Find 7 Benefits of Laser Marking

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Modern laser technology allows you to cut and engrave plastics and metals. The laser marking machine industry has evolved into a leading manufacturer of laser machines. In addition to jewelry design and aircraft manufacturing, laser technology has numerous applications over the years.

According to our experience working with various customers, Lasermarkierung offers the following 7 noteworthy benefits:

1) Mark multiple surfaces without contacting them

In addition to engraving information on metal, acrylic, wood, and plastic, lasers can also be used to engrave information on leather, ceramic, and plastic. Our clients have appreciated the ability of laser marking machines to do marking on many items with one machine.

A laser uses focused light to print. There is no contact between the laser-creating tool and the marking surface. Compared to other methods, it also requires less workforce, printing supplies, and parts.

2) Low-cost marking solution

Our clients can save money when they use laser markers instead of other marking solutions that involve dies. Every industrial space can easily incorporate laser technology into its production lines, allowing for flawless printing.

A new die does not have to be created or repaired for laser machine users. Thus, lasers have a low maintenance cost.

3) Counterfeiting prevention

Several of Prakash Laser’s clients have found this feature of laser markers to be valuable. Illegal activities like the sale of counterfeit products can stop through laser marking.

4) Faster output

Printing on laser machines is fast and accurate, thanks to laser printing technology. This tool has proven helpful for completing rush orders quickly among our clients. With a laser machine, speeds of up to 7 m/s can be achieved.

Your laser machine is easily operated by the computer connected to it. Precision and accuracy can get controlled by the user using the computer’s printing program.

Since laser printing technology has evolved, we find production line workers are becoming more and more familiar with it.

5) Markings permanent

It is better to print with laser technology when it comes to long-lasting products. Unlike paper stickers, these markings will not fade away or peel off.

Our clients have chosen laser marking systems when rough handling, transportation, and other environmental factors have removed conventional marking methods.

6) Readability

You can perform all kinds of markings in a clean, readable manner with lasers, thanks to their precision. It is possible to identify even the tiniest markings through laser technology clearly.

Almost any suitable surface can be used to engrave 2D images, patterns, and numbers with maximum clarity.

7) There is no need for additional treatment

With laser marking, you will not need to treat the area beforehand or afterward. As a result, both money and time are saved.

Laser printing does not require chemicals or other fluids. Due to the absence of these substances, laser engraving is an ideal method to print edible product packaging.

Laser Marking Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is CO2 Laser Marking?

CO2 laser marking is among the most commonly used forms of laser marking. It offers a high level of efficiency and beam quality.

2) What is the difference between laser marking and laser engraving?

The striking difference between laser marking and engraving is based on the extent of depth to which a laser penetrates the surface.

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