Netflix MOD APK: Love to Video Stream Online, Then Try This Out!

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Netflix is among the most popular streaming platform in the world. In 1997, Netflix MOD APK was started as a video-rental company. Today it turned into one of the most popular streaming platforms.

In today’s topic, I will tell you about Netflix and its features. Also, the changes made Netflix MOD APK so popular. So, stick till the end.

What Is Netflix?

Netflix is an American online streaming platform. It’s operated in more than 130 countries worldwide. Netflix Mod APK has a massive number of paid subscribers i.e. 195 million-plus as of 2020. It has left behind Amazon Prime Video in popularity and viewership to become the world’s leading online streaming platform.

Netflix offers a store of movies, web series, TV shows, and many more with high quality, and full copyright. They spend a lot of time and effort in their marketing and make Netflix MOD APK truly the best. Netflix Mod APK can be used on a variety of platforms such as an official website, mobile app, and TV version.

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Netflix MOD APK Features

Netflix offers some amazing features with its Netflix MOD APK. You’ll get to know all the amazing features of Netflix here.

1) Watch countless movies and shows

As the most prominent online streaming platform, Netflix MOD APK delivers many movies, web series, TV shows, and anime. According to Real-Good, in July 2020, Netflix MOD APK offered 3,781 movies. The number of movies, TV shows, and web series is increased with time. You will be going to watch excellent content in the coming years.

2) Personalized content for you

The algorithm of video streaming platform Netflix recommends movies, web series, and TV shows as per your’ watching history. Thus, the platform knows what your likes are. It will help users to get relevant videos quickly. They don’t need to spend much time for searching something to watch.

3) Download videos for offline use

Netflix offers to download videos to watch offline. You need to purchase a subscription to Netflix to access your favorite movies, web series, and shows and download any video. So that, you can watch them offline. Also, you have enough storage to download videos on your devices. But, the downloaded videos can be visible only on the platform.

4) High quality videos

Netflix MOD APK supports up to 4K streaming as it observes the users’ majority of using high-quality video streaming. Also, Netflix allows you to stream in standard quality and save your data. So, thanks to Netflix for providing the resolution adjustment option. It will help the user to set a resolution as per their need and data usage anytime.

5) Multiple profiles and security

Netflix offers multiple profiles in a single account. Hence, Netflix can be accessed by you, your friends, and your family members. You can set a different PIN for each profile to access your own.

6) Multiple platform availability

As the online streaming platform, Netflix is available on every platform. You can enjoy movies, web series, TV shows, and many more on smart TVs, smartphones, consoles, tablets, PCs, and laptops anytime and anywhere.

7) Netflix Kids

Thinking about the kids, Netflix also has made a section for them. It offers only kid-friendly movies and shows. It provides a sign of relief to the parents and guardians. With Netflix Kids, you won’t need to worry about violent or graphic content. All the movies and shows will be for kids.

8) Bunch of categories

Netflix MOD APK offers a lot of categories to the people. You will get action, adventure, comedy, anime, documentary, drama, and some secret categories on this online streaming platform. Browse from the extensive collection of movies and shows to watch your preferred video.


Pros and Cons of Netflix MOD APK

Although Netflix is at the top, it also has some drawbacks. Let’s quickly discuss its pros and cons.


✅ Netflix MOD APK is simple to use.

✅ Subscriber will not be disturbed by any advertisements.

✅ This online streaming platform offers a lot of original movies and shows.

✅ A subscriber can download videos in the app to watch offline.

✅ It offers various plans, among which you can choose your preferred one.


❎ Amazon Prime offers more movies and shows compared to Netflix.

❎ Depending upon your location, you can’t access some movies and shows.

❎ The subscribers from the US won’t get free trials of Netflix MOD APK.

Price of Subscription Packages on Netflix

You have to pay a fixed amount of monthly fee to watch Netflix on your devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs, and more. There are 3 options among which you can choose anyone.


The cheapest plan of Netflix MOD APK costs $8.99/month. It offers limited features. The package is suitable only for a single user to watch movies at the same time. Also, the video quality is limited.


The standard plan costs $12.99/month. You can watch movies on double screens at the same time. Also, it offers videos in HD resolution.


There is also a Premium plan that offers to watch videos for 4 users at the same time. This plan costs $15.99/month. You can watch videos up to 4K resolutions.

Subscription Plans of Netflix MOD APK
Subscription Plan of Netflix

Netflix MOD APK offers a month free trial to the new user. You will not get all the features in this trial account. You can download your favorite movies and watch them offline.

One account on Netflix can be logged in on multiple devices to watch videos. So that, you can save money. But, at a time only one user can watch videos on a basic plan.

Final Words on Netflix MOD APK

So, this is all about Netflix MOD APK. I am sure that you have gained some knowledge about Netflix. Share this content among your connections to inform about Netflix MOD APK, its features, and offered videos. Comment your experience with Netflix and its offers.

FAQs on Netflix MOD APK

1) Is the MOD Premium version safe?

Yes, the MOD APK version is safe. The user can watch videos on this application safely. This MOD APK is tested before it is delivered to you.

2) Can I download this MOD version for iOS?

Sorry, you cannot download the MOD APK version for iOS. The APK files can only be accessed on Android devices such as Android mobiles, Android TVs, and PCs via an emulator.

3) How to change subtitle language?

Netflix offers to change the subtitle languages. To do so, open ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Subtitles’. There you will get an option ‘Choose primary subtitle’ to change the language.

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