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About Eco-tourism Mumbai

Have you heard of places for eco-tourism Mumbai before? If not, here I will guide you on this. First, what is eco-tourism? Well, travel agencies organize eco-tours with the objective of environmental conservation. The aim is to create a minimal impact on the natural surroundings. If the ecosystem has no disturbance, the carbon footprint is minimal; then, it ensures that natural resources do not get wasted.

The eco-tourism promotes, educates, and creates awareness about peaceful co-existence. Thus, the concept of eco-tourism is a sort of responsible tourism. By travelling with nature, you can become a part of them. So, start exploring eco-tourism Mumbai along with ecotourism in Kerala as well. They create a difference with the rewarding experience in your homeland.

Mumbai is one such destination known for it’s unexplored eco-travel places. The city always gets pictured as a busy city, overly populated, high pollution, and congested environment. But there is an escape route which offers calm, serene and soothing experience from the unseen lands. Now you can be an eco-tourist who can connect with nature from the areas of Mumbai. This article will give an idea about the best places to visit near Mumbai for eco-tourists.¬†

Best places of eco-tourism Mumbai

1) Matheran

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The beauty of the Ghats in Matheran is the rustic charm of rural India. You don’t have to wait until the weekends. Take a short drive away anytime to the quaint hidden village. There are 28 Hill viewpoints scattered around this village. It is one of the best places for eco-tourism Mumbai.

Best time to Visit: October to May.

How to reach: You can take the Mumbai-Pune expressway to reach if you are driving, and it would take around 2 hours. Otherwise, there is the train route from Mumbai to Neral. The journey is beautiful if you get a chance to travel by toy train on hill stations. 

Best places to visit: Chanderi caves and Kalavantin Pinnacle trek

2) Kamshet

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Kamshet is a perfect destination if you are an adventurous eco-tourist. The mud-brick-lined villages, bullock carts, and cycles are a common way of transportation. They offer a place to stay amid the farm. You will get served with authentic food and fresh dairy products. If one who loves to be pampered (By nature and people of the village), this is a great destination.  

Best time to Visit: October to May.

How to reach: Kamshet is a two-hour drive from Mumbai, and the train connects Mumbai with Kamshet nicely.

Best places to visit: Bedse cave, Visapur fort, Bhaja caves

3) Morachi Chincholi

The village got such a name because of tamarind trees and peacocks, which is present in abundance. It is a beautiful picnic spot to come and enjoy as a family. Nature has showered this place with a green landscape. Thus it is one of the best places for eco-tourism Mumbai. Try visiting this place from June to December. You can see all the colours of nature. Also, there are many recreational activities like a puppet show, a magic show organized for by the localities. This one location for eco-tourism near Mumbai

Best time to Visit: June to December.

How to reach: It is present near Pune Highway, and you can reach easily by road. It will take around 4 hours from Mumbai.

Best places to visit: Morachi Krushi Paryatan Kendra, Mauli Agri Tourism.

4) Karla Caves

If you are an avid traveller, Karla Caves is something you wouldn’t have missed. The caves is another place for eco-tourism Mumbai. It will take you back to the ancient times of living. This beautifully architected place is an escape from city life and the world. It is located in the Sahyadri range providing the picture spot for travellers across the globe. The waterfalls and a small trek to Karla fort make the complete cycle for the perfect eco-tour. Thus, it is one of the best eco-travel places to visit near Mumbai.

Best time to Visit this eco-tourist spot: 9 am Р6 pm, During the rainy season, between July to October.

How to reach: Saguna Baug can be via Mumbai Highway. By road, you can reach Karla caves in less than 2 hours. There is a bus and train transport frequently available at this place.

Best places to visit: Ekvira Devi Temple, Wax Museum, Sausage Hills.

5) Saguna Baug

Saguna Baug place got developed as an eco-tourism spot with the farming outfit. It supports social workers living in this region. People find happiness and comfort amid agricultural fields over here. Apart from which there are trekking and adventure activities available. The food served here is through farmlands, which are grown organically. Plastics are not allowed in this region. Saguna Baug is one of the best places to visit around Mumbai.

