6 New Coronavirus Symptoms

As the ever-increasing number of Covid-19 cases are exposed, the latest Coronavirus symptoms found. It makes individuals stress over the quickly increasing paces of transmission and spread.

Considering this, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has now introduced six more new symptoms on the list.

Coronavirus Symptoms

Here is the new list of latest Coronavirus symptoms

  1. Coronavirus symptoms: Sensation or Loss of Smell 

  • Loss of sensation or loss of smell is one of the newest Coronavirus symptoms that emerged recently relating to Covid-19.
  • Loss of smell or taste happens when an individual can’t identify scents. As a rule, it occurs when an individual has a blocked nose or with developing age.
  • This is one of the Coronavirus symptoms, was found mostly in Britain at the end of March. It expected that loads of patients might have accidentally spread the disease.
  1. Severe chills

  • While chills excused as a minor issue, it tends to be a reason for concern if you face any difficulties, different coronavirus side effects also.
  • Feeling cold without an explanation, joined by exceptional shaking is being labelled as a noticeable side effect of Covid-19.
  • Severe chills are one of the coronavirus symptoms is revealed by a journalist. He broke his tooth during such chills and shaking.

Basic Defensive Ways against the Novel Coronavirus

Incase of coronavirus, prevention is always better than cure, at least for the time being. The main defensive ways to protect yourself and others from the Novel COVID-19 are:

  1. Wash Your Hands at Intervals

The foremost way is to wash your hands frequently. You must clean your hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer or with soap and water at intervals. It will kill viruses if present on your hands.

  1. Continue Social Distancing

Next, you must practice social distancing. Social distancing must be of at least 1 meter (3 feet) between you and anyone who is coughing or sneezing.

  1. Do not Touch Eyes, Nose, and Mouth

Generally, hands touch many surfaces and get contaminated. The dirty hands can transmit the virus to your eyes, nose, or mouth. You will fall sick when the COVID-19 virus enters your body. Therefore, you must avoid touching your face, eyes, nose, or mouth with dirty hands.

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  1. Muscle Pain & Ache

  • Various patients, who are old, have revealed myalgia (torment around the muscles and the joints) as a persevering side effect of the coronavirus.
  • Muscle torment has been impacting near 14.8% of patients over the US too, which is the new focal point of the sickness spread.
  • Muscle torment happens when the infection harms the tissues and cells and triggers a stirring response. Firmness and agony can occur when the body experiences a time of idleness.
  • The symptom to a great extent has been found in individuals experiencing a severe instance of the infection and not the milder contaminations.
  1. Headache

  • It is very common to have a headache while experiencing the cold. This is one of the coronavirus symptoms that can happen when you have respiratory issues and infection, for example, the one brought about by the coronavirus.
  • As indicated by more recent research, an incapacitating head pain, coupled with the persistent suffering or loss of weight and the eyelids is found to be one of the symptoms of coronavirus.
  1. Pink Eye/ Conjunctivitis

  • It has seen that there was some problem with the coronavirus that includes (pink eye contamination), implying that the virus couldn’t only spread through respiratory beads. It can be caused by nasal and eye liquids as well.
  • An examination distributed in JAMA ophthalmology referenced that a patient was probably going to experience the ill effects of pink eye.
  1. Last of the Coronavirus symptoms: Painful Throat

  • One of the coronavirus symptoms is a dry cough, which happens during this viral infection and assaults the respiratory tract.
  • Practically 60% of all Corona positive cases report of sore throat, along with a dry cough as a usual side effect.


Coronavirus is spreading at an alarming rate. The side effects for individuals vary based upon their age, wellbeing, prior conditions, and seriousness. Take care of your eye to get rid of symptoms. If they experience these coronavirus symptoms, hasten for help and maintain a strategic distance from any contact, which can prompt the spread of the disease.


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