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Review Recent Computer Change Sometimes making a change in your system can unstable the environment resulting in a blue screen error. You can troubleshoot by identifying that error. 


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Check for Windows and Driver Update Some Windows updates can create issues, so Microsoft and third-party companies release other updates to fix those issues. Go to ‘Settings,’ then tap on ‘Update & Security, check for Windows Update, and apply to fix the problems. 


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Run a System Restore


The System Restore of Windows brings your system back to a previous state. It’s a handy and straightforward way to fix a bluescreen error if it is software-based. Search for ‘Recovery Control Panel’ and select ‘Open System Restore’ to launch it. Then, click ‘Next’ to get a list of restore options. Select anyone and hit ‘Scan.’ If it gets any affected programs, you need to change the software.

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Malware can damage the Windows system and result in a bluescreen error. You can scan for finding out such infections. Enchantrixto suggests you use Malwarebytes for scanning.


Scan for Malware

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