Follow The Footsteps To The Offbeat Places Of My Dooars Tour

You feel delighted and happy when it comes to traveling North Bengal, isn’t it? Well, that’s the magic of rich greenery. As far as traveling is concerned, Dooars can be termed as nature’s cradle. Lush greenery, majestic mountains, roaring rivers, and dense forests are what classify Dooars tour.

Being a sightseer, I have traveled Dooars a lot of times as it is close to my hometown Jalpaiguri. But, last year, I and my husband had planned to take my parents for a short one-day trip to some of the offbeat places of Dooars Tour.

I always had a thing for unexplored pathways, and that’s when I decided to explore the hidden weekend destinations in North Bengal. Moreover, after researching and taking notes from some close acquaintances, I was finally able to set up a plan in my mind. Here, I am going to take you to a joyous journey through the hidden alleys of nature’s cradle.

Dooars Tour: Enroute The Green Meadows

We started our journey at 10 Am from Jalpaiguri town. Gradually, an immense joy engulfed my senses as the car drove past the green fields. If you are looking forward to a short weekend getaway to the rich greenery, Dooars is the name of the game. The forest river mountain confluence, offbeat places, and cool air are enough to surrender yourself to nature in your Dooars Tour.

Offbeat places of my Dooars Tour Plan – Paradise to live by

This expansive area of Dooars serves as a doorway to substantial Himalayan Wildlife habitats. It additionally serves as the gateway to the mountains in India and Bhutan. Being the home of many exotic species and sonorous in the delicate natural beauty, there are numerous offbeat places secluded amid the lavish greenery. Come let us embrace the blue skies, green jungle, calm waters, and triumphant mountains of Dooars.

Destination 1: Lataguri Forest – The abode of wildlife

Lataguri forest is an important place to visit in my Dooars Tour. It is a picturesque village inhabited quite outside Gorumara national park settling on National Highway No 31.  We reached Lataguri around 11:30 Am. Normally, it takes around 40 to 45 mins by bike, but if you hire a car, it takes around an hour or so.

We did not have all the time in the world to explore the lonesome forest as we have visited this place earlier and had a long way to go. But, as I love capturing nature, not listening to anyone, I have instructed the driver to take a halt and immediately stepped out of the car with my husband and started snapping the surroundings. Here’s what we collected for the traveler in us in this Dooars tour plan.

 My husband and me posing amid the greens

Destination 2: Murti River – A charming place in my Dooars tour plan

Born and brought up in Jalpaiguri, I have visited the Murti River a lot of times. Although, this was the first time I toured the place with my partner and parents.

A river that originates high within the hills of the Neora Valley National Park region best defines Murti. Furthermore, it originates adjacent to Bengal – Sikkim – Bhutan frontier tri-junction and gradually flows down from the mountains into the Dooars within the Samsing region.

Best time to visit Murti

You can visit Murti throughout the year. Nevertheless, if you are thinking of exploring some of the exciting activities of the region like Jungle safari, the Murti river camp is best advised to avoid during the monsoons as the forests remain closed throughout the rainy period. So, plan your Dooars Tour accordingly.

I have shared a glimpse of flowing waters that can readily calm your mind and soul. Take a glance below.

There are lots of places to visit in Murti if you have the right traveler’s eye. Hence, this place figures in my Dooars Tour.

Dooars Tour: Places to visit in Murti

If you want to explore further, you can take a trip to the Panjhora river that is quite close to the Murti river camp. Other than that, get yourself engrossed in the beauty of nature with the calm waters of Murti.

For the hungry soul in you, explore the Murti Tourist Lodge for the best food ever. We had Bengali thali ( Pocket Pinch – Rs 1000 ).

Furthermore, after lunch, the happy soul in me was enthusiastic to pose for some photographs. And, these are some pictures for my travel diary. So, while planning your Dooars Tour, do not forget to visit Murti.

Destination 3: Kurti Temple Via Chapramari Forest – The secluded offbeat places of Dooars Tour Plan

Located in the Tehsil district of Nagrakata and of the most attractive places in Dooars tour plan, Kurti tea garden signifies wonderful weekend destinations in North Bengal.

Starting from Murti and driving past Chapramari wildlife forest, we reached Kurti temple via Nagrakata and Kurti tea garden. Kurti Tea Garden village lies in the Nagrakata Tehsil region of the Jalpaiguri district within West Bengal, India. It is dwelled 9.2km apart from sub-district headquarter Nagrakata and 61.9km apart from district headquarter Jalpaiguri. According to the 2009 stats, Champaguri signifies the gram panchayat when it comes to Kurti Tea Garden village.

The best thing that attracted us is the Kurti Temple encircled with greenery and mountains throughout. Furthermore, it is a wonderful place for photography enthusiasts. The weather is breathtaking enough to set your wandering soul free. Furthermore, we wandered around the place and captured wonderful pictures for a lifetime memory.

The entire geographical range of the whole area is 790.7 hectares. Kurti Tea Garden is an important place to visit in my Dooars Tour. It possesses a total population of 4,285 peoples. There are approximately 913 houses near the Kurti Tea Garden community. Malbazar signifies the most adjacent town to Kurti Tea Garden which is about 32km away.

Nearby Villages of Kurti Tea Garden

Hila, Nagrakata Tea Garden, Nagrakata, Sukhanibasti, Bhagatpur Tea Garden, Gatia Tea Garden, Luksan Tea Garden, Caron Tea Garden, Chengmari Tea Garden, Grassmore Tea Garden, and Ghasmari are some of the nearby areas of population near Kurti Temple.

Best time for a Dooars tour plan

If you are planning for a Dooars tour, winter is the time you need to visit. Furthermore, the lush green forests and calm waters in confluence with foggy weather is a once in a lifetime experience. Also, a Dooars tour plan is incomplete without cold morning air and a hot cup of tea in your resort balcony.

My Dooars tour overview

Overall, I had a wonderful trip with my family. When it comes to budgetary conclusions, the list below can give you a detailed idea:

  • Transportation: Rs 3000 ( one car with 5 people )
  • Food: Rs 4000 ( For 5 people )
  • Sightseeing – Free

Final Remarks

Being an enthusiastic traveler, I have taken quite a few trips to Dooars during my teenage years. But, no other Dooars tour seemed like this one as I had all my close ones by my side.

If you like this blog, make sure to share it with your travel enthusiast friends and stay tuned for my next blog.


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