtab, and Aftab Mahal. Each palace was built on the four sides, leaving a beautiful green lawn contrasting yellow and white motifs in the middle of it. 

Hyderabad tourist attractions: Chowmahalla

Entering the first mahallah, there was a room where some people sat with rented costumes to dress up and look like Nawabs and Begums. I also dressed like one of them and felt like a Begum by wearing those costumes and jewellery. My mom clicked some pics of me to cherish as a memory of that place.

Various antique furniture, crockery, coins, weapons, decorating stuff, etc are displayed in some of the wings of the palace. There were different types of vintage cars including the Rolls Royce Silver Ghost and many more.

  • (Entry fee- 50/- adult)
  •     (10/- child)   

NTR garden

It’s an amusement park with a huge area of land spread with various rides and fun stuff. It is a place of holiday escape with friends, families, and loved ones. Located opposite to the Lumbini Park and Hussain Sagar Lake, it’s a lovely place to hang out.

  • (Entry fee- 20/- per adult and 10/- per kid) 
  • (Combo pack with 4 rides – 70/- per head
  • Combo pack with 5 rides- 105/-per head


Day 3:

Snow World    

This is such an amazing place to escape the summer heat with chilly cold weather and snowflakes all around. Entering this place was followed by putting on jackets, gloves, boots, and all those stuff of winter wear. The temperature dropped down to 5 and finally to 0 exposing a wide area with snows spread all over. 

Games like snow volleyball, merry go round, basketballs, ice skating, and lots more can be played amidst the snow. Igloos, snowman, and lots of fun stuff are there for a real Snow land experience. Though the timing is limited but still great for taking the flavour of chillness. So, all these above spots are among the many Hyderabad tourist attractions.

A must-visit spot obviously. (Entry fee- 500/- per adult)

Vizag – City of Destiny

We headed for Vizag via the AC/Volvo night bus as we had only a single day left for the expedition. We checked-in hotel Haritha which is located on the beach road of Visakhapatnam.

During tourism in Vizag these options popup-

A. Sightseeing- Yarada Beach, Katiki waterfalls, Kailasagiri, Submarine museum, Rishikonda beach, Sea War memorial, and a few more.

B. Araku valley and The Bora Caves (largest cave in India).

Though we had a time shortage issue, so we thought of leaving plan A and ventured to plan B.

Day 4:

Araku Valley

As the name suggests, it’s a wide valley with greenery all over it. Tourism in Vizag has a lot to do with this valley as its beauty stretches its arms to welcome tourists from all across the globe.

The lofty mountains covered by lush green forest with coffee plantation makes it worth visiting.  We stopped on our way to the Araku valley to taste the natural coffee sold by the local people on the way lining the mountain terrain.

Araku Valley
A Beautiful View Of The Valley

Padmapuram Botanical Garden

On reaching the valley, we visited the Padmapuram Botanical Garden taking a toy train ride for getting a full view of the place.

Araku Tribal Museum

This museum was established in 1996 for giving a view and knowledge to the tourists, about the lifestyle and culture of the tribe residing in that valley. It was a wonderful experience to get an overview of the tribal culture residing in that valley by visiting the museum.

Bora Caves

Our car hiked the hill roads for reaching this magnificent cave which is present on one of the hillslopes. My excitement increased with each move as I longed for having a glimpse of this place.

As soon as we reached the place, I got out of the car and the famous ‘Bamboo chicken’ caught hold of my appetite. Without resisting any longer we ordered 1kg for preparation. 

We headed finally to visit the cave. Before entering the cave we saw the Gosthani River which is considered holy by the local tribes. It was a jaw-dropping moment as I saw the cave from the top. 

Gosthani River

My visit to this place was made worthy when we finally descended through the steps and finally entered the cave. It was a beautiful view one couldn’t believe until one took a look at that magnificent facade. Various coloured lights guided the path and made the cave look like a magical world. A must visit and worthy spot suggested by me during tourism in Vizag.

Concluding- End of the expedition

Though it was my second visit, somehow I have fallen in love with this place. Hoping for a third visit soon for covering up the leftover expedition. I loved sharing my travel tales with you all. I hope you all liked it too. If so, then don’t forget to tune up with me through my articles.

Budgetary overview  

  • Hotel:- 6000-7000/-(double bedroom) – 4 day 5 night.
  • Food:- 800/- (approx) for two
  • Transport:- 2000 – 2500/- (approx) Public – 5000 – 6000/- (approx) Private                 







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