MiM or MBA in the UK: Which one is better?

Are you planning to pursue Management Courses in the UK? Then you are in the right place, where I will share details about Masters in Management in the UK (MiM) as well as MBA in the UK to help you decide for yourself! MiM in the UK is a 1-year full-time program. It focuses on training recent graduates from various academic backgrounds on a wide range of management aspects.

The fees for Masters in Management in the UK hovers between 20,000 – 33,600 GBP. While MBA courses in the UK are full-time programs spanning between 1 – 2 years and the fees are between 30,000 to 90,000 GBP. So, clearly from the course fees perspective, Masters in Management in the UK is a winner! But again MBA in the UK will fetch more salaries comparatively. Please scroll down to know more about the fees and scope offered by each one of them.

MBA in the UK

MIM vs MBA in the UK: Purpose

Masters in Management in the UK or MiM targets mostly young graduates in their early 20s with less or no professional experience. It is found that MIM students possess 0-2 years of work experience in general. Thus, MIM students are much younger compared to MBA students.

On the other hand, MBA in the UK is designed for professionals between the age group 25 to 33 years. The age of MBA students is higher because for MBA courses in the UK requires at least 3 to 5 years of work experience in the corporates. Many B-schools prefer aspirants with some work experience, before their higher education or in a recognized organization.

MBA in the UK

MBA in the UK hovers between 1 year to 1.6 years and requires GMAT or GRE scores for admission. Along with that, some work experience is preferred to study MBA courses in the UK. But at some institutes, the experience is not mandatory.

MBA courses in the UK witnessed an enrollment of more than 19,545 students in 2018-19, as per the reports of the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA). The number of international students enrolled in Management courses in the UK increased by 1,495 between 017-18 to 2018-19.

5 Reasons to study MBA in the UK?

  1. Top business schools in the UK provide aspirants to tailor-made programs for corporates. The programs are customizable too as per the choice of the students.
  2. About ten universities of UK feature in the FT business school ranking 2020.
  3. Also, there is an abundance of the requirement for skilled managers. The UK economy needs 1.9 million skillful managers. That’s why MBA courses in the UK can be productive.
  4. 55% of tier 2 skilled worker visa holders are from India by September 2018.
  5. Both the Executive MBA and MBA in the UK are one of the highest paying degrees. The average annual salary is 133,000 GBP (EMBA) and 116,000 GBP (Normal MBA), respectively.

Scope of MBA in the UK

International students are choosing an MBA in the UK for two main reasons. One is a higher ROI, and the other is the course structure. Also, within just one year, an aspirant can complete MBA. Even if the aspirants apply for loans to pay the fees, the huge salary package will help to repay the loans. After the Brexit, most UK companies prefer international students from Asia and South-East Asian countries like China and India mostly. There are various lucrative jobs on offer after completing MBA courses in the UK.

Job Roles Yearly Average Salaries (GBP)
Assistant BD Manager 131,000
BD Manager 184,000
GM 173,000
Manager 204,000
Project Manager 134,000
Director of Planning 202,000

Masters in Management in the UK

Masters in Management in the UK is an intense full-time post-graduate program, which spans for a one-year duration. It aims at training aspirants on management aspects right after completing graduation from various academic backgrounds.

Masters in Management in the UK has become a popular alternative to an MBA in the UK degree in the majority of the countries. The salaries offered after MIM are pretty high with comparison to normal undergraduates.

Why Study of Masters in Management in the UK?

A few of the reasons to study a Masters in Management in the UK are given below:

  • 68% of the MIM courses are offered in Europe.
  • At least 21 UK universities feature among the top 100 Universities in the world offering the Masters in Management in UK program.
  • As per the Master in Management Compass, most corporates are planning to hire at least 63% of Master in Management graduates.
  • Top universities in the UK do not need any mandatory work experience to take admissions to Masters in Management program.
  • The course fee for MiM in the UK is almost 50% of the MBA in the UK courses.
  • According to one of the surveys by the GMAC in 2018, 37% of 350 employers desired to hire graduates of the Master in Management program, 2019.

Masters in Management in the UK: Scope

An average yearly remuneration package for the students of Masters in Management in the UK is around 35,000 GBP. International students are also allowed to work for 2 years post-graduation.

Masters in Management in the UK Salaries

MBA in the UK vs Masters in Management in UK

Please find the basic difference between the 2 and consider your options accordingly:

Description MBA in the UK Program MiM in UK
For Whom? Best for experienced students; 3-8 years of work experience is preferred Freshers may also apply
Goals of the Course Majorly for improvement career and developing skills to earn higher salary package Aimed towards young aspirants who want to start a career in management
Age Criteria Between 25-32 years 21 to 25 years
Teaching Way Practical oriented and Live internship projects to get the ground reality of Business entities Focus in Theories primarily but also has scope in Practical implementation of the theories to get an idea of business environment.
Aim of the Curriculum Imparts specialized knowledge Aims at creating a foundation
Course Fees* Ranges from 31,450 to 87,900 GBP Hovers between 20,000 and 33,600 GBP
Duration 1-2 years max 1 year
Post Graduation Opportunities Mid-level to Senior level job positions Entry-level employment opportunities
Salary Average yearly salary package of 100,000 GBP Average yearly remuneration is 35,000 GBP

MBA in the UK: Top Colleges

Mentioned below are some of the top colleges offering MBA courses in the UK. They are:

  1. Warwick Business School, London
  2. London Business School
  3. Imperial College Business School, London
  4. University of Bedfordshire – Cheap Fees
  5. University of Bolton – Cheap Fees
  6. University of East London – Cheap Fees

Masters in Management in UK – Some Top Colleges

  1. Cranfield School of Management
  2. Durham University Business School
  3. London School of Economics and Political Science
  4. University of Bath School of Management

I am sure the information on MiM in UK and MBA in the UK will solve the dilemma in the minds of aspirants who wants to study Management courses in the UK. The targeted aspirants of both the courses are different, so it all boils down to the choice of an individual. If you want to pursue a Management Degree in the UK right after graduation then the Masters courses is an option. On the other hand if some one wants to gain some experience before than MBA courses in the UK is a good option. I will refer readers to also check official channels like https://www.gov.uk/ or https://study-uk.britishcouncil.org/ before choosing a particular program.

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