Best time to Visit: June to August.

How to reach: By road, it takes around less than 2hours in Mumbai Highway Road. You can take the train to Nirman Nagari, and the Saguna Baug administration makes pickup arrangements.

Best places to visit: Vikatagad Peb Fort, Agro Tourism, Panorama Point. 

6) Kolad

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Kolad is known for the adventurous place in Maharashtra. A perfect homestay in the sprawling campsite makes the experience unique. Whitewater rafting at Kolad is the most popular activity found. There are other activities like canoeing, zip-lining, and trekking famous among this region. Kolad is thus another place for eco-tourism Mumbai.

Best time to Visit: June to March.

How to reach: You can reach Kolad within 3 hours from Mumbai. There are direct trains available from Mumbai to Kolad. 

Best places to visit: Bhira Dam, Tamhini falls, and Kuda caves.


7) Bhimashankar

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Bhimashankar is a perfect getaway for the rainy season. Everything looks fresh and pure. Located in the regions of Sahyadri hills and you get a complete view of the bio-diversity. Flora and fauna found here are in abundance. Thus, it is one of the best spots for eco-tourism Mumbai.

There are many trekkers you can come across in this region. Thus, it is one of the must-see places to visit near Mumbai for couples and families.

Best time to Visit: October to March.

How to reach: It takes 5 hours via road to reach Bhimashankar. There are only connecting trains from Mumbai. The nearest station is Karjat from where you need to travel 2 hours more. 

Best places to visit: Wildlife sanctuary, Hanuman Lake, Bhimashankar temple. 

8) Art Village

Art Village is a newly developed tourist destination near Mumbai. If you want to take a break from work or even life, this place is an excellent choice. There are many engaging activities like pottery making, campfire, nature walk, star gazing, farming, yoga, and a campfire. An artistic place for people from a different culture and all walks of life. The stay in huts and organic foods can connect you with nature right away. It is another spot for eco-tourism Mumbai.

Best time to Visit: Throughout the year.

How to reach: 3 Hours from Mumbai. Located exactly at Karjat. You can reach via train easily.

Best places to visit: Charollet Lake, Alexandar Point, Bhivpuri Waterfalls. 

9) Tapola

Tapola is called as ‚ÄėMini Kashmir‚Äô while the village is about 25kms from Mahabaleswar. It is one of the best. Koyana Dam here is quite famous, and you can spend your night near the campsite here. Visit Kas Pathar, a flower bed region from this place that can take your breath away. If you are in search of eco-travel places to visit near Mumbai for couples,¬†then this is a perfect destination.¬†

Best time to Visit: October to January. 

How to reach: It takes 6 hours of travel from Central Mumbai. If you are travelling through the car, most of the trip covers the beachside. 

Best places to visit: Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary, Tapola Lake, Bamnoli Range, Shivasagar Lake.

10) Igatpuri

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It is a complete symbolism of how nature is still alive and encourages us to preserve it. Every time you inhale the air, you can feel the freshness of the greenery, soil, and water. There are two main valleys: Bhasta River and the Camel River. You can spend time with the view of nature, different species of flora, and fauna here. 

Best time to Visit: November to March.

How to reach: There is an express route from Mumbai to Igatpuri, and you can reach within 1.35 hours. Also, there are direct trains available to this place.

Best places to visit: Igatapuri Water sports and Camping, Myanmar gate, Vihigaon Falls. 

Let’s wrap up

These are the best places for eco-tourism Mumbai and the places around them. Be an eco-tourist, promote responsible tourism, and find yourself well connected to nature. Eco-travel destinations are growing by each day in India. Many states like Odisha, Kerala, Himachal, Uttarakhand, Mumbai, etc. are developing such tourist destinations. Once, the pandemic subsides completely, do explore such places!

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