Know About BERT Update, and its Impact on Google Ranking

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Google has rolled out their new update called BERT on the search engine query result. These changes help the user for finding out their relevant result on the search query. Now every SEO expert thinks about what will be the impact on their website?

As per Google’s announcement, 1 of the 10 search queries get affected through their BERT update. So, this article will guide you regarding the BERT update on google and does it make a huge impact on google ranking?

Google BERT Update 2020

BERT is a logical development from google after the Panda, Hummingbird and rank brain. Using BERT 2020, google has focused on long-term search query and pushed their ranking on the search query result. BERT Stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representation for Transformer. It sounds more complicated. Let me explain in brief,

Previously google was showing the result depending upon the search term what user had typed. But now rolling out the BERT Update, google is showing the search result by using  phrases from the searchers. It means, the search intent of that query will be more accurate and related for the user.

Let’s take an example: If you have ever tried to use a calculator, price conversion on the google search query, automatic calculator, price conversion has displayed on the top of the search query and you don’t visit the website itself. 

So, BERT  was implemented a few years back on the google search engine.

How Google  BERT will be useful

Here google has published an article along with 4 examples where it has discussed how BERT will work in search query.

Let say you have searched for ‘2019 brazil traveler to usa need a visa’

2019 brazil traveler to usa need a visaBefore the BERT Update, just watch the search query result. In the result it displayed ‘you can go to brazil without a visa’. But this was not the search query after all. There are some more paragraphs also displayed on the search query result.

But after the Bert update, you can see it clearly says whether any brazil traveler needs any kind of visa for travelling to the USA along with it shows what kind of visa does it require.  

After BERT Update, Google search result has become the more query intent.

Another search query where it says ‘do estheticians stand a lot at work’

Here is another search query where search intent was the question type. Previously google used to “Stand” and “Stand-Alone” as the same search term, but now after BERT Update it takes ‘stand’ as another phrase.

In the before section, It had displayed the difference between the ‘medical esthetician vs spa esthetician’ which was not  the exact query intent.

After the BERT Update, it clearly shows the exact query intent what the search term is searched for.

Another search query result on ‘can you get medicine for someone pharmacy’ 

do estheticians stand a lot at work

Here you can clearly understand how google shows the exact answer for any search query as per query intent.

Another same type of search result of ‘Math practice books for adults’

Math practice books for adults

Previously, it displayed math books but now it shows the exact phrase of the search query and it shows the exact relevant result for better user experience.

BERT Update affects on Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are the best position for getting tons of traffic for the website and on the other hand, the search result will fulfill the search intent that the user wants to search. But BERT Update has updated the featured snippets result. Just look on the next image

The search query was ‘parking one a hill with no curb’, previously, it shows the definition of the search query in the featured snippets result. In that section, it displayed the result based on the search query ‘keyword’.

parking one a hill with no curb. - google bert

But after the BERT Update, it shows the intent of that search phrase. Just read about the exact result shown on the image and show the big difference.

Need to change Seo Strategies

In the seo there are three types of search happening on the internet. Which are

  • Informational
  • Navigational
  • Transactional

Information search query is looking like “How to make a blog” and this is the informational search query where the user wants to learn about the blogging. 

But when anyone types “blogging ideas”, the search intent will change to the navigational method like it shows the different way to start blogging with different ideas.

Now, if someone is searching for a ‘blogging book’ and the search intent will be changed differently and google shows the book along with the price available on the different stores.

Here in the Danny Sullivan tweets, even he has focused on the SEO fundamentals for creating unique content, user specific content. Not stuffing keywords or irrelevant things on the content.


How to improve content after BERT Update 2020

Here are a few tips which can easily improve your content writing for getting power boosting results and J curves on your content. These factors will help to rank your article easily on the google. 

  • Make your content, user friendly and readable for the user.
  • Informative and unique content should be written with specific sources along with valid data and information.
  • No spinning content or keyword stuffing for your blogging.
  • Use bullet points and highlight the focused content which you want to focus for your reader.
  • Cover the related search topic on your blog for better reaching of your blog.
  • Not mandatory how long you are writing, mandatory is to write quality and informative content for ranking on the search term.

If I search for Google BERT Update 2020, here are some related searches regarding Google BERT Update. And this topic I have covered all of the things regarding this topic.

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After rolling out the Google BERT Update, you might get some fall on your content ranking but don’t worry, you have to update your content regularly. There are millions of content archiving on google on a daily basis but the content which are related to the search intent get higher rank.

One thing, I would suggest to convert your visitors to your subscribers so that you can get a network of your brand and share your content with that network so that your subscriber can easily grab your content.

What do you think regarding this BERT Update and does it impact on your google ranking? Just put down your comment and let us know.


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