A Complete Hacking Guide for Beginners for Effective Learning

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If you are just a beginner in the field of Hacking and don’t know much about it, then here are some guidelines to upgrade yourself. First, you need to know about the three types of hackers. The first type of deals are all about the good stuff and are known as “White Hat Hacker” A “Grey Hat Hacker” may violate specific laws but is not harmful.

The final one is “Black Hat Hacker,” known for creating a nuisance and doing wrong things. Also, aspirants who are beginners must check the below steps to learn to hack. Also, check more interesting blogs on Enchantrixto Tech Hacks.

Types of Hacking

Hacking refers to the activities that can easily identify the digital compromises, securities, vulnerabilities of a system, and helps to more secure. Hacking is not only the coding or programming, and it is all about passion for finding vulnerabilities of any digital system. 

In this hacking term, we have heard about penetration, social engineering and lot more curiosity terms in our mind. But actually, hacking has its three major terms which were grey hat hacking, white-hat hacking and black hat hacking. Firstly, we have to know about these types of hacking.

  1. Black hat hacking: Black hat hacker are mostly those who don’t take any permission for the website owner for taking the access without letting them know and also steal their information. This hacking would be an illegal and punishable offence if someone caught during this kind of hacking.
  2. White hat hacking: white hat hacker can operate their operation with the proper permission and necessary legal steps before starting their operation. Though they are a hacker and they have to find all the suspicious or vulnerabilities of their client’s system.
  3. Grey hat hacking: Grey hat hacking is a combination of black hat hacking and white hat hacking. Grey hat hacker usually takes down the targeted system, but it doesn’t lose any kind of operation of the targeted system. Actually, grey hat hacker does the same job what white hat hackers are doing, but the difference between grey hat hacker and white hat hacker is that grey hat hacker doesn’t take any permission from the targeted authorities, but white hat hackers are doing all the activity with proper written permission from the authority.

Hacking Tips to Become a Hacker  –

  1. Start from basics in hacking

The root needs to be strong. Before trying anything significant, start from the grass-root level, which gives some basic ideas about the field of Hacking.

Start with the operating system Unix when you are new to this field and are confused. Most people don’t know about Unix, and you can’t become a successful hacker without learning and understanding about Unix.

  1. Try to learn and relate to the mindset of a Hacker

To be a professional hacker, make sure that you have to stick with the correct attitude and mindset. If you are into Hacking, you must be well-versed with the computer system. A lot of negative things are said and written about this field, but it is entirely your choice on how to use the skill.

  1. Not every hack or hacking deal in negative ideas

If you are thinking to not become a hacker, because of so much negativity associated with it, then you need to know that it does not involve negativity. Science has its good effects as well as wrong. Now it is on somebody’s choice whether to use this skill positively or negatively.

Those who use their skill to do wrong things are not hackers. These people are rule-breakers or crackers on the internet. Rule breakers of internet or cracker of the internet is a community of hackers who into doing illegal as well as unethical things.

  1. Constantly upgrade your skills to write in HTML

Blogging Tips for Beginners

Only a correct mindset is not enough to become a professional hacker; you need to know about writing in Hyper Text Mark Language, or HTML. Any website using pictures as well as text, then be sure that it is the work of HTML.

You can write this computer language in any word processing program, for example, Notepad. It is not at all difficult to learn the art of writing this language, and over some time, you have to keep practising and improve upon your skills.

  1. Be versed in other Programming Languages

Before you can read, you need to learn letters of the alphabet. Similarly, to become a hacker, you need to be well-versed in all technologies. So, a hacker has to gain in-depth knowledge about all programming languages.

You can start using the platform, such as r3. In addition to this, you can also start with ‘Python’ and C or C++. These are the few best programming language best suited for Hacking.

  1. Come up with innovative ideas

Hackers are known for their creative ideas. You need to think out of the box and try techniques with divergent thinking when it comes to getting things done. There is no ready-made script for Hacking. You need to learn the method and do a lot of smart as well as hard work. Gaining knowledge is one thing and executing them is another. Whatever experience gained should be put in practical use.

  1. Go through some old books of hacking

One thing you need to know that every professional hacker has tremendous skills in Hacking, which makes his or her work look beautiful and interesting. It is next to impossible that you get that touch of brilliance without any inspiration and knowledge. Therefore, for you, it is advisable to go through some old books that might help you to understand it.

Some books which can be beneficial for you are ‘Hackers: Heroes of computer,’ ‘The Hacker Crackdown’ written by Steven Levy, and Bruce Sterling. The technical issues addressed may be old, but the aspect beat the boundaries of time.

  1. Utilize your knowledge in something positive

If you have enough information to be a professional hacker, then utilize your knowledge in some good works by helping people in need. You can target those who use their power in the wrong way or hide information from the common man or weaker section of people. Doing such good and positive things will give you so much satisfaction, and you will become a voice for those deprived individuals.

  1. You can do any job along with Hacking

Most people have the interest to become a professional hacker as well as pursue a job simultaneously. You can do both works together. Many companies hire hackers on consultant mode to ensure data security. Since hackers are well-versed in cybersecurity, therefore they will be able to take the necessary safety measures. They can ensure that damage is minimal.

  1. Gain knowledge about different Operating Systems

The more you learn about different operating systems, the more it will help you to hack systems more efficiently. You should know and learn about UNIX  and many other operating systems used widely across the world. Windows is one of the operating systems which is used most often, and therefore you must gain knowledge about it as well.

