What is Coronavirus? Read 6 Latest Viral Disease Symptoms and Precautions

The year 2020 has started on a very worrying note with the break out of coronavirus. This viral fever which has originated in Wuhan, China. The virus has become more or less epidemic inflicting lakhs of people worldwide. Approximately, 1,84,263 have died globally and it is still counting. This viral infection has now spread worldwide.

India too has come under the attack of this fever. So far, there are 29,974 cases in India. Out of which 937 are reported to have died due to this viral infection. The numbers are increasing each day (for the latest reports on India and World, check as you move downwards). Having said that India’s death rate is about 3.12 percent and the world rate is 7 percent, which means that the virus is pandemic but not fatal as well.

If we believe the news, then the current situation is very delicate, and you must have proper knowledge about the symptoms of viral diseases like Corona. It will help you keep yourself from harm’s way.

Viral Disease Symptoms: Coronavirus 

Let’s discuss the viral disease symptoms with you, which may educate about this disease and you can take measures to avoid this:

  • The viral disease symptoms are cough and cold, high fever, shortness of breath, and other respiratory infection. You will find these symptoms at an early stage of this viral infection.
  • There are other symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, sneezing, etc. These are non-respiratory symptoms.
  • This viral fever in kids and senior citizens causes pneumonia and hence causes breathing issues.
  • Coronavirus is infectious and even attacks animals. From animals, it can easily spread to humans. Thus it has become one of the most dreaded viral infections in humans and in animals.

New Symptoms

Some new symptoms have been discovered, they are:

  • You may lose the smell or taste of food. This symptom was found in patients across Britain in the month of March.
  • If you feeling too cold, do get diagnosed by a doctor. It is one of the new symptoms of the virus.
  • The next viral disease symptom is muscle pain. 14.8 percent of patients in the US infected by the virus had muscle pain.
  • According to new findings, a debilitating headache, along with a sensation of continuous pain or pressure around the temples and the eyelids is a new symptom.
  • Pink eyes! Yes, you got it right! This is another new-found symptom. The virus can now spread through eye fluids and droplets.
  • Almost 60% of COVID-19 patients are said to have experienced a sore throat with a dry cough.

How the viral infection, Coronavirus spreads?

How Coronavirus spreads

It is always important to know how this disease spreads from person to person. It will help to prevent the infliction of such viral infections in humans.

You will find coronaviruses spreading among humans and animals through droplets that contain large-sized particles. The droplets may during cough or sneeze remain suspended in the air for at least three to six feet before getting dissipated. So, it is quite likely that if you are infected, the virus will spread through your sneeze or cough.

This viral fever also gets transmitted through contact or food. So, infected humans or animals (cases in animals are rare though) should be quarantined. The virus is also known to be found in the stool of humans. Studies and research are ongoing to find out if there is any other medium through which this viral infection may spread.


Treatment of this viral fever

Scientists are carrying out their research to understand this virus. Some companies are on the verge of human trials to find a possible cure for this viral infection in humans. As of now, if you are infected, then do visit any nearby hospital and take admission in the Intensive Care Unit and get yourself treated.


Precautions to prevent such viral infections in humans

As of now, as there is no potential antidote to cure coronavirus, so it’s better to prevent it from infecting. Let’s share a few measures that may prevent this viral infection from happening in humans:

  • Always cover your nose and mouth by mask or napkin while you are outside.
  • Avoid any public gathering or crowd.
  • Always wash your hands with a sanitizer.
  • Try avoiding any sorts of contact with an infected person.
  • Always make sure to wash and clean your hands with soap.
  • Cover your mouth and nose as this virus spreads through droplets in the air.
  • Do not dispose of your used napkin or tissue paper in public places and open areas.
  • Drink plenty of fluids, liquids, water, and hygienic food.
  • You must avoid spitting in public.
  • Eating food outside.
  • Visiting farms and animal slaughterhouses.
  • One must get through proper health screening at various entry and exit points like airports, seaports, etc.
  • It is important to identify the infected; after that, a proper program should be in place to treat the infected at an isolated place.
  • Consult a doctor ASAP if you feel sick.
  • Vitamin C intake can be useful. It will improve your immune system.
  • You can also have a cup of warm water with lemon slices dipped in it. This is really useful to keep the virus at bay and may possibly kill the virus as well.
  • Do exercises like aerobics and yoga to increase immunity and develop strength.

Does Corona die in the heat?

Yes, it is vulnerable to heat. According to WHO, 56 degrees temperature kills the virus at around 10000 units every 15 minutes.

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Which Countries are spared from this viral fever?

Greenland, Somalia, Liberia, Belize, The Vatican City, Bhutan, Guinea-Bissau are some of the least affected countries with cases ranging between – 5 to 20 (The numbers are subject to change, check the live updates section). Yemen has sofar reported just 1 case.

The bottom line

Effected area of coronavirus
Affected Area of Coronavirus

The current status of the outbreak of this viral infection in humans is such that, the death toll is sure to rise. So it is important to know this viral disease symptom and take preventive measures to prevent this disease affecting you. Scientists around the world are trying hard on finding a cure for this viral infection, and hopefully, a solution will be there soon.

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