Top 30 Amazing and Unknown Facts about India

Amazing and Unknown Facts  about India

India is the most preferred and favourite tourist place for all the tourists in this world. People experience different cultures, heritage, and the beauty of nature in every corner of the state. India has thousands of interesting and unknown facts. The valuable thing in India is its culture. India was earlier known as “Sone Ki Chidiya” because of its precious culture, customs, religions, and various other things.

There are many things which have been discovered by our scientist are already written in “Vedas” the holy book preferred by most Indian people. The Indian people believe in one of the best treatments for every disease or illness known as “Ayurveda.” We all know that India’s population is the second-most in the world, but let me tell you one more thing about India that apart from this, India has in its store some fantastic and mind-blowing achievements and facts. Read the full article to know about the unknown facts about India.

1. India from Indus

India derived its name from the “Indus River.” The river was earlier known as “Sapt Sindhu,” which refers to seven rivers. The people or civilization who lived near Sindhu; we’re known as “Sindhu.” The Persian traders pronounced “Sindhu” as Hindus. It was known as the land of Hindus, and it was named “Hindustan” as the land of Hindus. Hindus are the people who are living in India; it does not relate to caste or religion.

Unknown Facts

2. A floating post office

There are almost 1,55,015 post offices in India. It is one of the largest postal networks in the world. It has one amazing and beautiful post office known as the floating post office. The floating post office is in Dal lake, Srinagar. Its inauguration happened at the starting of August 2011. It also has a philately museum in it. So, this is one of the amazing facts about India.

Unknown Facts

3. The village where there are no doors in their houses

We all are very protective of our homes and family members. There is one village in India name “Shani Singapur,” which is one of the fantastic places where there are no doors in any of the houses. Almost 40000 devotees visit there for the 300 old legends of “lord Shani”. This village has no doors and locks in their homes because the people of this village believe that Lord Shani is there for their protection. They think “lord Shani” as the guardian of this village.

4. Largest numbers of vegetarian

Are you vegetarian? If yes, then you will be happy to know that India has the most abundant vegetarian in all over the world. This is another unknown fact about India. The people who follow Hinduism in India are mostly vegetarian. Almost 29% of -40% of the population is vegetarian.

Uknown Facts

5. Thousands of languages spoken by the citizens

India’s population speaks more than 19500 languages in the country. There are almost 24 recognized languages, including both Hindi and English. Other languages like Telugu Tamil, Urdu Punjabi Bengali etc. spoken in India by different people. It is a widely-known fact that in India, you will find different languages, cultures, and religions in your every step. This fact is another exciting India info that will leave you amazed!

6. Kumbh Mela visible from space

Kumbh Mela is one of the spiritual events in India. This event organized once in 12 years in the part of northern India. The gathering of the people is so large, and it was visible even from the space through satellite. These spiritual events attract more than 70 million people.

7. Himalaya has nine world’s highest peak

There are almost ten highest peaks in the world, out of which nine are from the Himalayas. The highest peak is Mount Everest, which is 8848 meters.

8. 3 lakh mosques in India

Almost 15% of the total Indian population is the Muslim community. It is so exciting that India has the most significant number of mosques all over the world. Some of the famous mosques are Jama Masjid, Taj ul Masjid, Mecca Masjid, etc.

9. World’s second-largest road networks

Every people like traveling, but it is compulsory to have a proper touring network in the state. India has the largest road network in the world as it has almost 1.9 million miles of roads. This information about India is interesting, isn’t it! Thus, India becomes the second largest road network across the globe.

10. World’s highest rail bridge

India has the world’s largest rail bridge. The rail bridge is almost 35 meters taller than Eiffel Tower. This world’s highest rail bridge figures in Jammu and Kashmir. This rail bridge is known as the Chenab Bridge, and it is almost 1178 feet above from the Chenab River. This another India info that is amazing!

11. Number of people travelling in Indian railways equals Australian population

India has the largest travelling network. It has almost 7172 railway stations. The largest network of Asia, with 12617 trains carry more than 23 million passengers every day. The total population travelling from the train every day is almost equal to the total population of the country Australia. Is it not interesting?

12. World’s most visited place is Golden Temple

You will be shocked to hear that the Golden Temple receives the award as the world’s most visited place by the world book of record. There are more than 1 lakh devotees comes to visit the Golden temple every day.

13. Rats temple in Rajasthan

These things can only happen in India. There is a village name Karni Mata temple in Rajasthan, which is the home of thousands of rats. The rats considered as their ancestors and worshipped by the people. The worship of rat is one of the unique things which attracts thousands of people towards this. It is one of the strangest as well as unknown facts about India.

14. World’s biggest family

India has the world’s largest family in Mizoram. The family is living in the village of Baktawang. There are almost 100 rooms building is for this largest family. The family head is Mr. Ziona chana. The total member of the family is 181. Mr. Ziona Chana has 39 wives and 94 children. He has 33 grandchildren and 14 daughters in law. This another interesting fact about India.

