6 Simple Steps to Effortlessly Build Healthy Habits

A habit in humans is a behavior that gets repeated to the extent it becomes like our daily routine automatically or done without any sense of awareness or motivation. Healthy habits are the same if you can stick to, gets repeated each day to provide health benefits to you. But often, people make health goals but building healthy habits are not always possible. So, here I am to offer you some help with 6 steps on on how to effortlessly build healthy habits.

How To Effortlessly Build Healthy Habits? 

So, the question of how to build healthy habits as it’s solution is here. Check the 5 easy steps to effortlessly build healthy habits here. 

1. Be Clear with Your Wants to Effortlessly Build Healthy Habits

The very first step to building healthy habits is to be clear about what you want. In order to do that, you need to define your health goals. Then it becomes easy to effortlessly build healthy habits.

Building healthy habits

According to the reports of Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, setting a goal is a technique to change behavior that successful interventions. This is one of the ways of developing healthy habits. Researchers believe that setting health goals is critical to make behavioral changes.

So, set goals to effortlessly build healthy habits. You must spend time to explore what you need in your life from health perspectives. Knowing this will help you to develop such habits.

2. Create A Plan

Once you’ve formulated your goals, you must put a particular plan in place. Think about what small ways of developing healthy habits which are also sustainable to achieve the goals. A British Journal of General Practice advocates that small changes approach impacts in developing healthy practices. Here, I will share a few examples of specific actions that can be added to your everyday routine to effortlessly build healthy habits.

healthy practices - eat healthy

  • Spare some time in the morning – By starting your day with renewed vigor and freshness, the tone of the day can be set. I will suggest you spare some time for yourself in the morning through prayer, meditation, gratitude, and reflection. This can help in building healthy habits.
  • A Healthy Breakfast is All You Need– If your question is how to build healthy eating habits, my answer will be to have a healthy breakfast every morning, among healthy practices. Everyone does not possess the same appetite levels to decide on the menu according to the body’s requirements.
  • Generally, a healthy breakfast loaded with protein and healthy fats is the solution to the question – how to build healthy eating habits.
  • Effortlessly build healthy habits by just drinking adequate levels of water throughout the day.
  • You can do some exercise during your lunch break or after work.
  • Do have a healthy snack by the end of the day. The day end is the time when you will feel tired after all the activities during the day. One of the ways of developing healthy habits is to have healthy snacks regularly as an energy booster. 
  • Make a habit of preparing your dinner. This is how to build healthy eating habits. Cooked meals at home reduce calorie intake and give you authority over how to fuel your body.
  • Exercise regularly during a specific time of the day. If you exercise every day at the same time, it helps in automating your actions. This is how you can effortlessly build healthy habits.
  • Reading before going to bed is one of the ways of developing healthy habits. This activity will help unwind your body in the evening and support peaceful sleep.
  • Effortlessly build healthy habits by getting an adequate amount of sleep. Seven hours of sleep every night is mandatory for a fair and healthy lifestyle. Stick to this schedule every day (at least weekdays) besides healthy eating habits. 
  • Learn to manage stress. It is as essential as good sleeping habits and healthy eating habits. Learn to tackle situations when things do not go as per plans. People often tempt stop following healthy practices during those times.

3. Try Converting Bad Habits to Good Ones

Ways of developing healthy habits - avoid bad habits

You can effortlessly build healthy habits by converting the existing bad habits with ‘cue’, ‘routine’, and ‘reward’. Did you not understand what I want to say? Let me elaborate with an example – 

If you want to quit or minimize drinking alcohol during weekends after a grueling Friday work, then your brain is programmed to think of alcohol after the cue.

Cue: I’m tired, need to grab some vodka to refresh myself

Routine: I drink vodka around 8 pm.

Reward: Yuppie! I am refreshed when my batteries are down! 

You can take this cue mentioned above to train yourself and replace unhealthy habits with healthy practices mentally. Say for vodka; you can replace it with orange juice! Thus, you can effortlessly build healthy habits.

4. Try to be Consistent to Effortlessly Build Healthy Habits

Be Consistent

Various research work shows that a slight repetition of any simple action makes it a habit because it is activated after contextual cues. In other words, if you repeat the set of same healthy practices after certain events, your brain will automatically register the actions. So, you can effortlessly build healthy habits.

For example, if you decide to exercise just before having your breakfast regularly, your brain will register the activity and prepare your brain for the activity even before deciding it. With consistency will help in building healthy habits. 

You can start choosing something to add to your morning routine, like mediation, drinking started is to choose some habits you want to add to your morning routine, such as meditation, drinking a glass of water after you wake up. Thus, you can effortlessly build habits.

How long does it take to effortlessly build habits? As per studies, it takes about two months for certain behaviors to fall into action repetitively. So, consistency is very crucial.

5. Learn Fighting through Setbacks

Learn to Fight Setbacks - Healthy Habits

Setbacks can hinder effortlessly build healthy habits. There will be certain days when you will be unable to execute your daily plan your plan like – missing a workout or eating healthy foods, or not getting enough sleep. Some days you may miss healthy eating habits. But you should not worry, tell you why!

According to some of the London-based Researchers in London indicate that in case you miss your performing any habit, it does not hamper the automaticity of the process. Just another action once more will regain the entire process.

But, yes, if you miss on the healthy habits for a longer duration, then it will be more difficult to effortlessly build healthy habits once again. So it is okay to miss a few days, but the phase should not be long enough to hamper the building of healthy practices. 

6. Allow Yourself to Relax & Chill to Effortlessly Build Healthy Habits!

Indulge and relax

Following your daily healthy routine is right (including workouts, healthy breakfasts, healthy eating habits, reading books, or writing). But keep one day for your week for self-indulgence to relax and chill! This is also one of the ways of developing healthy habits. This may include watching a movie on Netflix or Theatre or going for a long drive, or playing pool. You can adopt whichever ways to enjoy yourself.

Small changes are backed by motivation, desire and will can help in building healthy habits. The six steps mentioned are well-researched by me, and I too endorse the same. These steps, if followed, can help you effortlessly build healthy habits. I hope you like the blog, which can impact your lives to live it healthily.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is developing Healthy Habits easy?

I will rather say, its simple. You just need to be honest with your approach while building healthy habits.

2) Does building Healthy Habits guarantee Healthy Life?

Yes through healthy eating habits and healthy practices it will help you lead a healthy life.

3) I am bulky, will healthy eating habits help lose weight?

Yes, good and healthy eating habits will help you stay fresh and energetic and stay fit.

4) What are the ways of developing healthy habits?

There are various ways of developing healthy habits – Create an eating plan, doing exercises regularly, avoid unhealthy habits (smoking, alcohol, etc.), and find time to relax. All these will keep one from from stress as well.

5) I am an alcohol addict, how to avoid it?

You can do it with ‘cue’, ‘routine’, and ‘reward’ process. It is one of the ways of developing healthy habits. For example – You drink on every Friday, then structure the event like:
Cue – I need a drink as I am tired
Routine – I drink around 8 pm.
Reward – I am refreshed!
Now replace drinking with healthy practices like drinking lemon or orange juice. Try thinking psychologically and try replacing all bad habits. Thus it will lead to building habits.

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