Read the 4 Proven Steps to get the MBA job of your Dreams

How to get a dream career after MBA? An MBA job is the dream of every aspirant after completion of an MBA (Master of Business Administration) program. Well, I feel that (as I have also completed my MBA), a proper thought must be given right from the start – “While choosing Specializations.” The average MBA salaries abroad can be between 70,000 USD to 123,000 USD. So, if you have chosen the right specialization and the right course at the right college, you can land up with your dream MBA job. Here I will mention 4 steps that I feel, which can help you earn a great MBA job.

4 Steps to earn an MBA Job of your Dreams 

Mentioned here are the 4 steps get the MBA job of your dreams:

First, Evaluate

Before choosing any MBA specializations, it is important to analyze and evaluate. Yes, evaluate based on your area of interest. I guess the answer to how to get a dream career after an MBA is answered. Assessing the inner, you is critical. 

It will help if you do good research on the area or MBA specialization you want to pursue. Based on the research, try to evaluate your finding. The process of getting a dream job after MBA thus gets simpler. 

The process starts with choosing a particular specialization of study and what it offers in the long run. Initiating an evaluation will help the aspirants be aware of the average MBA salaries in their specializations and what improvements one needs to earn that dream MBA job. It will help if you evaluate based on the following criteria –

  • Scope of the specialization
  • Geographical factors
  • College Placements history
  • Individual skills required in a specific field

For example – You want to take up Marketing as your specialization to earn that MBA job of your dreams. But you must also check whether that particular stream a worth in the current scenario. Also, as a student, one must check whether the field offers excellent job prospects in your area, city, or country, or you will have to shift abroad. You can research the average MBA salaries in your area or country in general with abroad.

After done with this, you can start shortlisting colleges based on your research. If a college-based outside your country but may offer an MBA job that you are desiring, and you have the skills in you to make it, bang on! Start planning your preparation concerning it. On the other hand, if a college in your country offers a great MBA job, you can start choosing your college accordingly. Whenever you plan for an MBA, the idea is to plan in advance and on a broader perspective so that you can earn that dream MBA job.

In case if you do not have any love for a particular specialization, then you may compare the scope of Marketing with Finance, HR, IT, Operations & Logistics, and other fields both in your home country and abroad. After that, decide for yourself to earn that dream job after MBA!

It is also important for any student to know their credentials (Academic and Skills). For example, to study MBA in Analytics, someone having an undergraduate degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, or other science streams will be better equipped than those with an undergraduate degree in History. 

But again, there are students who, despite that, possess analytical skills to study MBA in Business Analytics or Analytics or IT. SO, again it all boils down to self-evaluation to help yourself earn that MBA job that everyone dreams of.

Suppose you are already experienced in any particular job, besides considering the above factors. In that case, you must focus on the course structure, which offers more learning to help you get promotions or a better MBA job. The flexibility in choosing specializations is less for experience candidates as most pursue courses related to their jobs.

If self-evaluation is a problem or you are unable to decide, then I will suggest you go for counseling, career guide, career tests, workshops, and sessions to choose that game-changing MBA stream that can help you earn a dream MBA job.

Develop yourself to get a desired MBA Job

Developing yourself is very important. The stage starts just after you have decided for yourself which MBA course to pursue, where to pursue, and at which college. There are certain entrance test to crack and GD / PI rounds at the colleges. For this, you will need to improve and develop your skills according to the MBA stream you have planned.

The fight does not end there, and you will have to keep improving upon your skills so that you get placed and earn that MBA job of your dreams finally. In my opinion, the development process continues further even after getting placed because that will help you reach new heights. 

Continuous development is needed to earn more than the average MBA salaries. It is one of the answers to the question “how to great a dream career” after MBA. Combine evaluation with development, and half of the race is won to earn that dream job after MBA.

For example, if you have chosen to study an MBA in HR after evaluating the scope, college placements, etc., then you must start developing those skills to excel. If you already possess them, then work more on them to improve yourself further. Remember one thing – Only the best deserve the best!

Connect for your Dream MBA Job

Done with evaluation and development? Then make a habit of connecting with like-minded people on social media forums. It can be of great use even when you are researching the MBA stream that can earn you superb MBA jobs. There are specific social groups dedicated to MBA preparation. You will get all information about your field of interest and which jobs to try based on your interests and skills. 

LinkedIn is one of the most popular career-oriented platforms. Personally, I have got great help there, and you will meet fellow students as well as Industry Leaders. There are many inspiring stories about people who earn the MBA job they desired from LinkedIn.

Likewise, there are various other platforms like YouTube and Facebook even which may end your job search and guide you to earn that dream job after MBA. You can also receive information on the average MBA salaries based on the stream, geography, college, industry, and others on these social forums.

What do you expect from an MBA Job?

Finally, again a bit of evaluation is required on your part. During your placement or post, you are bound to get offered by multiple companies with excellent packages. But you will have to evaluate and analyze what you expect from the job. Believe me, priorities differ and matter.

A 150,000 USD Marketing Manager job with XYZ company may not be suitable for someone looking for something with a more work-life balance. That person may compromise a bit on the salary and join some other firm with lesser targets and good work-life balance.

On the other hand, some will gleefully accept the offer just to earn more than the average MBA salaries. Here are some of the factors which most students look into in their dream job after MBA:

  • Excellent Package
  • Employee Benefits 
  • Scope of Learning
  • Good Appraisal system
  • Work and Life Balance
  • Work culture

An MBA job of dreams is not only about high salaries, perks, and designation. Work-life balance, job timings also matters. Many students even land up with their dream job after MBA, but how many are satisfied? Yes, job satisfaction depends on all the factors mentioned above, and your desired MBA job depends on it. I am sure students who are planning for an MBA but are a little confused about which stream to choose and how to get a dream career after MBA finds this piece helpful. I hope they will get a lot of help in their chase to get that dream MBA job after reading this blog. All the best!

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