15. Roopkund: Skeleton Lake

It is fascinating that India also has a skeleton lake. It is known as a mystery lake by the local people of the Uttarakhand. Skeleton located in the Uttarakhand State. To your surprise, you will come across skeletons of thousands of people at the bottom of this lake in Uttarakhand. It is another India info that is unknown to many.

16. Hospital train

India has the first hospital train in the world. This hospital train is known as Lifeline Express as well as Jeevan Rekha Express. This hospital train gives all the healthcare services to the citizens of India. It also offers services related to cancer treatment, surgeries, etc. to the remote villages.

17. World’s highest cricket ground

Another one of the unknown facts about India is the presence of the highest cricket ground in the world. This Cricket ground is present in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The ground is known as Chail cricket ground because it is present in a village Chail town. It is at 2,444 meters of altitude built-in 1893. This cricket ground is the part of the military school of Chail.

18. Shampooing of hair is an Indian concept

We all clean our hair every day, but do we know that this concept is invented in the country India. Earlier, the Indian people used different types of herbs. Later, it is available as a liquid in the commercial market. The word “shampoo” is derived from the term “Champu,” which refers to “massage.” This is among other unknown facts about India.

19. Kabaddi team is the World Cup champion

It is one of the amazing facts about India that it never loses World Cups in kabaddi. Indian men’s kabaddi team, as well as women’s kabaddi team, has won all the Kabbadi games held during the World Cups. Till now, India is the champion of all of the Kabadi World Cup championships.

20. Discovery of water on the Moon

India is active in every field. India has discovered many things which are beneficial for all over the world. It also discovered water on the Moon. ISRO Chandrayaan 1 has found water on the Moon in September 2009. The Moon mineralogy mapper detected water on the Moon.

21. Science day declared after Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s visit to Switzerland

It was the story of 2006 when the father of the Indian missile program went to Switzerland. After arriving in Switzerland, they declare 26th May as the science day in honour of APJ Abdul Kalam. This incident is another amazing fact about India.

22. The first president of India took only 50% of his salary

As we all know that Dr. Rajendra Prasad used to be the first President of India. Post his appointment as the President; he only took a 50% salary by claiming that this is enough for him as they did not more than this. At the time of ending his presidential tenure, he used to take only 25% of his salary. The salary was only Rs 10,000 at that time.

23. World’s second-largest English speaking country

The mother tongue of India is Hindi, but, interestingly, the world’s second-largest English speaking country is none another than India. The USA is an English speaking country with 125 million people, which is only 10% of our total population. As per expectations, India will be the first largest English speaking country in the coming years. This is another India info which is not known to many.

24. Human calculator

India is full of talented and skilled people. Shakuntala Devi gets the awards for the title of the “human calculator” because of her fastest calculation ability. She has calculated two 13 digit number that is 7686369774870*2465099745779 within 28 seconds.

25. Rabindranath Tagore wrote national anthem for Bangladesh

We all know that Rabindranath Tagore wrote the Indian national anthem. Do we know that the Rabindranath Tagore also wrote Bangladesh national anthem? He wrote “Amar sonar Bangla” as the Bangladeshi national anthem. The British government offered him for knighthood, but he refuses after the massacre of Jallianwala Bagh.

26. India looks “Sare Jahan Se Acha” from space

When former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi with Rakesh Sharma was about the look at India from space, then they replied: “Sare Jahaan Se Acha,” which means that it is the most beautiful place in the world.

27. First diamond mined in India

India is also active in diamond production. The first diamond mine is present in India near alluvial deposits. It is present in Guntur and Krishna district of the delta of Krishna river. India leads diamond production all over the world at the time when Brazil found his first diamonds in the 18th century. It is one of the unknown facts about this country.

28. India transported first Rocket by bicycle

It was so amazing that even the Rocket in India gets transported by bicycle. The Rocket was light and small, and it was carried in Kerala to the Thumba launching station. This incident is one of the unknown facts about India.

29. Spa for elephant

Interestingly, India thinks about animals too. India has an elephant spa where the elephants receive all the spa treatment like baths, massage, etc. Elephants are given food during the spa. It is present at the Punnathoor cotta elephant yard rejuvenation centre of Kerala. It is an unusual step in the country, India.

30. Tajmahal comes under Seven Wonders of the World

Taj Mahal, the symbol of love located in Agra district. It is an exciting fact that king Shahjahan made one of the beautiful monuments. He has made this Taj Mahal for his lady love Mumtaz Mahal. That’s why the Taj Mahal is considered the symbol of love.

India is full of interesting and unknown facts. Every part of India has some interesting stories and culture. India respects everything, whether rivers, animals, places, or religions. India honours guests like a God and gives lots of respect to every guest. If you visit India, you will feel proud of this country because of its thousands of amazing facts.

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