  1. Sharpen your concept of Networking

Learning network concepts is one of the important things when it comes to lead your life as a hacker. There are many books that you can use to learn the networking concept. One of them is ‘A Top-down Approach,’ which is by James F. Kurose and Keith W. Ross. At the same time, you must enlighten yourself about VPN, LAN, WAN as well as the subnet. If your main goal is to become a hacker and use it to your advantage, then you need to know about UDP protocol and TCP/IP.

  1. Participate in some projects related to Computers

You have to master your skill and knowledge about the computer to become a successful hacker. For this, you have to involve yourself in a self-assigned project. Most of the hackers do a project that is building a computer from scrape. These endeavours may sound like a lot of work, and yes, it is, but this is the best method to help hackers improve their work. This process will keep a hacker better informed with computers as well as a computer system.

  1. Go through some online tutorials

You can get a lot of information via online tutorials when you face any problem in Hacking. At the same time, there are many steps by step tutorials online, which are very helpful for hackers. Solving things through your method is good, but at some point in time, you will be bound to have doubts regarding specific topics. Then you can always find answers to your questions through online tutorials.

  1. Keep on experimenting with different things in hacking

This method helps you to become a successful hacker. If you have the aim to be a hacker, then this is very important that you experiment with a set process and try finding new ways. It becomes easy to maintain such records. This way will help you keeping track of your progress on hacking in a specific period.

  1. Work alone to increase your knowledge

Hacking is seen by many in a negative light. It is not a job that everyone opts for a career. Also, it is a secret work, so you should work alone. But it does not say that you cannot look for suggestions and good counsel from friends and other experts. But it has been observed that working alone and in silence gives more positive results in general.

  1. Practice hacking daily

If you are thinking that after becoming a hacker, you don’t need to study and practice, then you are wrong. If you want to succeed in this field, then you keep increasing knowledge with the change in time in terms of advancements in technology and programming. In this way, you will not stay behind in the race. There are lists of individuals who choose their profession as a hacker, and they regularly and simultaneously gain more information with each passing day.

  1. Practice Hacking skills and participate in Hacking challenges

Today is a world of competition, and this also gives you the strength to conquer yourself with every running time. On daily improvising, your skill will help you to get command over hacking skills. There are numerous challenges online, where you can improve as well as find out, as opposed to others in your field. You can also find where you stand and find how well you can perform.

As a professional hacker, you will have to polish yourself and your skills to work under different types of pressure. So, this can be an excellent way to prove yourself in pressure situations and find out how quickly you can act when put in a challenge.

  1. Know your responsibility as a Hacker

While choosing a career as a professional hacker, you need to be clear in your thoughts. There can be a tendency to get attracted to using the skill for harmful purposes. You need to remember Hacking, if used in the wrong way, becomes illegal under which you known to be a criminal. So keeping this in mind, this should be reason enough for you not to indulge in any unlawful and unethical activities.

Career Opportunities for an Ethical Hacker

Becoming an ethical hacker is the most self-satisfaction career which needs a passion for doing the job as an ethical hacker. As of basic knowledge of an ethical hacker is the network and along with that an ethical hacker mostly know about the database handlings, operating systems, computer commanding. But along with this, an ethical hacker must know the following skills for their advance skill set.

  • Network traffic sniffing
  • Orchestrate various network attacks
  • DNS spoofing
  • Exploit buffer overflow vulnerabilities
  • SQL injection
  • Password guessing & cracking
  • Session spoofing and hijacking.

Apart from this, any ethical hacker must be a great thinker and also a problem solver, which helps during the social engineering experiments.

Salary, Job roles of an Ethical Hacker

In the era of digital marketing trends along with the booming of networking industries, the ethical hacker job role is trending job role for any individuals. Most of the securities agency, FBI, CBI, Govt. cyber cell also open for an ethical hacker job position nowadays. Topmost companies like Google, NASA also hire a networking expert as their job role.

An ethical hacker will not be the exact job role. But if you are an ethical hacker, you can be eligible for the following job roles.

  • Information Security Analyst
  • Security Analyst
  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
  • Ethical Hacker
  • Security Consultant, (Computing / Networking / Information Technology)
  • Information Security Manager
  • Penetration Tester

When we are talking about the salary of any ethical hacker, we must say the average salary for these ethical hacking post around $50,000 to $1,00,000 in a year according to the pay scale.

Books, Study resources for becoming an ethical hacker

Becoming an ethical hacker, the most important thing is the passion and practice. There is a lot of online Youtube guidance for starting as a hacking. Along with that, there is an online course platform like Udemy, Edureka helps to guide you.

Online course recommendation:

e-Book for ethical hacking course:

So these are some essential tips you need to know before starting as a carrier in the field of Hacking. Well, it may be difficult and challenging to follow some of the steps, but if you can follow them, it will help you a lot grow ain to a successful hacker.

Hacking FAQs

1) What is Hacking?

Hacking is a technique to exploit a computer system or any private network inside a computer/laptop/mobile.

2) What are the types of Hacking?

There are three types of Hacking. They are –
a) Black Hat Hacking
b) White Hat Hacking
c) Grey Hat Hacking

3) What are the job roles of an Ethical Hacker?

There are various job roles for an ethical hacker. These are:
a) Information Security Analyst
b) Security Analyst
c) Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
d) Ethical Hacker
e) Security Consultant, (Computing / Networking / Information Technology)
f) Information Security Manager
g) Penetration Tester

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